weekly astrology forecast | April 15th, 2024 to April 21st, 2024 - painful words and information, new attractions and attracting new things, power struggleS AND THE BIGGEST aspect of the year as jupiter meets up with uranus!

MONDAY - Mercury retrograde conjunct Chiron

WEDNESDAY - Venus conjunct North Node

FRIDAY - Sun into Taurus, Mars sextiles Jupiter and Uranus

SATURDAY - Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus

SUNDAY - Sun square Pluto, Venus conjunct Chiron

This is another HUGE week with arguably the MOST POWERFUL astrology of the year for a BREAKTHROUGH. If the Eclipse energy last week stirred something up, and it did, here is where this can start to PAY OFF in big and unexpected ways. 

I had a busy weekend, and am getting to this late, so am putting up kind of an outline now and then the BIG POST will be next. 

MONDAY - Mercury, backing up in Aries, meets Chiron for the SECOND TIME - this is happening at 19 degrees where we had the Aries New Moon that launched the astrological year. The news, information or a conversation or words can be painful - trigger old wounds and insecurities. Mercury's work in Aries this month is, collectively, alot about re-defining and re-fining our image and the way we project ourselves in the world. We have ten more days until Mercury stations direct AND Mercury/Chiron will have their final meeting on May 6th when we move on from whatever painful news and conversations and memories we have been dealing with this month. 

Have I said the May astrology looks amazing? Yes, I think I did. If things are challenging, hang in there. 

This is also the day the Moon, in Cancer now, squares the Aries Sun. This is the first quarter square - first tension/frustration - from last week's POWERFUL New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries. The Sun wants to charge ahead, be first, fight, etc, and the Moon reminds us to slow down, focus on what is most important - home/family/self-care. Expect people to be moody. Expect to be aware very strongly of any lack of safety/security - real or imagined. Know the 'give and take' will be between fired up, maybe angry or passionate action - the Sun is super-strong in Aries - and a need to protect, take care of what is vulnerable - the Moon is super-strong, and home, in Cancer. 

TUESDAY - Mars sextiles Ceres, Mercury retrograde squares Ceres - with Ceres part of a Grand Earth trine later in the week when Jupiter meets Uranus and the Moon moves into Virgo - this stuff today is likely to matter and connect to what happens later. This is Mercury's second square with Ceres in Capricorn - here is where we are re-thinking, re-viewing, maybe CHANGING OUR MIND about a career/public life situation or a nurturing/mothering situation or maybe a change of life situation. Ceres is known for working out the most famous complicated compromise (along with Jupiter who she is connecting with right now, too) of the ancient world and these multiple squares with a fired up Mercury in Aries shows she has her work cut out for her. 

The way through whatever this is will be Mars in compassionate/connected Pisces making that smooth and opportunistic sextile, so help comes through intuitive/inspired action. Pisces people. Music. Art. Prayer. Meditation. Letting go. Going with the flow. Letting tired dogs lie. Pushing won't work here.  

WEDNESDAY - Venus, also in Aries, meets up with the North Node of Fate at 15 degrees. NOTICE what you are attracting and what you are attracted to. Venus in Aries is NOT subtle. Set your intentions. Know your values and what you value. If you are looking for love or money - what action are you taking to find it? Great energy for a makeover or purchase that makes you more attractive. Remember this is happening in Aries, so courage/action, may be required to get the most from this one. Be social. Out and about. Make an extra effort.

FRIDAY - SUNDAY - the Sun moves into Taurus and quickly into a square with Pluto in Aquarius. Power struggles. Challenges for and with authority or groups. Situations with money/resources/self-esteem can be stirred up via tension and frustration. As the square perfects on Sunday, Venus meets up with Chiron - so, again, we are dealing with these old wounds and insecurities. Don't hide from this. We are attracting people/situations by not being afraid to be vulnerable now. We don't need to have all the answers. We don't need to have all our ducks in a row. You don't have to be the most beautiful girl/guy in the room to be the most ATTRACTIVE girl/guy in the room.  

SATURDAY - SUNDAY - Jupiter meets up with Uranus at 21 degrees Taurus. Mars will be sextiling Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter and Uranus will be forming a Grand Earth trine with Ceres in Cappy and the Moon in Virgo. Wow. WOW. 

LUCKY BREAKS maybe via changes in our routine. FAITH IN THE FUTURE. Jupiter brings his gifts/protection to the Uranian chaos. Breakthroughs. New money. BIG liberation. FAST benefits. For some people, there could be increased challenges since Jupiter is expanding Uranian disorder - collectively, we can imagine things like earthquakes with this one - but for the most part this aspect is protective, opportunistic, MEGA-POWERFUL and in play all week and into next week, too. 

Even challenges will have SILVER LININGS. 

Jupiter/Uranus will have its own post by sign within the next day or two and we will look at the big picture with it, too. 

As for the political news - keep in mind that last week we had a powerful Aries Eclipse and Mars meeting Saturn. Two malevolent planets will usually cause some collective chaos/damage and the Eclipse/reset was not possible to predict other than we knew we were dealing with very old wounds which is always somewhat dicey because everyone is reacting/triggered by very old situations and, again, imbalanced relationships and alliances. 

THIS WEEK, God of war Mars is PAST SATURN, will sextile Jupiter and Uranus, so is pulled into the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in an opportunistic way - or we could say whatever the Jupiter/Uranus breaks loose is good news for him/us/our actions/what we want to do - and not via tension and frustration which is a good sign for us collectively 

PLUS we know in a couple weeks Mars will meet up with Neptune which should dissolve some of the Martian energy and situations (collective war energy) and then Mars moves into Aries where he is strong/stable/at home. 

And Mars' aspects for May look good. 

Plus Mercury won't be retrograde and Venus will be home in Taurus! So, we, everyone, will be going from A to B without drifting off to G and we will feel the renewed vitality and purpose - the promise of the fiery Eclipse - even more strongly. 

OK, this is enough to get us through a day or two. 

Back with the BIG Jupiter Uranus post! 


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