the astrology of the Full Moon in Scorpio | Tuesday April 23rd, 2024 - all or nothing, what has been stuffed comes unstuffed, uncomfortable truths, painful endings, a chance to strengthen our relationships and relationship to power through honesty, intimacy and facing our fears

Fresh on the heels of last weekend's MEGA Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, still in play - we have the Scorpio Moon opposing the Taurus Sun at 4 degrees on Tuesday giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in intense Scorpio. 

Full Moons bring things to LIGHT, to a CULMINATION or to a peak energy. 

There is a reason the wolves are howling.

When I see a Full Moon at such an early degree I interpret this as something coming upon us quickly. A sudden awareness. A sudden ending. A sudden RESULT. The Moon no sooner gets into Scorpio and she must oppose the Sun. The Sun no sooner gets into Taurus and he must oppose the Moon.

And before they oppose each other, they must each FACE THEIR FEARS (the spaces they have given their power away) and square Pluto - the modern ruler of Scorpio. 

This is not a Moon for sissies.

Full Moons are always times of PURGING. It's like we are holding our breath and need to EXHALE. In Scorpio, the sign of other people's resources, other people's values, other people's needs - 

we will likely find ourselves reminded of the obligations and debts we have to others as well as be able to SEE the RESULTS of our mergings and deep excavations more clearly - emotional, physical, financial, etc.

This one is INTENSE.

Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon in Scorpio at 4 degrees opposes the Sun in Taurus. The Moon is exact on the Ascendent of a chart cast for Washington, DC, so its direct effect is surely being felt there. 

The Full Moon is exactly conjunct asteroid Elatus. The Moon and Sun square Pluto at 2 degrees Aquarius, so form a tense T-Square with Pluto at the apex. The Full Moon sextiles Juno who has just stationed direct in Virgo and trines Vesta in Cancer. Jupiter is conjunct Uranus. Venus is conjunct Chiron. Mercury is still retrograde conjunct the North Node and preparing to station direct. Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio, is still in Pisces and sandwiched between Saturn (reality) and Neptune (un-reality). Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio is in Aquarius, conjunct asteroid Kassandra and squaring the lunation (will station retrograde in about a week). 

The opposition of the Full Moon and the Sun, already a testing aspect, is in an intense and pressured T-Square to Pluto in Aquarius. 

Maybe this brings an uncomfortable truth into the light. Secrets can come up and out. The stuff we have stuffed can push its way to the surface. So can our buried STRENGTH. 

Maybe we are facing a painful ending (which would likely be permanent). 

The stuff we try to control because we fear change is right in our face somehow and we are emotionally feeling it. There could be a fear of losing what we have. When the Moon and Sun come into contact with an energy as powerful and dangerous as Pluto - our survival programming kicks in.  

Manipulation. Obsession. Jealousy. Fear of missing out. Fear of death. An actual death. There will be greater intensity with whatever is going on. We could feel a PULL to merge or purge. Or to control.   

The Moon is considered in her 'fall' in Scorpio. Any ruin from this Full Moon is likely to come from our focus on what we DON'T have - and what we do about that - instead of a more healthy focus and appreciation of what we DO. 

If you discard something now - it's GONE. Commitments will be sticky. There is no quick fix. TRUST IN LIFE. Take your time. 

Pluto hasn't been in Aquarius for a couple hundred years, and unless we were alive in the 1950's we have never seen Pluto square a Full Moon he rules. These squares are something we are just getting used to working with. We will have to see how much detached Aquarius can chill out Plutonian intensity or if squares involving our fixed water ruler in our fixed air sign just create even greater PRESSURE. There is something here about the old ways of holding/wielding power vs new ways. 

The Full Moon is exactly conjunct asteroid Elatus (this puts asteroid Elatus exact on the ascendent of the Washington DC chart, he is also tightly conjunct Biden's natal ascendent). Elatus is named for the centaur hit by Hercules' poisoned arrow during a battle. The same arrow that would go on to wound Chiron. The arrow passes through Elatus's arm first. He might be thought to archetypically represent something like - dodging a bullet, yes, or maybe sometimes since Elatus did later die from his wound, thinking you have dodged a bullet when perhaps you haven't. With an orbit of Jupiter to Uranus and EXACTLY conjunct the Full Moon during a rare Jupiter and Uranus conjunction, Elatus is probably something we want to pay attention to. He has also been connected, through another Elatus to "struggling to communicate and making yourself heard". This would echo Mercury's stillness at the Full Moon and also asteroid Kassandra sitting with Pluto.

The Full Moon sextiles Juno who has just (Sunday) stationed direct in Virgo ready to move forward with her lengthy relationship/marriage/contract/our relationship to power "fixing". By now, problems have been noted. Discussed. Solutions have been thought through/maybe brought to the table. The sextile would make an ending now more intense but also more 'cut and dry'. Situations we are intent on fixing will benefit in some way from the Moon's intensity - seeing more clearly what the other party offers us, for example. Juno will still be in Virgo until early August, so we are getting one more pass at all of this. 

The Full Moon is making a smooth trine (brakes off) with Vesta in Cancer, made even stronger by the Moon's rulership of Cancer. Home and family and real estate and safety and country remain a focus/are what is keeping us up at night/are of great importance now. 

Pluto, the ruler of this lunation as the modern ruler of Scorpio is in Aquarius conjunct asteroid Kassandra. Kassandra is a complicated seer archetype. She can represent our inner voice/something like a female intuition that has been quelled through other's disbelief or our own feelings of hopelessness. Or maybe it is us who are not believing what we are seeing/being shown. With the Scorpio Moon and Juno in Virgo maybe showing us the 'transactional' nature of our relationships, it will be even more important to believe in, and listen to the quiet voice with us. With Venus ruling the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction we are not bringing change just to bring change, but we are bringing change to restore harmony and beauty and balance. 

Mars, the ruler of this lunation, too, as the ancient ruler of Scorpio is in Pisces, sandwiched between sober Saturn and not-so-sober Neptune. Mars has just passed Saturn - a reality check/showing us 'here is what is REAL'. He is sextiling Jupiter and Uranus and will catch up with Neptune - the dream or dissolution - at the end of the month. This might leave us feeling quite trapped and without any sense of 'guarantee' with any actions we are taking. A trapped Mars, itching for home (he will be in Aries in a few days) can be dangerous. Angry at the wrong things. Taking action that results in loss or drifting off course. It's always a good idea during Taurus season to allow our dreams to grow naturally and organically. The more we have bought into this illusion of 'constant growth' the less time we give ourselves to physically embody our dreams (Pisces) and be consciously present in our bodies. In reality, we are not so much trapped as being given the gift of both strength and softness - the courage to take action that is gentle and attuned.

Mars, also rules the North Node of Fate (north node of the Moon) which is traveling through the middle of Aries. Mercury is still retrograde, but only for a couple more days, and is set to station on the North Node on Thursday. They will not actually exactly meet though, because Mercury will turn around before he reaches the North Node precisely.

So, we get this Full Moon with Mercury at the very end of his/her retrograde in Aries. This is a final lunation where we might be re-thinking any hasty/impulsive words or plans. The last few weeks has been a time to review the things we have said or agreed to in anger or passion or at the beginning/early stages of something that need to be re-vised. Delays. Changes of mind. Re-visits and re-minisces from the past have been designed to re-turn us to something that needed some kind of re-evaluation, re-working or re-wording. The Full Moon now isn't in contact with Mercury directly, but since they are both answering to that dreamy/drifty spiritual Mars there will certainly be some connections.

With the final dispositor of EVERYTHING now being Neptune it is going to be challenging to proceed with any kind of certainty. When this happens, we know that certainty is NOT what is needed. Neptune rules dissolving endings, things that are behind us and ancestral loose ends. AND, of course, magic and spirituality, art, music and IMAGINATION. Mars still has to meet Neptune - keep this in mind. 

The Eclipse is happening at 4 degrees and in the iChing hexagram 4 is called 'not knowing'. 

It is a time to ask ourselves what we don't know and what if we didn't need to know all the answers right now. 'Not knowing' is a signal of the youth of things, but this is a Full Moon; a culmination. Maybe we are required to let go of ideas, plans, rules and over-complicated conditions because if we always know where we are and where we stand we can never get anywhere or learn anything. Maybe there is a kind of beginner's luck here with Jupiter conjunct Uranus. Or maybe right now the Jupiter Uranus through that sextile to Mars is designed to amp up/and forward-focus the Full Moon's story. 

You might remember when we looked ahead at the Jupiter/Uranus storyline we see an opportunity wih whatever is started now coming in the summer of 2026 - 

I wrote:

"Whatever starts now - because the conjunction is a STARTING POINT - we will have the opening sextile - opportunity - on July 21, 2026 with Jupiter at 4 degrees Leo and Uranus at 4 degrees Gemini. Pluto will be at 4 degrees Aquarius and Neptune will be at 4 degrees Aries - so all the outer planets will be at 4 degrees! What the heck? What mischief is this?"

Note all the fours then and this powerful Full Moon in Scorpio at 4 degrees now. In numerology four is a very stable number. Think about something with four legs, but this Full Moon with her T-Square to Pluto is more like a three-legged table. Wobbly. Then factor in Mercury standing still to change direction and Mars surrounded by Saturn and Neptune in a very unstable sign.

Pay attention to what you are doing this week. Keep a cool head. Scorpio is all about the stuff we don't want to look at or talk about in polite company - think sex, death and taxes here, so even though this may not be exactly what we are seeing, it can be equally uncomfortable unless you are a Scorpio and can handle this stuff :) 

Keep in mind the smooth aspects to Juno (there is something here if we are willing to be honest and go deep that can IMPROVE a relationship or contract or our relationship to power), to Vesta (that focus on home and family and roots) and the Mars sextile to the Jupiter/Uranus - have faith in the future. 

The Moon in Scorpio's final aspect is a smooth trine to Neptune, so allow your actions to be empathetic and intuitive. Focus is less important than overall intention with this Moon because we won't be in control here. Neptune can dissolve what has been holding us back, keep this in mind, too. Keep working/moving, but stay in observer mode. 

This is intense energy and I am not going to sugarcoat it. 

Take whatever you are doing seriously. 

xo all

The only major aspects this week are this Full Moon and Mercury's change of direction on THURSDAY, expect turnarounds and note it will take a few days for him/her to get back up to speed. I will do a few dailies instead of the usual weekly. 

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