weekly astrology forecast | April 8th - 14th, 2024 - Eclipse week plays out, reality checks around what we have been avoiding or hiding, a light on what we need to do now

OK, so this is a BIG Eclipse week. 

MONDAY - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

WEDNESDAY - Mars conjuncts Saturn in Pisces

THURSDAY - Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun in Aries

On MONDAY, the Moon meets up with the Sun on her own North Node giving us a total Solar Eclipse. We talked about that HERE. The reason everyone is feeling that this Moon is important, is because it is. 

Conjunct "wounded healer" Chiron - our wounds/vulnerabilities are HIGHLIGHTED. 

How are we dealing with our deficits? 

Are we running away? Drifting (Mars in Pisces) through our days with drink, medication/meditation, Netflix marathons? Are we covering things up? Eclipses are powerful energy for that, but is that really the best/highest way forward? 

Princess Catherine/Kate, seated alone on that bench in the park talking about her vulnerability/illness was a powerful symbol of this Eclipse season, and most notedly the "Libra Moon stands alone" energetic of the Libra Eclipse last month that bookends this one now.

If we need a poster child for this Aries Solar Eclipse, I think I would nominate Andrew Huberman, a very popular neuroscientist and podcaster. Listeners (including me) have relied on him, along with his guests, to present complicated and 'cutting-edge science focused' health information in practical, no nonsense ways. 

Born with a powerful Sun/Pluto conjunction in Libra, Huberman also has a 24 degree Libra Mercury (being opposed by this Eclipse) and a retrograde Jupiter/Chiron, 21/26 degree Aries conjunction (being confronted by the Solar Eclipse). Outed by New York Magazine, and a collection of ex-girlfriends, as a serial cheater, Huberman has even been accused of having multiple affairs behind the back of a partner while she underwent IVF. He is a kind of 'divine masculine' role model, so time will tell how big a chink this 'outing' makes in his armor. The North Node is in Aries - our way forward, masculine - so, I doubt this will result in a "me, too" style cancellation unless he really mucks up how he deals with this.

And remember, we are only even talking about Huberman because he is our poster child for this Eclipse. His lesson is OUR lesson. If we find ourselves with a bullseye on our head now, we really need to look at how our behaviors put it there.  

Whatever happens with him, we can see the difference between the Libra Eclipse and the Aries Eclipse style of 'wound revelations' - both Princess Catherine/Kate and Huberman were born with powerful 22 degree North and South Nodes - which tells us we are dealing with BIG soul stories here/collective archetypes (the kind that jump, often fall or are tossed off pedestals) - there is REAL value to all of us in learning from them. Her Nodes are Cancer/Capricorn (cardinal, take action) and his Scorpio/Taurus (fixed, probably need to be pushed). 

RIGHT NOW, this Eclipse timeframe with Mercury retrograde in Aries and Mars in Pisces, with this Aries mega-boost, is the best energy we have ever had and will ever have to really LOOK at our TRIGGERS (these things we over-react to/over-do because we are controlled by strings from old stories when the scissors we need to cut those strings lay unused on our bedside tables), LOOK at our deficits/vulnerabilities (what we are trying to hide/avoid) - see what we are dealing with, REVISE OUR THINKING (also change what we are seeing) and move forward with new actions. 

But, first ... there's Saturn.

WEDNESDAY - Mars meets Saturn in Pisces. Mars, the leader of our current Aries pile-up of planets, catches up with our reality's actual leader - Saturn. Happening in dreamy/avoidant Pisces this will almost surely produce a reality check about something we HAVE NOT BEEN WANTING TO DEAL WITH.

Sometimes, with Pisces, our energy/vitality is LOW. Our boundaries are porous - we catch a cold or something even more way-laying. 

Sometimes, with Pisces, the last sign and ruler of the things we do last, there is the need for some kind of loss/SACRIFICE. 

Now, Mars is going to move past Saturn whatever we do here, but the way we handle what Saturn shows us - because Saturn meetings are times we get to see, even with a dark Moon, WHAT IS REAL - is really going to matter. Remember in the Solar Eclipse post we talked about all the potential positives coming if we face what needs to be faced. Be brave. Avoid escapist tendencies. 

THURSDAY - Mercury retrograde catches up with the Sun in Aries.

Here is what this Mercury retrograde is about for us. Yes, more seeing. Remember we talked about the power of all these 19 degree New Moons (the geese!) - so, what are we SEEING?

The Sun illuminates the reason for the delays, our lack of motivation, the flaws in our thinking/what needs revision - HERE IS WHAT WE ARE NEEDING TO SEE. This is the mid-point of the Mercury retrograde cycle - we are still revising, re-thinking, re-doing, etc, but our vision should be clearer now. With Mercury in the starting sign of Aries - this could be information, a conversation, etc, that signals to us what we need to do now. 


xo all

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