full moon in virgo | february 24th, 2024 - work or health situation coming to light, reality checks, a need to get organized and a grip on our day to day, what's working and what isn't, sober assistance and opportunities incoming

On Saturday, February 24th, 2024, at 7:31AM EST, the Virgo Moon opposes the Pisces Sun at 5 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Virgo. 

Full Moons bring things to light (to our attention or into the open), to peak energy, to a RESULT, sometimes to a conclusion. 

A Virgo Full Moon provides the factsThe fog clears. The results are visible. Sanity prevails. This is the view of the situation from the cold light of day. 

With Mercury, ruling this lunation from slippery Pisces though and opposing the Full Moon - there is still a whole lot of dreamy energy to work with or contend with depending on our situation.

Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon, reaches 5 degrees Virgo and opposes the Sun. The Sun, at 5 degrees Pisces, is sandwiched between Mercury and Saturn. The Moon is trine Ceres in Capricorn (exact) and Jupiter in Taurus (wide, but applying, so we will look at it). The Full Moon squares Pallas in Sagittarius. Mercury, ruler of Virgo and so ruler of this lunation is conjunct the Sun - blown out by the Sun. Chiron is conjunct the North Node - exact by degree. Venus squares Jupiter, exact today. 

We can see in the Full Moon chart - the Moon is all alone out there, so there could be things coming up that appear to hit us out of the blue, likely something we have forgotten because our attention has been somewhere else. Or maybe this is something we haven't wanted to look at and now we have to. 

We could also feel we are 'on-our-own' with whatever is going on - note, that exact trine to a nurturing, but sober Ceres in Capricorn says we most probably are NOT. There should be some support here somewhere.

Venus, is just past her meeting with her lover-boy Mars in "give me space" Aquarius and headed for that testy, but potentially prolific square with expansive Jupiter, so we know there is something here that is RIPE FOR EXPANSION AND ALSO MAYBE OVERDOING. 

Slow down. Notice where you are thinking/feeling "this isn't enough" and ask yourself if this is really true.  

Maybe it is. And, if it is, this lunation is part of our path to working with the new Aquarian energies to have MORE. Maybe it isn't and this lunation is part of our path to seeing THAT and focusing in on what we already have - ADJUSTING OUR EXPECTATIONS. 

Also notice, where, if maybe getting what you wanted or what you thought you wanted, has resulted in "too much". 

With the Venus/Jupiter happening at the same time as this Full Moon, let's take a look at that. 

This square is their last square, a final adjustment needed, from their conjunction back in early March 2023. So, if something started then or that we attracted or were attracted to, has expanded in some way that is detrimental to us or not what we intended - an example would be a business that was started and is doing well, but has taken over your life - then this would be the time the 'detrimental' part - maybe the TOO MUCH part - would be noticed. Happening at the Full Moon in Virgo could be the time we note any health/work implications - is this still what we want? - or here could be where it is really needing us to get it organized and take it seriously, so we can take this even further. 

Sometimes the bright light of the Virgo Full Moon, Virgo being Virgo, illuminates a PROBLEM. 

Saturn opposing from Pisces - and this is the part that will be exact in a few days - says, that, yes, this is a serious thing. We need to attend to this. Not let this slip us up or it will be biting us in the ass later. 

Saturn, even in watery Pisces and not himself, can hold our feet to the fire when he needs to. 

Pallas, an excellent problem-solver via her ability to recognize patterns and discern smart strategies, is squaring the Full Moon from Jupiter ruled Sag - this is echoing the Venus/Jupiter tension via excess thing or tension with some Sagittarius situation or showing us the very real need to organize the day-to-day of whatever has expanded.  

Pallas went into Sagittarius a couple weeks ago, and, due to her retrograde is going to be in Sagittarius until the end of November. So, she spends most of the year in the sign that rules our big picture beliefs, legal issues, religion, higher education, what is foreign, foreigners, weddings, media, publishing. There is something here, and maybe multiple somethings, that we are going to be going BACK AND FORTH with - note, this is the collective influence, your natal Pallas and natal Sag house theme will give a more complete story. 

The Full Moon's trine to Ceres is EXACT and pulls in sober assistance and/or a smoother path forward if we act responsibly. 

If you are 'over your head' with something, there is someone or something who can help you. This might be an older person or someone who knows more than you do. They won't be holding your hand, but maybe they can help in a more nuts and bolts kind of way. This also speaks, because we are Ceres, too, here, of the need to be PRACTICAL, to take care of business, to deal with what needs to be dealt with.

With the Saturn/Sun/Mercury REALITY CHECK breathing down our necks in just a few days, this would be good advice anyway.  

The Full Moon's opposition to Saturn, blown out by the Sun, and with EVERYTHING answering to an uber strong Neptune in Pisces, might speak of the need for some kind of sacrifice. Note, this 'sacrifice' energy makes for tricky waters to navigate. Sometimes sacrifices ARE needed. But, sometimes, we make these little sacrifices that are not so little in the aggregate and they drift us into Pisces murky darker waters. We put up with this. We put up with that. There is a big difference between making a sacrifice for someone we care about or because we are playing the long game and doing without now in the anticipation we will 'do with' later and making a sacrifice because we have just given up on what we wanted. 

Pisces is the LAST SIGN, and positioned behind us as much as ahead of us, 'giving up' might not look like giving up when we are actually, in fact ... giving up. 

Mercury is in Pisces, we will have to use our intuition with this one.

Collectively the Virgo Full Moon could bring to light health or work or maybe pet or employee related information that we might not have been able to see ie lost in that 12th house, behind closed doors, etc - or have not been wanting to see. Next week's REALITY CHECK pile-up - that can turn into a very good thing - says we are going to have to.

The Virgo Full Moon always brings us back down to Earth and asks us to think about - HOW IS THIS GOING OR HOW IS THIS GOING TO WORK?

Whatever is being illuminated now or reaching some kind of result or conclusion is laying the groundwork for the Saturn/Mercury/Sun triple conjunction REALITY CHECK, COMMITMENT, ENDING, new beginning at the very end of the month.

That triple-conjunction will be happening in a sextile to expansive, lucky and hopeful Jupiter and by then Venus will be sextiling the North Node and Chiron, so there is the potential for very real OPPORTUNITIES. These sextiles greatly increase our chance of a positive outcome.

The week after that - now we are into the first week of March - Venus and then Mars will square Uranus, so there will be some shake-ups and changes, following the conjunctions.

With Saturn in Pisces and Pluto going back into Capricorn at the end of the year AND with April's BIG energies and with all else that is still ahead of us EVERYTHING IS PRETTY TEMPORARY RIGHT NOW - proceed with this in mind. 


Focus on what is healing/healthy. 

Focus on your mental health. 

Take care of yourself. It can be harder to sleep near a Full Moon, so make extra time for that. 

Virgo takes care of the details, so let's do that, but not make ourselves crazy, which is totally possible with Mercury in Pisces :)

So, ask yourself over the next few days - WHAT ARE YOU SEEING IN A NEW LIGHT? If we have grown something that we were wanting to grow, well how is that working? How is that going to work going forward? Virgo puts one foot in front of the other, so we don't have to look 20 steps ahead, but maybe we do have to look at -

what is working and what isn't?

xo all

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