weekly astrology forecast | february 26th to March 3rd - reality checks bring opportunities, being bold and confident while avoiding going too far, sudden attractions and breaks for freedom


We have made it - almost, as I write this - to the end of February.

All our inner planets have met up with Pluto. 

The seeds are in the frozen ground, and keep in mind, like a new moon, the skies are dark. We are planting with our intentions and attention and may not be sure yet if we are growing carrots or tomatoes. Or, maybe we were smart and only planted carrots, but we can't really know if this was smart. 

With Pluto in Aquarius our journey of empowerment is influenced by lives we haven't even lived yet! 

So, now we come to the end of the month with two of those inner planets meeting up with Saturn. 

At the same time. 

Anything that has gotten too big/gone too far - and we can get pretty far with Saturn in Pisces - is likely to be given a REALITY CHECK. 

Maybe about something that we have been avoiding. 

Then, and maybe this will be as a result of what we do with the NEWS WE HAVE BEEN AVOIDING, if we are smart and brave and, yes, lucky, there will be OPPORTUNITIES to create greater security and abundance. This will be, at least partly with all this Pisces, connected to our ability to change what we imagine and with Taurus will have 'real-world' consequences - things we can hold in our hands and take to the bank. 

Pay attention. Your intuition is VERY STRONG now. 

Let's unpack the week!

MONDAY - Mercury sextile Ceres

TUESDAY - Mars square Jupiter

WEDNESDAY - Sun  conjunct Mercury, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Sun conjunct Saturn

THURSDAY - Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus sextile North Node

FRIDAY - Sun sextile Jupiter, Venus sextile Chiron

SUNDAY - Last Quarter Moon, Venus square Uranus

MONDAY - Mercury in Pisces sextiles Ceres. This is Mercury's last aspect before he/she meets the Sun and then Saturn in a couple days. The Full Moon trined Ceres on Saturday, so this is repeating that in a way and we know repeating aspects are important. Ceres is the mother/nurture Mother Nature archetype making her way through sober Capricorn, so maybe there are words or a conversation or communication that pulls in some kind of authoritative or sober assistance and/or a smoother path forward if we act responsibly. Walk our talk. Ceres in Cappy is the winter mother, so not prone to any over-mothering style cushioning. So, our 'intuitive/feeling what everyone is saying' Mercury in Pisces can get some reality based connection - here is what is expected of you, here are the limits, here is your responsibility, here is where structure/authority can help. Anytime Pisces creates a portal with Cappy through planetary bodies - we have the opportunity to ground something/give legs to something that is less than solid. Make the dream real. Or, conversely, if we are Ceres here, have access to something more idealistic, compassionate, artistic, other-worldly if we are mired in the nitty-gritty reality. 

TUESDAY - Mars, moving through Aquarius, reaches his square to Jupiter in Taurus. Actions can be LUCKY. A little effort/push can go a LONG WAY. Progress. Confidence. Leaps of LOGIC. The sum is greater than the whole. I think you get the idea. This is a square, and although squares with Jupiter are not like squares with other energies, this is still a square, comes with tension and frustration. Don't over do things. Warm up BEFORE the stretch.

If we can work the best of the Mars in Aquarius energies - innovative action, movement that creates greater freedom, idealistic courage, starting something that sticks - and use the tension of the "MORE" square as a springboard - we will be way ahead of the game. And, yes, it's still a long game and we are in both the first quarter and the last quarter at the same time.

WEDNESDAY - here is the meat and potatoes of the week, and this energy started back with last week's Full Moon and the Full Moon will pull this energy into next week, too

The Sun, Mercury and Saturn all meet at 9 degrees Pisces. If you have something at 9 degrees of the mutable signs, you will surely be feeling this one. 

REALITY CHECKS, likely coming from our blind spot - what is behind us, done behind our back or something we haven't wanted to look at, are possible. Results come in.

Because, even when daddy-Saturn is drunk on the sofa, he still, quite uncannily at times and often in response to company (ie contact with other energies), will shake himself awake, and ask, even if somewhat groggily, "what the hell is this? what is going on here?". He sits up. He puts his foot down. BOOM. Full stop.

And, since he is not totally himself here, deadlines and lines in the sand and anything we have been AVOIDING (if this is what we are seeing) can be stark/CHALLENGING. Maybe even look bigger than these things actually are since we are looking through water. 

Still, action must be taken. And, the follow up opportunistic sextiles to Jupiter, tells us our actions/what we do with what we are shown - are creating OPPORTUNITIES. 

This is Saturn, so commitments made now will be sticky. 

Not sticky/sticky like when Saturn was in Cappy or Aquarius, but turning this train around after this will take some major efforting. Notice what you are agreeing to. With the Sun and Mercury in Pisces, our boundaries are porous, our thinking intuitive and imaginative, but certainly not rock-solid, and Saturn, shaken awake by his need to clean house for guests, will require we tighten things up. 

We don't want this ship to sink. 

The Sun shines the light where it needs to go. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS. Your life source needs to see this. Mercury's words and conversations, if they have been a little woo-woo or escapist in Pisces, get more SOBER. Our Pisces house is AWAKE. And this is the house where we are most likely to let things slide. Saturn asks if we want things to slide right into the rocks.

So, maybe Saturn adds just enough weight, an anchor is tossed into the moving water - we take something seriously that we need to take seriously. 

Powerfully imaginative ideas - no boundaries! - can be born. And this is happening with Mars in Aquarius - I want to do this and I want to do this now and future me will thank me for this - in a square to Jupiter - think BIGGER or bolder Mars! Have some faith man.

And, yes, this could be a recipe for disaster, there is always that, but also, maybe, was every great thing that ever mattered/was ever born.

Mercury is powered up by his meeting with the king (Sun) and the manager (Saturn). Multiple new chapters are starting here and remember this is Pisces, so things will need to be flexible, imaginative, spiritual. Prayer is very powerful. Our thoughts, our words are the most powerful tools we have. Mercury and the Sun will move on to sextile Jupiter - OPPORTUNITIES CAN COME OF THIS, if we take advantage of them and if we SEE what this triple conjunction now is showing us/offering us.

THURSDAY - Now Mercury is in his sextile - creative opportunity - with Jupiter. Do you feel lucky? Well, YOU ARE. Good news could come in. Good for business/money. Know how powerful words are now. Watch your language. No moaning and groaning unless this is something you want to GROW. Do you want more things to moan and groan about? I don't think so! Talk about what you do want. Make plans. Venus is sextiling the North Node and trining the South Node. This is the best of both worlds with our Libra/Aries axis. We can easily access Libran civilities and diplomacy and beauty and by moving and taking action in a new, more self-sustaining, brave and independent direction - well, more CREATIVE OPPORTUNITY. 

The caveat with Jupiter, who is made entirely of gases, and maybe especially as a follow-up aspect to Mercury/Sun/Saturn is any tendency to GO TOO FAR. Maybe we have to go out on the limb a bit here, but not one of those itty bitty limbs that obviously will not hold our weight. Things can ABSOLUTELY sound better than they end up being, so keep this in mind here. 

FRIDAY - Now, the Sun is sextiling Jupiter! More luck. Confidence. Reaching for something MORE. Faith and optimism can pay off. A guru/teacher could show up.

Again, can we overdo this? Yes, of course. Can some of this turn out to be smoke and mirrors? YES, of course. This is a Pisces Sun - use your imagination, intuition, compassion. Too big a bite can come back to bite us, but we are still going to need to EAT

Sextiles are smooth flow, but unlike trines, require EFFORT. Look at your natal chart. This is also YOUR natal Sun and YOUR natal Jupiter - because astrology is symbolic - creating an OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU

With Mercury in Pisces, our brain may be on drugs, but it is also unhampered by limits. Miracles are possible this week. 

SUNDAY - Venus in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus while we have the Third Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

Let's look at that aspect first. We had the Full Moon last week in Virgo, with the Moon out-manned and opposed by that Pisces pile-up. Still, we needed to do our Virgo - small accurate steps, quality work, not be a critical assh*le. Now the Moon has moved on to 13 degrees Sagittarius and into a tense square with the Sun, still in Pisces and still in his pow-wow with Saturn, and Mercury, too, although Mercury is quickly moving on. 

Here, the Moon is kind of echoing this week's Jupiter aspects but through tension and frustration. Coming into the same room through another door. 

Showing us the need to SEE THE TRUTH - not get lost in the Pisces dreamy waters. And, also, the need for some Jupertarian risk and exploration/we can't just meditate all day. Remember we are in the waning Moon cycle when things are falling away/being released. 

This is happening as Venus in smart Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus - and keep in mind Uranus is answering to Venus and Venus is answering to Uranus. Their mutual reception helps us. Maybe a lot. Venus can get to Taurus through Uranus - so by being more herself, more logical/detached, future-focused and trying something different AND Uranus can get to Aquarius through Venus - so by being more loving, civil, making things more beautiful, taking care of his existing resources. This is still a square though, so happening through tension/frustration. Changes with money/relationships. This can be necessary, but is DISRUPTIVE.

Break-ups. Breakdowns. Breakthroughs. Unexpected expenses or changes with resources. Unexpected ATTRACTIONS. 

This is a time to notice what needs to change - and CHANGE IT. 

This would not be the time to be giving people ultimatums or demanding commitments. Anything even slightly tight will feel like a dog collar, so forewarned is forearmed. Breathing room is needed. The mutual reception will help. 

By now, the Moon is in Sagittarius and sextiling Venus, so the way through this square is the Sag energy AGAIN. Optimism. Faith. Some risk/adventure, but not too much risk/adventure. What's that old line - "set it free and if it comes back to you it is yours, if it doesn't, it never was". 

Maybe it's something like that. 

The bottom line this week is whatever RESULT Saturn shows up with, is an OPPORTUNITY. This is something you have EARNED. It could be GOOD NEWS, and, even in the worst case, when it is really not something you want to see or have to deal with, there is a way to use this as a motivation or springboard to improve your situation. 

THREE NEW CYCLES ARE STARTING - a Sun/Saturn, a Mercury/Saturn and a Mercury/Sun - and all the cycles are in an opportunistic sextile to that expansive Jupiter in Taurus. This is good news even if the news doesn't feel so good, if you see what I mean. 

xo all

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