huge change is seeded in february as authority and security drifts, the potential for real and figurative lightning strikes increase, there is a need to not rush the revolution as we head into next week's big energies

I read a story on Medium this morning written by a son about his 62 year old father. 

His father lost his construction business in 2008 when the housing market crashed/shifted/settled and he hasn't had a job since. He does little side things for friends, but has had nothing stable or consistent. The son stated his father didn't look for a job for a couple years and then had trouble due to his age (although in 2008 his 62 year old father would have been 46?). Surely he was too particular with what he wanted. Maybe he was used to the freedom, and large chunks of cash, that came with his 'off-the-books' construction business. Remember before Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008, Pluto was in high-flying Sagittarius. The switch from Sagittarius to Capricorn - which is something like college to work or adventure to responsibility or dating to marriage (which is work) - is hard, but necessary. 

So now, here we are 16 years later and his father is in trouble. The son's takeaway, and this might have been the title of the article that caught my eye, is that everyone needs a JOB. 

A nine-to-five where you get a steady salary and taxes withheld, even if you have a business or side-hustle. 

My takeaway is that this guy/the father SKIPPED the entire Pluto in Capricorn cycle - the sober and deadly serious "take the job, do your work, pay your taxes" 2008-2024 part of his life when he needed to be DOING THE RESPONSIBLE THING and is now struggling as that cycle closes out.

The son's advice may be good, but it's TOO LATE because Pluto is in Aquarius now.  

It got me thinking that we don't want to miss the Pluto in Aquarius cycle hanging onto the Pluto in Capricorn cycle. 

I think this is something we are going to talk about regularly this year before Pluto fully commits to Aquarius in November. 

I have also been thinking about Pluto in Aquarius now answering to Uranus AND Saturn. 

Remember in Capricorn he was only answering to Saturn, so I tend to focus on the switch to Uranus rulership, but we need to keep in mind Pluto is STILL answering to Saturn, too. Saturn can sometimes get lost (by me, maybe because my natal Saturn is one degree from my Sun in Aquarius) in the shuffle of thinking about the future-focused/group-centric Uranian energy. 

Right now - Saturn is in Pisces. He was in Pisces when Pluto went into Aquarius for his first pass last spring and he will be in Pisces when Pluto makes his final move into Aquarius next fall. 

Saturn isn't uber strong in Pisces. 

The lack of boundaries. The drifting off purpose. The weak authority. There is a reason Saturn rules both a cardinal and a fixed sign and an earth and an air sign, but not a mutable or a water sign. And Pisces is mutable water. 

We will keep in mind that Pluto will be in Aquarius for 20 years and Saturn will ONLY be in Pisces for about another year, but Saturn is in Pisces as Pluto has moved into Aquarius, ALL THREE TIMES. This is important. This matters/means something. Saturn in Pisces is answering to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces and IS strong. So, there is nowhere else for Saturn to go (for example if Saturn was in Pisces and Neptune was in Aries, Saturn would still be answering to Neptune, but Arian energy ie Mars would be pulled into the mix, because Neptune would be in Aries). 

Saturn in Pisces is IN Pisces with Neptune. Mutable water. No where else to go. 

So, what does this mean to Pluto/to us? 

Saturn in Pisces may not give us a strong backbone - but, maybe that's because we don't need a strong backbone right now, maybe a strong backbone would be counterproductive for Pluto in Aquarius right now - but SATURN CAN STILL, AND DOES, HAVE OUR BACK. Collectively we would get our strength/our stability through Pisces energy. 

Prayer. Music. Spirituality. Art. Compassion. Water/the ocean. Our ancestors/past lives. AND, because all this is complicated, we might be more or less comfortable with shows of vulnerability or weakness. More or less comfortable - depending on our natal Saturn - with anything that feels too woo-woo/out there. We might feel issues about being 'out-of-control' because the piece of authority we are collectively dealing with tends toward drifting/dissolving and we would instinctively KNOW this. 

Daddy can't be counted on right now. 

(look at the example of Biden's progressed Sun in the 12th house now conjunct his South Node in Aquarius and Trump's progressed 12th house mega-stellium - with the 12th house, Pisces natural house, ruling things like prisons and hospitals and mental decline and maybe being up a creek without a paddle - AND the United States progressed Sun in Pisces with the progressed Moon applying to a conjunction and Uranus on the top of the chart!)

Not being able to 'count on daddy' is part of this process of Pluto in Aquarius. And we know this is true because this is what is happening. 

Uranus is the co-ruler and modern ruler of Aquarius and Pluto was in Aquarius when Uranus was discovered in March 1781.

Astrologically speaking, Uranus is connected to electricity and strikes of lightning, both literal and figurative, and was at 24 Gemini in his discovery chart - and if you have read any of my 'Saturday Night Mystery' posts you will recognize this degree as one of mayhem (in my opinion, also conjunct my 23 Gemini part of fortune, more mayhem). 

Benjamin Franklin, famous for many things including the discovery of electricity via his connection of the similarities between lightning and static electricity with his kite and key, has a natal Uranus, at 6 degrees Leo EXACT on the United States North Node. Franklin was almost certainly an astrologer and his astrological birth chart eerily echoes the United States chart (the Sibly Declaration of Independence chart). 

When Uranus was discovered in 1781, Franklin was in Paris to secure the Franco-American Alliance - an agreement with France to furnish critically needed military aid and loans to the thirteen American colonies during the American Revolution. Franklin returned to the United States in 1785 with the American Revolution (1775-1783) two years behind him, and, maybe, at least in part by having carried the lightning bolt of freedom/chaos with him, the French Revolution just two years away.  

I am not saying Benjamin Franklin (Mercury in Aquarius) was a human lightning rod ... but I'm not saying he wasn't either.

Actually, there was a guy who was nicknamed "the human lightning rod" and any doubt we have that Uranus, an outer planet, is the higher octave (universal expression) of the personal planet Mercury, and that Uranus/Aquarius are connected to electricity and LIGHTNING STRIKES

(liquid Mercury conducts electricity and I think connects Mercury to electricity, too, words are powerful and meaningful

is erased when we look at the chart of park ranger Roy Sullivan.

Roy was struck by lightning seven confirmed times, maybe eight. 

He was born in 1912 in Virginia with Mercury and Uranus EXACTLY conjunct at 0 degrees Aquarius and in a tight trine to Mars (the trigger) in Gemini (the multiplier) on his Ascendant (his physical self).

After Roy's third or fourth lightning strike, people started avoiding him, he developed a strong fear of death (who could blame him and you could imagine what was going on inside poor Roy's head with this chart - he also had Neptune in his 3rd house) - and began to carry a can of water with him whenever he left the house. His wife, in a totally unrelated incident, was also struck by lightning while hanging laundry on their backyard clothesline. Roy died of a self inflicted gunshot wound with transiting Chiron (wounding) on his Mars/Ascendant opposing transiting Jupiter/Uranus in a tight conjunction and applying to his natal Jupiter (the amplifier). It was all too much for Roy ...

It won't be for us. 

But we'll have to be smart about things. 

We have a BIG week ahead as the personal planets' meetings with Pluto this February continues, and Mars, the lower octave of Pluto, meets up with Pluto, the higher octave of Mars. 

Back with that post next. 

In the meantime, keep in mind the lessons of the Aquarius New Moon cycle waxing now - yes, the revolution is here, but there is a need to take a smart/detached/grown-up breath and SEE the new landscape. 

If we rush things, the revolution starts too early and the whole process TURNS INTO A POWER STRUGGLE. 

We don't want the lightning strike/key/kite (how did that Franklin thing go anyway?) that brought us electricity and everything amazing that has come after - to result in us lying facedown next to our backyard clothesline while someone douses our scorched hair with icy hose water.

Timing is everything folks. 

xo all

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