New Moon in Aquarius | February 9th - shocks, disruptions and changes of direction, breakthroughs, break-ups, the king's surprise, the road less traveled, the year of the wood dragon kicks off with a bang

On Friday, February 9, 2024 at 5:59PM EST, the Aquarius Moon catches up with the Aquarius Sun at 20 degrees, giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Aquarius. 

The New Moon is part of Luna's natural rhythm of waxing and waning. It's the time each month the skies are dark. The seed goes into the ground/the egg. The idea starts to germinate. 

With the Moon and Sun together in the sky an energetic portal is created - a space to build a relationship between consciousness and form.


Since we get what we energetically line up with - it's a powerful time to release lower frequencies that are holding us down/keeping us stuck. It is also a particularly powerful time to set our intentions, ie cast our S-P-E-L-L for what we want to attract/the way we want things to GO. In Aquarius, the sign of our higher mind/collective thinking, we can use this portal - to access dispassionate LOGIC (from the ancient Greek word logos, meaning idea, reason or word). 

The cosmos/life has set up the perfect chart - blueprint - for how we go about doing this. 

So, let's unpack it!

The Moon meets the Sun at 20 degrees Aquarius (we are in an unusual cycle of 20 degree New Moons). The Moon squares Uranus and trines Vesta and Juno. The Moon is sextiling the Chiron/North Node conjunction. Uranus and Saturn are the co-rulers of this New Moon as the co-rulers of Aquarius. Saturn is in Pisces and sextiling Jupiter. Uranus is in Taurus, squaring the Moon and trining Venus. 

Aquarius moons are always kind of uncomfortable. This is fixed air. The ground is cold. It is harder for even the hardiest seeds to take root (some advantages of this 'hard ground' include the survival of the sturdiest plants/less weeds to complete for the soil nutrients - think about this in terms of your ideas and life now). 

The Moon rules our roots/our past and Aquarius rules uprooting/our future. It's not always the best fit. 

I think 20 degrees Aquarius here connects nicely to hexagram 20 of the iChing which is called 'seeing'. This 'seeing' isn't about focusing on any one thing in particular - and this is supported by the Moon's tightest applying aspect being that trine to Vesta in multi-tasking Gemini - it's more about witnessing EVERYTHING that comes into view. 

Imagine the lead goose flying toward a lake that has just come into view. Imagine BEING that lead goose flying toward that lake. It would be a time to make a slight pause before moving automatically into the next step of the process - SEEING what is now present before responding to the new space. 

If we were a child 'seeing' - because we wouldn't be able to change anything about the world we were seeing without the help of others - we would be seeing the new present as something like "what does this mean to me? what will I get? am I safe". And maybe this is something like what the lead goose is thinking. 

Now, because we WERE children this way of seeing is still within us and happening on some level with anything NEW, but maybe now, as adults, we can ALSO see this new present and pause - and without identifying with it or trying to own it or allowing it to own us - we can see there is SOMETHING for us here, some gift or work or insight. 

The Moon is squaring - tension/frustration - Uranus and Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius. Expect nervous energy and rebellious attitudes.

This could be a SURPRISE/SHOCK/DISRUPTION. Maybe we were going this way and now we are going THAT WAY. Someone could surprise us with an #unpredictable/#not totally unpredictable act of rebellion and we are reacting to THAT. Or maybe we are the one forcing the left turn. There is something new here, although probably not totally new because Uranus has just recently changed direction and has walked this road before - we could have seen this coming, but most likely didn't.

So, this New Moon, which is always the energy of a fresh start between the Moon and the Sun is brought to us via tension between Taurus - what is stable/secure - and Aquarius - what is anything BUT stable and secure. 

With the Moon sextiling the North Node there could be a strong sense of what we WANT NEXT or that something new is COMING or maybe just a strong sense that we need something ELSE. Chiron on the North Node speaks of these changes healing very old wounds. 

The New Moon is trining Vesta who has just stationed direct the previous day at 21 degrees Gemini. A HOT degree from the last two years of Mars/Venus' retrogrades, and this is Vesta's third pass over this territory. 

Vesta first entered Gemini back on June 22, 2023 and since then we have been back and forth over something with a Gemini theme - either our natal Gemini house theme, a choice between two things, a sibling situation, an education situation, communication issues, a local community issue, a transportation issue, etc. 

Maybe this New Moon in Aquarius with this dynamic square to change-maker and ruler Uranus is when we DECIDE or maybe this New Moon cycle is when something/someone decides for us. 

The New Moon trines Juno, retrograde in Virgo and we have talked about this before, relationship/marriage and contract ADJUSTMENTS, small, practical tweaks that give us more FREEDOM. 

The Moon's final aspect in Aquarius IS the New Moon - how nice for it not to be an inconjunct with Pluto! 

This gives the feeling of starting at the end - starting over or starting from some kind of 'ending' position. The Moon then moves into Pisces and pretty quickly meets up with Saturn for a reality check. This is a preview of the Sun/Saturn/Mercury at the end of February, so PAY ATTENTION. Then the Moon flows very nicely through Pisces over the next couple days, closing out with an opportunistic sextile with Mars in Cappy. Pisces/Cappy - making the dream real. The dream works if we do. Something like that. 

Remember hexagram 20 - there is a pause here. WHAT ARE WE SEEING? Step back and breathe. 

Maybe whatever is happening is more about the LIBERATION/the freeing up of something that needs to be freed up than about the building of anything we can necessarily count on long term. The New Moon is the Moon's final aspect, so we can't really see what comes next. Maybe this is like a rebound relationship. Or that interim job. That's not a bad thing. Not a bad thing AT ALL.

Keep this in mind. 

xo all

I just realized I missed multiple things I alluded to in my heading. This is my brain right now :) The road less traveled because Chiron in Aries/North Node in Aries is about taking care of ourselves and being ourselves. This CHANGE can take us away from groups, causes, etc, and toward something that we are valuing NOW. Or maybe this is just the point we turn away from the group/friends, etc, to free us up to turn our attention to something else later. The Year of the Dragon (wood dragon) that kicks off almost immediately is about being brave and taking action and having confidence. The year you were born determines how you work best with this energy. I am not an expert on this, so find one if you are interested. I do know I was born in a water year and since water feeds wood, this year can be depleting to me since the world is now made of wood and I am feeding it  - not all by myself, I hope :) If you know your natal element, its relationship to wood is something to think about. The king's surprise (Sun/Uranus) reference will need its own post, King Charles' surprising health announcement that I would guess with Mercury/Pluto together at that time was not something he was planning on announcing just yet. King Charles' big life events always correlate to Eclipses - born on an Eclipse, married twice on Eclipses, Diana died on an Eclipse, he became King on an Eclipse, son William born on an Eclipse and also daughter-in-law Kate. All fated. Notice his mother was not born on an eclipse - not born to be queen, and neither is son Harry. Also note none of William and Kate's children were born on Eclipses - so that is all still in play/up in the air, too. But William and Kate are shoe-ins. The timing of their ascension will undoubtedly be Eclipse related. This New Moon is exact on Kate's Part-of-Fortune in her 7th house of partners. The New Moon is also exact on Biden's progressed 12th house dissolving and exhausted Sun ....


As we work with the Aquarius positives - innovation, genius, advancement, the new/modern, the power of groups, the power of the individual (yes Aquarius has both!) and eliminate the Aquarius negatives -  too much detachment, too many distractions, our feelings of alienation and our need to get lost in the crowd and hide out in the audience - if we do our work - and we are not required to do our work perfectly - we are left with a cool head, an open mind and enough emotional distance from whatever we are creating to allow the magical forces in play to work for and through us RIGHT NOW!


AFFIRMATION TIPS for our monthly New Moon: always make affirmations from a  positive place (positive meaning both happy and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud. Then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  


Know these things are already yours.


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