the astrology of Chiron conjunct the North Node in aries | unlived lives biting us in the ass, entitlement issues, new name tags and upset apple carts, is chiron the key to unlocking our future

On Monday, February 19th - exactly five years to the day that Chiron went into Aries - and we talked about that HERE - Chiron is reaching his exact conjunction with the North Node at 16 degrees. 

Remember the North Node - of the Moon and our best collective path FORWARD/where we are going - wasn't even in Aries five years ago. The North Node, always retrograde and moving backward, had a WHOLE LOT of ground to cover before reaching the middle of Aries to meet Chiron. Their conjunction is not a frequent one. They both have to be in just the right place at just the right time. For example when the North Node (always retrograding backward) was in Taurus and Gemini and Cancer and Leo and Virgo, etc - Chiron wasn't and they didn't meet. When Chiron was in Pisces, from 2010 - 2019, the North Node wasn't. You get the idea.

A rare conjunction happening during all these mega-Aquarius seedings is something we want to be paying attention to. 

Aries is our first fire sign. It's how we start, initiate, go after what we want. Aries rules young men, anger, our head, courage, the way we move through life/lead both bravely and foolishly. Aries ruler Mars moved into Aquarius last week.

So against this Arian/Aquarian backdrop the North Node - our fated/best path forward - is activated through this contact with Chiron. 

THE NORTH NODE - represents the kinds of experiences we must develop in order to deal with our karma and grow spiritually. The South Node represents the qualities that come naturally to us and that we are more prone to fall back on. Sometimes the South Node can be a point of 'undoing from over-doing' if we avoid the North Node energies. Right now the North Node is in Aries and the South Nodes is in Libra. This is an axis of me vs you or maybe even more precisely me vs what I have projected onto you. We also have a North and South Node and a Chiron in our own personal natal chart that would be activated now, as well as an Aries house with a particular theme where this story is all playing out. 

CHIRON - whose glyph looks like a KEY is classified as both a comet and an asteroid. His orbit is between Saturn and Uranus and since these are the two ruling planets of Aquarius and he is meeting the North Node of Fate during this very pivotal time and he will be EXACTLY TO THE SECOND conjunct the big Solar Eclipse in April (and conjunct the United State natal Chiron) - we know Chiron conjunct the North North right now MATTERS.  

Discovered in 1977, astrology is still unpacking Chiron, but let's look at his mythological story. That's always a good place to start and you might see/feel connections with your own story that I would miss just writing about my current take on his energetic signature.

Chiron was a centaur; born half man/half horse to Cronos (Saturn) and the water-nymph Philyra who had turned herself into a horse to avoid Cronos' advancements. Abandoned as a baby by his mother, who was shocked and fearful at his appearance, Chiron was found by Apollo and Artemis (Diana) who raised him and taught him everything from herbology to astrology to music to archery. He became one of mythology's greatest teachers and mentors and healers and resided on Mount Pelion with his wife Chariklo. One of his many students was Hercules -

(Hercules story is the origin story of our galaxy. It's the story of a cheating husband, an angry wife and a hungry baby. The baby (Hercules), birthed by another mother and held to angry wife's (Hera/Juno) breast by cheating husband (Zeus, Jupiter) and the lost mother's milk that flies out of her when she awakens to find another woman's baby to her breast. This spilled milk - which we've never been allowed to cry over - creates our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy of un-mothered children. Chiron like Hercules is also an un-mothered archetype. Note asteroid Herakles/Hercules is also conjunct the North Node and Chiron now)

who would later shoot the poisoned arrow that inadvertently wounds Chiron (it could also be that this poison was given to him by Chiron earlier for another purpose which would give the story a bit of a self-sabotage theme or events coming back around). A wound, even the famed and brilliant healer Chiron cannot heal. After many years of suffering a deal is brokered with Zeus (Jupiter) for Chiron to replace Prometheus (of the 'giving fire to the people' fame) who had been chained to a rock, every night having his liver pecked out by an eagle. Chiron is allowed to die and as a tribute to the greatest of centaurs, his constellation, Centaurus, is placed in the sky.

(it's interesting to me, that Biden with a natal Chiron/North Node replaced Trump with a natal Uranus/North Node - Uranus/Prometheus are connecting archetypes - in the White House and also many would agree with the liver-pecking eagle)

So Chiron was a wounded healer (wounded being an adjective for Chiron here) and can represent a wounded space we carry. Something very old and very deep that can likely never be totally cured or escaped. There is something here about facing the unfairness of life without resentment and cynicism and the things we must learn to live with. Something maybe about our mortal limits and our immortal story. Maybe something about helping others in ways we cannot help ourselves (Chiron getting Prometheus off that rock), adoption including step-parenting, actual physical damage ie medical and health issues, psychological damage, rejection wounds, OUR WILL TO LIVE. In Aries - there is something about our ability to take care of ourselves and be ourselves, be motivated and initiate, have courage, our relationship with our masculine energy - there is alot to work with here.

So, we have Chiron meeting up with the North Node of Fate at 16 degrees Aries with Mars (ruler of Aries) in Aquarius, the sign of the future. 

People with natal Chiron/North Node aspects, as well as people with planets and points at or very near 16 degrees Aries - and the other cardinal signs, may be most directly impacted but we will all have access to this energetic portal. Hubs and my progressed Suns are both at 16 degrees Aries right now - amazing how they have caught up with each other at just this time, since we are born 3 years and 4 days apart.

(Your progressed chart, especially your progressed Moon and Sun, is something you might want to look at/keep up with - your chart progresses one day for every year you are alive, so if you turned 30 years old today, your progressed chart would be the chart for the day 30 days after you were born. You can see no matter how old we get we never get too far from that original chart!)

My personal story aside, I think this will have alot to do with our closest relationships - the North/South Node on our relationship axis (Aries/Libra), the concurrent Venus/Mars conjunction, asteroid Chariklo (Chiron's wife) sextiling from 14 degrees Aquarius and an inconjunct Juno (marriage/contracts) retrograde at 16 Virgo reminding us of what can and cannot be fixed. If we go back to the last Eclipse cycle in October - remember Eclipses happen when the Nodes align with the Sun - it was all about imbalances within relationships. And sometimes the need to fight/what happens when we don't leave the room. 

Asteroid Hercules/Herakles is also conjunct Chiron/NN. He is always connected in my mind to Chiron - both mother-deprived and wounded by that, with Hercules' wound showing up more narcissistic/brave/heroic and Chiron's more self-sacrificing/giving/heroic, one life changed from mortal to immortal (Hercules) and the other from immortal to mortal (Chiron), both through choosing death over enduring prolonged pain - kind of two sides of the same coin. And Hercules death/rebirth from mortal to God coming ahe throws off the poisoned tunic (something else their stories have in common is poison) which could be thought of as a metaphor for an identity (Aries) that is killing us (Mars with Pluto). 

If Chiron in Aries is the KEY TO UNLOCKING these new Aquarian frequencies, well, what would that look like?

Since this conjunction has come within days of Mars meeting up with Pluto, let's think about that. Pluto is the sign of ELIMINATION which means both elimination - ie what we eliminate, and is also a less jolting way of saying death. So, for example if Mars/Pluto is the end of 'anger' - we are just not so pissed off anymore. Emotions are just 'energy in motion' so very susceptible to energetic changes. Then our job would be to be able to motivate ourselves/take action without the 'anger'. Whatever we were 'getting' out of being angry is gone, too. It's tricky to see how some things are connected, but this is a long game (really a preview of the big game) and we have some time yet. 

The whole "losing an identity that is killing us" feels both Chiron/NN and Mars/Pluto, too. 

”Unlived life does not sit idly on the shelf. It will turn around and bite you” 

... ML von Franz.

Getting ahead by living a life that is not our own so that we can coast along unchallenged (this is often an unconscious thing) will no longer be possible. Fake will fail. Notice what changes within yourself will be needed to work with the currents of change we are collectively and personally feeling.   

With Chiron representing both a psychological and a physical wound it could be a wound or vulnerability or an illness that lines us up with our best Arian path forward now. I have a family member with a gnarly and exact fixed T-Square to Chiron in Aquarius involving her Sun and Jupiter who has had major health issues for her entire life. Our path forward could involve confronting what hurts in a health situation. Maybe by not allowing it to hold us back or maybe just by working the process of whatever we are dealing with. 

Pain and our new direction might be somehow connected. A need for new action could stir up things we don't want to deal with. The payoff will be Arian - an increased enthusiasm, motivation, sense of wholeness and WILL TO LIVE. 

There might also be something stirred up about RAGE at what we perceive as being unfairly victimized. Depression if our Aries impulsive is thwarted. There could be something that comes up about our sense of entitlement/what we should have or the way something should have played out. 

Maybe being on a path where we are healing ourselves by healing others is the way this is being activated for us. Jung, born with Chiron in Aries said that, "only a wounded physician could heal effectively". 

Almost certainly our path forward involves dealing with a very old wound. Your natal Chiron by sign and placement will tell a more complete story. 

And it will pay for us to keep in mind that Chiron was wounded twice. It was the earliest rejection by his mother that drove Chiron to excel at so many things. The feeling of never being enough. Maybe the fear of conflict rooted in our survival instincts. 

These are all things to think about now. And alot of this may be playing out within our closest relationships. 

With Chiron exact to the second (!) the Moon/Sun at April's BIG Eclipse, something now/this week is designed to line us up with that Eclipse. All these conjunctions in February are NEW starting energies. Many, many seeds are being planted. Some consciously and some unconsciously. Pay attention to what you are giving your attention to. Pay attention to what YOU ARE WATERING. 

With the Aries energy tossed into the mix, and with Mars passing over scary-ass Pluto in Aquarius (the future) much of what we are fearing is because of its capacity to change us, to upset our identity/our apple cart/the status quo. But, honestly, we wouldn't be alive right now if we didn't want to upset the status quo - this is something we have ALREADY collectively chosen. 

The game is changing and we might all need new name tags at some point. 

Hopefully not something like a QR code that we tattoo on our forehead and then we all walk around scanning people and meeting them without meeting them :)

xo all

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