the astrology of the BIG solar eclipse in aries conjunct Chiron | April 8th, 2024 - very old wounds, triggers and healing blockages are eclipsed out, cosmic reset to improve our drive, motivation and ability to initiate, the United States wounding of 'the other' and need for roots comes full circle

On Monday, April 8th, 2024 at 2:21PM EDT, the Aries Moon meets the Aries Sun giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Aries. Happening only four degrees from the North Node of the Moon, the Moon will fully obscure the Sun making this one a total Solar Eclipse. 

Traversing the United States, again, there is alot of anticipation, excitement and fear, around this one, so let's take a look at the astrology. 

An Eclipse is a cosmic reset - much like a computer being turned off and back on. Except the computer is us and the program that uploads at restart is a little bit (or quite a lot) different than the one we ran on before. ECLIPSES CHANGE US, and we, (vibrating differently) change our circumstances by attracting or repelling what our new self/new energy lines up with. 

Eclipses can eclipse something out or bring something to light or alternately cover it up and then the New Moon seeding will activate the promise of any slow moving transit currently present in our life.

Happening in Aries, this Eclipse begins a new cycle around our IDENTITY, purpose, motivation, the way we start and initiate, our masculine energy, our natal Aries house theme, our passion, anger and drive - closing out a nineteen year cycle that started back in April 2005.

The Sun and Moon at 19 degrees and 24 minutes of Aries are EXACTLY TO THE MINUTE conjunct asteroid/comet/centaur Chiron. I can't remember ever writing about anything being conjunct a New Moon TO THE MINUTE (other than the Sun, of course) and, especially, at anything even close to a total Solar Eclipse. 

Unprecedented is probably not a big enough word - although it does have 13 letters, so maybe it is. 

The last Eclipse I can remember that strongly involved Chiron was back on December 14, 2020 at 23 degrees Sagittarius. That was a South Node Eclipse, so more about what was ending than starting (the one on the 8th is more of a starter). That one was in an exact trine to Eris with Mars exact on the U.S. natal Chiron. The first covid vaccines were given in the U.S. that day. Mercury was with the Sun/Moon/South Node and we had that pile-up of planets in Capricorn including Sag ruler Jupiter. Transiting Chiron was at 4 degrees Aries. 

This time we have the Moon/Sun/North Node and Chiron together on top of the U.S. natal Chiron. Mercury is retrograde and exactly conjunct Eris. Mars is in Pisces conjunct Saturn - applying/exact the next day. Jupiter is in Taurus applying to conjunct Uranus within a couple weeks. Transiting Venus, is at 4 degrees Aries (this is also the degree opposing the Libra Eclipse from four weeks ago that is a bookkend to this one). Neptune, strong in Pisces, is ruling almost everything. 

The second United States Eclipse this decade - and there won't be another one for 20 years - this one, like the one back in 2017, also appears to cut the United States in two. 

Together the 2017 Eclipse and the 2024 Eclipse form an X over the country with the middle of that X being somewhere in Texas. The symbolism of that 2017 Eclipse - cutting the country in half - happened at a time, during the Trump presidency, when, politically, that was exactly what was happening. 

Now that cut/halving becomes an X, so what does that mean? Two becomes four? X marks the spot? 

What is X? X is where the goodies are found on a treasure map, indicates an error on an exam, a place to sign a contract, something from the past (ex-wife, for example), something mysterious or unknown (X-files, XMEN, Malcolm X, x-rays, a math problem's missing number, planet X, x-rated), was once called Twitter and seems to be Elon's obsession letter, is 10 in Roman numbers, can signal danger like a skull and crossbones, a kiss at the end of a text or birthday card, stand in for Christ in Xmas, is the generation born between approx. 1964 and 1981. What else? Alot maybe. Does any of this matter? Maybe. Maybe not. But we are surely doubling down on SOMETHING. Or splitting apart into smaller pieces.

As the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun/Chiron conjunct the North Node AND conjunct the United States natal Chiron with the path of the event traversing the United States - it is obvious something pretty big is going to play out here over the next 6 months and next couple years - very old wounds will be seen and felt and engaged with in some form of HEALING.

Chiron is the archetype of the immortal who became mortal and could be no less than the key to unlocking all the mysteries of our Milky Way Galaxy. 

I wrote a Chiron post back in February when Chiron met up with the North Node (and all the Aquarius energies were kicking off) and our unlived lives were biting us in the ass. That post is HERE. It's a good read for Chiron's history/impact on us, which I won't repeat here. 

Chiron's orbit takes him from Uranus to Saturn. 

In Evolutionary Astrology, Uranus (and Aquarius/11th house) is a trauma signature in our natal astrology chart. It holds our soul memories of past-life "unfinished business". Saturn, the furthest planet from Earth visible to the naked eye, is our boundary planet/our reality check/the ruler of our physical world. Saturn shows us WHAT IS REAL. So, Chiron, as an asteroid/comet whose orbit takes him/us from the deep space of Uranus's orbit - the planet that carries our past life TRAUMA - to the realm of Saturn - the planet that bounds/represents our current reality - maybe plays an important role in why we are even ALIVE.

Maybe, like the mythological Chiron, the asteroid carries/takes on our wound, inflicted in another time/space and transfers the prior-life trauma to our current reality - from the Uranium realm to the Saturnian realm - so we can work with it/work through it. Maybe it is within this journey of both healing and self-discovery that we develop what we are really here for - a deep soul mastery and empathy that it is our destiny to SHARE. 

Let's unpack the chart. 

The Moon/Sun meet at 19 degrees Aries. They are conjunct Chiron and sandwiched between the North Node (path forward) and Mercury who is retrograde and exactly conjunct Eris. Mars, the ruler of the lunation as ruler of Aries, is in Pisces and tightly conjunct Saturn (applying). Jupiter is nearing Uranus in Taurus. 

Mercury is conjunct disruptor asteroid Eris, whose toss of an apple is blamed for the Trojan War that was clearly Zeus's doing - words, conversations, information could be DISRUPTIVE, unsettled, even combustible. Tech, communication can be wonky. Mercury is retrograde and will be back here again on May 11th having met up with Chiron for the last time. It's not random that Mercury meets Chiron before and after the Eclipse that ZAPS Chiron! We will have to see how the story, the conversation, the information CHANGES. 

With the Eclipse conjunct Chiron we are REBOOTING very old/very painful programming. Mother wounds. Father wounds. Emotional wounds. Security/safety wounds. Ego wounds and wounds about purpose and visibility and autonomy. 

People with natal/progressed planets and points near 19 degrees Aries and the other cardinal signs - Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will certainly be most strongly impacted as well as anyone with Solar Eclipse or New Moon energies in their chart, natal Chiron/Sun or Chiron/Moon aspects as well as Chiron in Aries or the 4th or 5th houses. But, we will all be feeling this one. This is mega-fresh start energy designed to eclipse out very old TRIGGERS. 

The only aspect the Moon will make after meeting the Sun and Chiron is a conjunction to a retrograde Mercury which is the point in the Mercury retrograde cycle when the retrograde's POINT OF VIEW/what this retrograde is about is illuminated for us. 

Mars, the ruler of the Eclipse, is still drifting along in Pisces and within hours will meet up with Saturn. This happens every couple years. If you are having trouble making a decision/making a move - this, plus last month's Eclipse in indecisive Libra - is WHY. 

Mars/Saturn is a stop and go energy. 

And when Mars meets Saturn (really when any planetary body meets Saturn) there is ALWAYS a reality check. 

Life shows us - HERE IS WHAT IS REAL. Here is what your actions have brought you/brought you to.

Then Mars moves past Saturn and he has some minor adjusting aspects as we tweak what we are doing. 

THEN, Mars, and keep in mind this is the planet that rules this Eclipse - starts trining the pending Jupiter and Uranus conjunction. From Pisces, the sign without limits. Here is something new and that something looks good. Maybe very good. But Mars is still in Pisces, so we know not everything is quite real and we know he still has to meet up with Neptune and, finally, on April 29th, he does. Mars/Neptune is either the mega-inspiration to reach for a dream or being totally unmotivated. Washed out. There is probably not a middle ground here. 

The good news for us is that either way, Mars quickly recoops and comes home to Aries and by May 3rd he is sextiling - creating an opportunistic channel with - powerful Pluto in future-focused Aquarius. Remember with Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 every time Mars came home to Aries, he had to face a square with Pluto. Power struggles. Those days are over. Now, when Mars makes his trip home every two years we get the smooth - brakes off - trine to Pluto. He/as we then PUSHES his way through Aries until he reaches 19 degrees Aries - the degree empowered by April 8th's Eclipse. 

This happens on May 26th. 

Mars is usually a trigger, so let's see what the astrology looks like around that time frame and see what he has to work with. Venus and Jupiter are together near the end of Taurus and trining Neptune - that looks VERY GOOD. First the Sun (as he moves into Gemini) and then Venus start trining Pluto - that looks VERY GOOD, TOO. Mercury, where is Mercury because he is known to toss monkey wrenches into all kind of VERY GOOD things. Mercury is in the middle of Taurus, so in a mutual reception with Venus, and sextiling Saturn. Hmm.  That looks good, too. And this is also the time frame when Jupiter moves into Gemini and starts trining Pluto. ALL GOOD. My mind is blown. Kapow. 

The Eclipse/any April showers now is seeding whatever incredible May flowers we will have managed to manifest into being. May looks AMAZING. Have I ever said this? I don't think so. 

I want to stop right here/quit while I am ahead, but should I? 

Yes, I think I will. 

xo all

Some other odds and ends of this one (you know I always think I am making a quilt with these New and Full Moon posts) - 1. I have been doing a bit of stalking of 0 degrees Aries for the 'reality dissolves' conjunction of Saturn/Neptune, exact in February 2026. During this Solar Eclipse in Aries an asteroid named Borasisi sits at 0 degrees Aries. Since this Eclipse is a mega-seeding that will reach well into 2026, I thought it might be a good idea to look at this one. Borasisi, discovered in 1999 was named for the Sun God of a fictional religion in Kurt Vonnegut's book Cat's Cradle - the novel itself is a scifi/world destruction tale about what happens when the powers that be/technocracy, lack integrity and ethics. With the whole 'dissolving of reality' thing looking an awful lot like a tech thing, I thought that was interesting. 2. April 8th is also the day NASA will fire three 'sounding rockets' to study the upper atmosphere during an Eclipse. The APEP sounding rockets will be launched right before, during and after the Eclipse. APEP is an acronym for Atmospheric Perturbations around Eclipse Path and also the name of an ancient Egyptian anti-Sun God of darkness and enemy of Ra, some kind of giant serpent. More Sun God stuff. Words are powerful and truly are S-P-E-L-L-S. Thanks NASA. 3. A movie called Civil War hits the theaters this weekend about an America being split in two as, I believe, Texas and California secede from the union 4. A comet called Devil's Comet passes by the earth for the first time in approx 70 years in April with the best viewing right around the Eclipse - why can't we nickname these things Tinkerbell or something equally innocuous? 5. Cern is going to test their most powerful particle accelerator during the Eclipse to search for 'the invisible matter that secretly powers our universe' which is kind of what we are doing here without the billions of dollars in hardware and possible potential of planetary wipeout and finally 6. the first ever, in my lifetime, earthquake with a NJ epicenter happened on Friday, April 5th as the Moon in Pisces triggered April 8th's Eclipse Mars/Saturn conjunction on the mid-heaven of the chart for the earthquake's epicenter - White House (!) Station NJ. The earthquake's magnitude, was, of course - 4.8 (April 8)- could this be foreshadowing another shake-up in another White House? Solar Eclipses were historically thought to represent the end of rule for leaders/kings. 

And speaking of White House - this Eclipse is happening over the United States with Chiron, on top of the U.S. natal Chiron during the United States Chiron return. The U.S. natal Chiron in Aries is in the 4th house of home. This is a defensive mother wound around safety and security, fitting in/being nurtured/being part of a FAMILY. With Chiron in Aries, the wound is to the self and it might generate a feeling something like "the best defense - 4th house - comes through a strong offense - Aries!". It pays to always keep in mind the United States is a collection of INDIVIDUALS. This is the Uranus in Gemini 7th house trauma. People who don't fit in, wounded by 'the other' and then wounding 'the other'. Uranus in Gemini is inventive/smart, but somehow this - opposing the ascendant/self - works against us sometimes, too. At this Chiron return we have a President with BOTH a North Node/Chiron conjunction, making him an honorary Chiron, and a 7th house Uranus - at its best a bridge to 'the other', at its worst a kind of disabling 'othering' or misplaced lack of boundaries. The reality in the U.S. chart is the Saturn in Libra 10th house. Rulership/authority (Saturn being very strong in the 10th) through the creation of a just and balanced society. Artistic abilities/magnetism. Also, hard work and setbacks through relationships and particularly imbalanced relationships. In the U.S. chart, Chiron exactly opposes Juno echoing this. The United States has a 10th house/7th house mutual reception with Uranus and Libra, strengthening both houses, for better, and sometimes worse, and we can see how easy it is for this "collection of individuals" to breed innovation/liberation AND also a kind of dangerous exceptionalism, and, keyed into 'hive-mind', thinking we know what is best for everyone else. The U.S. Chiron return is a time of second chances/chickens coming home to roost (or rot). In the last U.S. Chiron return cycle in the early 1970's we had Watergate/Nixon's resignation/the end of Vietnam and fall of Saigon/inflation/Roe v Wade/Battle of the Sexes/Yom Kippur War - the wounds to the self/home/others made more visible. 

And, if all this isn't enough, the United States is having a progressed New Moon at 19 degrees (!) Pisces during the Eclipse. In the U.S. progressed 7th house partners/open enemies and opposing Neptune in the 1st. Talk about senior moments, lack of boundaries, dissolving and disappointing partnerships. And Chiron is in the 8th house of the progressed chart ....  I mean you can't make this stuff up. 

Right now we have a HUGE immigration powder keg problem in the United States just waiting for a match. Let's hope this Eclipse energy, isn't it, as it plays out over the next two weeks, six months and two plus years.  

For me, in my life, unless pulled into something kind of X-y, I will be staying in my own lane .... and my own white house, shaking as it may or may not be, for this one. 

Posts about the last U.S. Eclipse are HERE and HERE

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