WEEKLY ASTROLOGY FORECAST | March 4th to 10th, 2024 - big week with a New Moon in Pisces and volatile Mars/Uranus square, get things taken care of early folks in case the sh*t hits the fan later in the week

Getting a bit of a late start here after a Sunday birthday party, so, since this is Monday night, we will begin the forecast with Tuesday. 

(which is making me think of tacos and reminding me I need tortillas)

This is a BIG week as Mercury meets Neptune, Mars squares Uranus and the Moon meets the Sun. 

Let's dive right in and we will go more 'big picture' in the next New Moon post!

WEDNESDAY - Mars sextile Chiron and inconjuncts Black Moon Lilith

FRIDAY - Mercury Conjunct Neptune

SATURDAY - Mars square Uranus, Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury enters Aries

SUNDAY - Mercury sextile Pluto, NEW MOON IN PISCES

TUESDAY - the Moon is in Capricorn. We are nurtured by rules and boundaries and how many cans of peas we have lined up in our cupboard/dollars in our bank account. She sextiles the Pisces Sun. The Moon's sextile to the Sun is this month's Waning Sextile preparing us for the New Moon in Pisces later in the week. The Sun is drifting/dreaming his way through Pisces and the Moon comes in and asks us to grow up/focus/take something seriously. The Moon in Capricorn can be cold/demanding - brings in structure. Rules. Limits. The sextile is an opportunistic aspect if we take some kind of RELEASING ACTION now. Is there some escapist tendency that needs to go? At the same time, Luna's square to the Nodes indicates a crossroads/choice point between the past and the future. This could require us to be more brave. More independent. Lean into that Cappy sextile - big girl/boy pants on. Step into your authority. Take whatever needs to be taken seriously, seriously. And, keep in mind the sextile is a WANING/UNWINDING aspect as we finish something serious/maybe work related up before the New Moon. 

WEDNESDAY - Mars in Aquarius is sextiling Chiron in Aries. Logical/unemotional actions are healing very old wounds. Maybe we can take action for a cause/group that we could never take for ourselves. Don't take things personally now. The Moon in Cappy will help with this. Keep a cool head and maybe take a step back to get a broader/more detached view of things. Mars inconjunct to BML in Virgo can pull in health situations, procrastination issues, or, maybe very old shame around focusing on details, routine or the 'ordinary'. Self-acceptance, knowing we can take care of ourselves and be ourselves will be the key as well as taking care of uncomfortable health/detail issues. 

FRIDAY - Mercury, finishing up in Pisces, catches up with Neptune at 27 degrees, squaring the Galactic Center. We will talk about this in the New Moon post next. For better or worse, Mercury/Neptune can make it hard to see what is real. Maybe hard to focus. Not everything we are reading/hearing will be true. It's easy energy to get sick/drift off course. On the other hand, conversations/words can be more compassionate. Our intuition will be high. Our thinking CREATIVE. Maybe nostalgic. Mercury will change signs before this weekend's New Moon in Pisces, but his/her meeting with Pisces ruler Neptune now is part of that story. 

SATURDAY, Mercury enters Aries. Our words become more focused, energetic, maybe passionate, maybe angry. The conversation changes. New ideas are forming. Due to Mercury's upcoming retrograde he/she will be in Aries until May 15th, so we will going back and forth over all of this! 

Where Mercury is today is where Mars will be at the Spring Equinox in a couple weeks, so something NOW could connect us to THEN. Mercury begins answering to Mars, who moves into his square with Uranus (following Venus's footsteps from last weekend) as the Sun moves into a sextile with Uranus. 

Mars/Uranus squares are DISRUPTIVE. Volatile. Make us accident prone. Impulsive. Impatient.  

Expect the unexpected. 

Breakthroughs. Breakdowns. Break-ups. 

At its best, this is a kind of reckless enthusiasm. 

At its worst ... well ... just keep the whole volatile thing in mind this week. Also keep in mind Mercury's move into Aries - words can be fast and furious. The best way to work with this square if it is hitting you, is to BE Uranus - be the change, do things differently.  

The Sun's opportunistic sextile to that same chaotic Uranus is a way through - allow things to change even if it means you have to change your mind/change your plans. The Pisces Sun is flexible and idealistic. And this, the Mars/Uranus square, like all the aspects this week is leading us to this week's New Moon.

SUNDAY - Now Mercury is sextiling Pluto as the Moon meets the Sun at 20 degrees Pisces giving us this month's New Moon. 

The Aries/Aquarius sextile is potent/opportunistic. The new conversation/words/idea is pulling us into the FUTURE, empowering us. The Moon and Sun are sextiling Uranus. More opportunity. Inspiration. We are releasing/detaching from old cycles and ways of being and feeling. Clearing the ground. 

This is the last lunar cycle before Eclipse season kicks off with a bang at the end of the month. Intentions set as this Moon waxes will be powerful/magical. 

Let's take advantage of this.

We will talk about this in the New Moon in Pisces post next!

xo all

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