weekly astrology forecast for creatives | April 18th to 24th, 2022 - power struggles, the devil is in the eggs, stopping to smell the roses, a fated meeting, the dream and the practicalities


More fiesty astrological weather as last weekend's Full Moon in Libra story rolls out. This week starts off with a bang, smooths out in the middle and ends with some final challenges/opportunities. Next week has some of the year's most beautiful aspects and it looks like this is the week we are going to have to work for them!


MONDAY - Sun squares Pluto, Venus sextiles Uranus, Mercury conjuncts Uranus

TUESDAY - Sun enters Taurus

WEDNESDAY - Juno enters Pisces

SATURDAY - Mercury conjuncts North Node

SUNDAY - Mercury squares Saturn, Mercury sextiles Neptune


MONDAY - the Sun, at 28 degrees Aries, squares Pluto in Capricorn - Venus, at 13 degrees Pisces, sextiles Uranus - Mercury, at 13 degrees Taurus, sextiles Uranus 

This is a very jacked-up day! 


We also have the Moon in Scorpio inconjunct the Aries Sun - this month's Waning Inconjunct just to add to the fun. So, the Moon in Scorpio is answering to Pluto and inconjunct the Sun in Aries who is squaring Pluto. If we understand Scorpio as the 8th house of death and Aries as the first house of self/starting - we can see the scene set for a bend/break that will feel like the 'end'/the elimination of what was put into motion in Aries season. This square is also the Sun's final aspect in Aries and was the bottom line/final aspect of the Aries ingress chart (new solar year). Something needs to die for something else to live/be born. Although Aries view of the 8th house is hidden, this inconjunct is where we are required to rise above our instinctual nature (which is something like survival at all costs).


The Sun/Pluto square is a continuation of Saturday's Full Moon, has been in play for a couple days and speaks of drama, power-struggles, compulsions, obsessive behaviors. Intense, over-the-top reactions. Situations can feel like 'life-and-death' because the Sun is our life force, and Pluto the God of the Underworld. Whatever this stirs up usually gets much worse if we are clinging to something that is dead, scared sh*tless (not dealing with what we are afraid of in a conscious way) or something is outside our control. Sun/Pluto can be incredibly damaging. Bridges get burned. Babies tossed out with dirty bathwater. 


We will need to use the tension as motivation (maybe to figure out why we are wanting to control the situation or what this loss of power we are feeling is really all about) instead of an excuse to BLOW.


The best bet for us - hold on loosely, stand in our own shoes without trying to control/manipulate anyone else, FACE OUR FEARS. Be honest with yourself and others - do not allow hidden issues/the stuff we have stuffed to create a mess of things by bubbling up in big, maybe ugly ways. We can channel this energy - Aries/Cappy - into positive ambition and goal-oriented hard work. It's a time to be standing in our power.


Keep in mind, Aries wakes up everyday wanting to be a Capricorn and Pluto is in Capricorn, so even though the inconjunct and square are both awkward/frustrating energies there is a path to our goal here somewhere. 


(A small example of this played out for me on Sunday. We were leaving in the car to go for Easter brunch/picnic and hubs was asking if we shouldn't be bringing hand wipes and I said, yes that makes sense and he went back inside to get them. He came out all huffy because they weren't where he thought they should be and he had to look for them, even though they were exactly where they've been for the last six months. His 'huffy' was probably something about not being able to 'control where things are kept', and as I am thinking this in the car and reminding myself not to respond to the 'huff' and make things worse, he starts rummaging through my glove box and now I get 'huffy' and say 'don't mess things up in there' even though it's already quite a mess. Agitated because I can't control what is happening in my car/can't control his 'huffy' mood either. Minor league power struggles. Nothing blew up, except the deviled eggs that slid off the back seat a few minutes later, but it was just this kind of agitating vibe at play - if it's not hitting our chart or we are lucky :) it might just feel like this)

With Mercury meeting Uranus at the same time, this could be about disruptive news/a change of plans. Maybe this is the same thing as the Sun/Pluto power challenge or something else. We can't go back to pretending whatever this is (the Plutonian secret/Uranian disruption) never happened and continue to grow/STAY ALIVE. Heads in sand will be pulled out. Heads that have over-reacted/gone too far can be chopped off, too. Pluto makes changes permanent, so check yourself before you wreck yourself.

The good news - and remember we talked about all this in the Full Moon in Libra post because this week and next is playing that story out - we have benevolent Venus, exalted in Pisces, sextiling (opportunity) that same chaotic Uranus. 

The change is good. The change makes sense/cents. The frustration will all be worth it in the end. THIS WILL ALL PAY OFF. Just don't let the crisis control you, don't blow things out of proportion - choose a measured response, keep moving forward.


The Moon in Scorpio's closing aspect will be a smooth sextile to ruler Pluto - another indicator there is a positive ending here if we manage our response/allow the tension to unwind a bit.

TUESDAY - the Sun enters Taurus


The Sun enters stabilizing Taurus maybe making it feel like one of those mornings after big news/events when things don't seem quite as bad (or quite as good) as they did the night before.

Burning Taurus energy for fuel now our attention turns to Taurean themes - our comfort, security, money, resources, our income, our possessions, our values and self-esteem - all that 2nd house stuff. What house does Taurus rule in your natal chart? Events will conspire to shift your energy there


Any Taurus planets in your chart will meet up with the Sun over the next month (Scorpio planets will be opposed by the Sun and Leo/Aquarius planets will square the Sun). In Taurus, the Sun is prudent and stubborn - and doesn't really want to fight anymore. The fire of "let's go for it" in Aries yields to a more earthy and resolute "let's take it one day at a time" kind of thing in more laid-back Taurus. Being comfortable/stable starts to be more motivating than being first. Note this comfort thing is only so comfortable during these years with disruptive Uranus in Taurus.

WEDNESDAY - Juno enters Pisces (she will station retrograde at 21 Pisces on July 25th and direct on October 23rd at 7 degrees Pisces - so will be in Pisces for the rest of the year) - yes, more Pisces, so now we have Mars, Venus, Juno, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces!

This is going to be a long transit. We will have to pace ourselves. Some likely things we will be dealing with within our relationships/contracts include - themes of compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, spiritual contracts, idealization, martyrdom, self-sabotage/self-sacrifice, victimization. Imbalances will show up. We'll talk about this as we move through it. 


The detached/logical Juno in Aqua period is over, our relationships/contracts will require MORE EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.

SATURDAY - Mercury, at 22 degrees Taurus, conjuncts the North Node


Mercury (news, information, communication, our local community, sibling issues, transportation, tech) meets up with the North Node - our collective best path forward. Significant news might come in. A conversation that points us in a more stable direction. A moment of clarity. A fated meeting. A practical idea that makes sense/cents. This might be connected to relationships, finances, our values, self-esteem, our Taurus house theme.

SUNDAY - Mercury, at 23 degrees Taurus, squares Saturn and then sextiles Neptune at 24 degrees Pisces

So, right after meeting the North Node (the future), Mercury runs right into her/his own square to sober Saturn. Rules, limits, boundaries, authority, a "no" - maybe a need for patience, a pivot or to take something seriously. 


Then Mercury sextiles (opportunity) dreamy Neptune in Pisces. 


Our Neptune house is the way through. How can we use our intuition/imagination here? Can we be more compassionate/forgiving? Do we need a break/rest? The Moon is in logical/detached/future-focused Aquarius making a conjunction to Saturn and a closing square to Mercury, so we probably won't be thinking our way through this. What feels right? Mercury/Neptune is subtle. Easy to miss. Maybe Mercury in Taurus's stubborn words/thoughts can soften now or a magical Pisces dream get shored up with some practical planning/language. 


Coming right after the 'road block' Saturn square and with the Moon kind of repeating everything from another angle - we will want and need to be focusing on what is most important/beneficial and merging our practical/logical thinking with something more dreamy for best results.

xo all


artwork by the amazing Isabel Emrich

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