better sorry than safe ... (plus that lucky new moon)

print by ink the print
Lessons learned this week month:

1. Always ask a doctor who is ordering a test involving radiation what exactly this test will tell us and what exactly our action after this test might be because if the action is something we can do without the test - then can we just do that and see if it works and avoid the radiation

(this actually worked for me this week to avoid a CT scan of my eyes because the treatment was exactly the same at this point regardless of the scan results - I think docs can be a little radiation happy)

2. I went to an Etsy Wholesale meet-up for NYIGF sellers, yes, you heard me, even though this was the kind of social-function thing I avoid at all costs I put on my big girl pants and drove into the city.

(and the weather was very similar to my last drive to Etsy - the time I got lost and never got there)

"How bad can this be, really?" I asked myself which is the same optimistic attitude I take to every social event, all buffet restaurants and most all Nicolas Cage movies.

The meeting was in a hotel in Brooklyn - I was thinking hotel meeting room, chairs, power-point, snacks. It was hotel lobby, standing room only, postcard not power-point and I think I saw an appetizer tray at one point but the only thing I was ingesting were my fingernails.

But I muddled through dear readers so I could report back to you with the following:

1. The new Etsy Wholesale site will be juried
2. Makers can be designers and have the work outsourced
3. There will be a flat monthly fee not a percentage of sales
4. We will be able to print out the pages like linesheets
5. They have many buyers lined up (unclear how new buyers will be sourced)
6. Customers can order without paying (pay at shipment, etc, whatever shop's terms are)
7. Unclear if buyers can see prices without registering

That's all I know and who knows how much of this is subject to change. They are in the planning stages, but I know they have a whole hell of a lot of programmers now, so maybe things will fall together quickly.

The meeting left me with many more questions than answers but on the plus side I got to meet Amy (thepeachtree), who I knew from my old treasury days; she works at Etsy now and is super sweet and positive and not prone to any fingernail ingesting that I could see.

3. Get your Vitamin D level checked.

OK, on to the New Moon tomorrow in my beloved birth sign of Aquarius.  The new moon is when the sun and the moon are in the same constellation - the moon goes dark - things can feel a little less light, a little less hopeful maybe and there is a lot of Pisces stuff happening right now with Mercury and Mars so there may be a little guilt, showing of vulnerabilities, a little intuition

(things may look better than they actually are with Pisces so don't bet the farm - unless you have one of those dire factory farms where the chickens don't get any sunlight, then bet away)

fears creeping in, sensitive feelings getting hurt and then BAM which could feel more like bam depending on where this falls in our personal charts and that is ok, too - we have this wonderful new moon in an air sign to uplift us and help us to innovate, think outside the box, hell, toss recycle the box.

The moon also trines Ceres so we have luck, timing and the ability to bounce back here, too. No sign is better than Aquarius for positive leaps!

Aquarius rules the house of friendship, relationships, humanity, think long range goals, commitments, win-wins and networking.

Aquarius is the cycle to raise our energy; to get unstuck. The cycle to begin something. It doesn't matter what it is we start - what matters is our motivation.

The most important thing is to get moving (you can't choose the wrong road) - in story books (and astrological charts) action is almost always followed by the semi-sextile, the kind of half-opportunity that could look more like stumbling upon a gaggle of hungry ogres (yes, they move in gaggles like geese those ogres) - the sort of road blocks "time to take our medicine, pay our dues, show us how badly we want this" that may cause us to turn back, find another way or push through

(any of which are totally appropriate decisions depending on the circumstances) - at this part of our journey, the new moon - we start.

Take some action step, we don't have to do everything now - the new moon is the time of darkness, like winter, the time of germination - if you want to work with this energy - just do something.

I'll get back to Saturn Saturday next week- sorry to everyone I have left hanging for their charts!


Unni Strand said...

That Etsy wholesale site sounds interesting. -But probably totally not something for me because of the high shipping prices from Norway.

Catherine Ivins said...

That's true Unni - but maybe larger stores would be able to factor in the shipping better - they said they have lined up Nordstroms, etc. I was disappointed that they are accepting designers who don't make anything- which opens it up to anyone really - I get that people can outgrow the make every single piece part, but if you just have to come up with an idea and someone else makes it- well, that's pretty much everything ever made so we'll have to see how the jurying works