Thursday, April 2, 2009

Artist Collaboration Lockets

I am so excited about my new artist collaboration Polarity locket series. I had made some lockets for Jennifer Mullin with her amazing collages (her locket launches this weekend) at Christmas time and when Kendra Zvonik ordered a locket from me, I could not resist including some locket lids made from her work. Kendra was very excited and gave me the kick in the pants I sometimes need to start something new!

This week the first 8 lockets were listed in my Polarity shop and they are all totally amazing and totally different! I will be talking to one of the artists each week starting next week, so we can all get to know them a little better.

During the month of April any order of one of these lockets will include a FREE set of 3 extra lids- so you will have 6 lockets in 1! Here they are, in no particular order:

The amazing Stephanie Fizer is a curious girl and astonishing illustrator living in lovely but misunderstood West Virginia. We are so lucky to have THREE of her sweet Kokeshis for a locket!

Kirsten Cram is the amazing artist behind the creations of Tollipop. Her drawings are mostly about children who are lost in thought, the kind who daydream and press their noses against the glass. Little spectators with imaginary friends and sometimes the whole world on their minds, but experiencing the magic of childhood nonetheless. We are so lucky to have Kirsten's What Page Are You On and Jumprope Girl for a locket!

K, the amazing artist behind Unconventional Ida has created the gorgeous Ida, her townspeople, enchanted forests and the monsters that inhabit her world. We are so lucky to have her beautiful Katarina and Ellen the Daydreamer artwork for a locket!

Dilka of Dilkabear is an amazing Italian artist whose work is pure gorgeous fantasy! We are so lucky to have her beautiful Amelie in the Magical Forest and Dandelion Girl artwork for a locket!

Christy Zaragoza is the incredible mad scientist behind the creations of Peppermint Daydreams. Growing up, Christy tended to bond more with insects and imaginary creatures than children her own age. Little has changed since then and we are glad because her creations are totally amazing. We are so lucky to have Christy's Zebra Vision and The Low Tide for a locket!

Jessica Doyle is an incredible Canadian artist whose work is whimsically detailed and painstakingly created. She loves mini. Being able to hold something in the palm of her hand is just, well, precious to her! We are so lucky to have her gorgeous Sassy Sea Urchin and pretty fish George artwork for a locket!

Jess Gonacha works in a variety of mediums and her artwork is vibrant and quirky, delightful and full of soulful imaginings! We are so lucky to have her gorgeous Bird Lady and Backyard Swing artwork for your locket!

Kendra Zvonik is an incredibly bold and stunning Florida artist
who has recently created a new series of original works in her affordable abstract art gallery expressly for Etsy. We are so lucky to have three of her gorgeous paintings for a locket!


lillyella said...

This whole idea is just so cool cat - its so awesome to see the amazing artwork transfered to your awesome lockets. Its like a double treat! I could never pick a favorite, they are all so unique and different.
keep it up!

ana carina said...

I have no words for it! Amazing team work!!!


eNVe said...

what an incredible idea, cat!! so exciting! these are some amazing artists!

Dede said...

this is awesome- will be back for one!

Greg said...

Hi there,

Love what you do - and I sent you a message via Etsy about shipping one of the magnet boards to Canada - did you get it? Could you please let me know? My address is gpthorpe at, Thanks, GT

sweetnessjewelry said...


PeppermintDaydreams said...

Cat is such a cool...well, cat!

Great to see all the other artists you've worked with! Fantastic choices.

Vikki said...

there are stunning- love all these illustrators so much- hard to choose one!!

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

This is such an amazing idea! And these lockets are just gorgeous...I have admired Jessica Doyle's work for ages and this is a perfect pairing!:)

June Shin said...

This is such a great line and you're collaborating with awesome artists. They're all great!

f2images said...

What a cool idea! I especially love Jessica Doyle's work on the lockets. Wishing you success with this endeavor!

Emiko :)

Brandi said...

These lockets are such a fabulous idea! I found out about them through the tollipop blog and am now following yours.

There's another Etsy artist I would love to see you collaborate with - JKLee Art and Sundries. A mad scientist garden gnome or Alice locket would be so cool!

RunAliceRun said...

Wonderful collaborations you've got there!! All beautiful works of art!

Botanical Bird said...

Yay!! what a fabulous collaboration, I'm totally digging this idea! Each and everyone of them is gorgeous, what a great bunch of artists. Way to go Cat and everyone else! xoxo

Sherry said...

I think your work is amazing, Cat, and I just love to see the work of these talenedartists shown in a whole new way.

Kendra Zvonik said...

I am equally excited to be a part of this awesome collaboration, Cat! I love seeing my abstract paintings translated into wearable art! I also love all the artists you have chosen. I'm thrilled to be in such company.
I always knew you had amazing curation abilities from all your beautiful treasuries and now you are revealing even more of your gift for gathering talent and beauty.
And, of course, the lockets are totally awesome! The idea is sheer brilliance and you execute it so well.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to work with you and share in your vision.
xoxo kendra

Chocolate and Steel said...

how cool! I love all of the artists that you chose and they look wonderful as your lockets. I met Christy from Peppermint Daydreams at a show once and she is totally cool! Her artwork is a lot of fun.

Decorate the Diva said...

I love this one!!!

fisheye said...

What a great idea! I love them!

uncorked said...

thank you for all your wonderful posts guys!