weekly astrology forecast | march 18th - 24th, 2024 - spring equinox! a Mercury retrograde preview week, dissolving agreements, powered and empowered, reality checks, opportunities to attract something better and relationship pivot points

MONDAY - Mercury conjunct North Node

TUESDAY - Sun enters Aries

WEDNESDAY - Mercury conjunct Chiron

THURSDAY - Sun sextile Pluto, Venus conjunct Saturn

FRIDAY - Mars enters Pisces

SUNDAY - Venus sextile Jupiter

On MONDAY - Mercury catches up with the North Node. I wrote about Monday HERE. Mercury is going to station retrograde in Aries in another week and we will be re-working the conversations and ideas we are having NOW. 

Keep in mind, so much is going to happen over the next few weeks, before Mercury is back where he/she is NOW - the Equinox, the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, the Solar Eclipse in Aries, the Meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus - that we are going to want to give ourselves some time with the things we can give ourselves time with. Aries messages come in abruptly, sometimes with passion, sometimes with heat. Just know the conversations and ideas will be re-peated, re-vised. 

Life is a series of situations where we trigger fate based on our CHOICES which then bring us fated CONSEQUENCES. The best way to work with energy portals that we know will be REPEATED, is to avoid, as best we can, having expectations. Stay open. Expectations send out little cords ahead of us that, more often than not, limit the ways life has to get us to where we need to be. 

Mercury's multiple meetings with different planets and points now through the end of April are CONVERSATIONS. And, with Mercury in Aries, some of these conversations can be fast/heated. Know this going in. For now, pay attention. You have the benefit of astrology. Think to yourself, "isn't it interesting that I am hearing or seeing this now/that this is coming to light now/that I am having this conversation now". How is this what I need to hear or what I need to say?

On TUESDAY - it will be 32 degrees as we start our day here in New Jersey, but it is still SPRING, as the Sun enters Aries, bringing us the Spring Equinox (in the northern hemisphere) and launching the New Solar Year. With the Sun in Aries - our fire/enthusiasm returns! You will feel this transition over the next few days, although Mars' entry into Pisces will dampen things a bit.  

This is very much NOW, NOW, NOW energy, so take action with whatever comes up this week. We will likely be doing things somewhat quickly - they don't have to be big things - and on OUR OWN TERMS. And, yes, I know I just said 'give yourself time' - take action with whatever comes up and give yourself time to think are not necessarily mutually exclusive things. We can take action without painting ourselves into a corner since we know some things will be subject to change. 


This is also the day that Venus opposes Juno (retrograde) - Pisces/Virgo. Relationship challenges are built right into the Spring Equinox chart with this one - which is, kind of, par for the course with the Nodes of Fate in Aries/Libra. Maybe one partner is Juno here, trying to fix something/re-work things/be practical and the other partner is Venus here, non-committed/evasive/dreamy. Oppositions often bring endings and if there is one now, it will be more of a 'dissolving'. People or situations fading away. Venus, exalted in Pisces, here, as with her meeting with Saturn later this week, can provide some anesthesia. 

On WEDNESDAY - Mercury reaches 18 degrees Aries and catches up with Chiron. This is about UNCOMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS. Here is another aspect - this portal of Chiron/Mercury - that, due to Mercury's upcoming retrograde, will be REPEATED. This is their first meeting, and like a New Moon, they launch a new cycle, but we know there will be re-workings and re-visings. There won't be a straight line here from A to B. There could be hurtful words now - we might be the one hearing them or the one saying them. With Mercury in Aries, words can be blunt, even used as weapons. Whatever this is - it will be triggering very old wounds and we will be going back and forth with it for the next month. Chiron, especially in Aries, is really about confronting our wounds/the ways we undermine ourselves/make ourselves sick - and accepting them/ourselves. The Moon is squaring Leo today, so we might expect some DRAMA. 

On THURSDAY - the Sun, freshly minted in fellow fire sign Aries, reaches his sextile - creative opportunity - with powerful Pluto on Aquarius. This provides us with drive and determination. It's good energy for being our empowered selves within group settings or online. There is a 'need to succeed' with this one. 

This is also the day Venus in Pisces catches up with Saturn. Venus/Saturn doesn't feel so good. Maybe we get a financial reality check. Maybe we feel lonely or old. It helps that Venus is exalted here and that the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is strong in his home sign. Conjunctions like this one launch new cycles, but in Pisces, things are often more about the endings. Endings will be drifting/anesthetized. Things end as they are supposed to. 

On FRIDAY - Mars enters Pisces, for the first time in two years. Have you missed him Pisces? Our Pisces house gets fired up! Our actions become more creative/intuitive/compassionate. With Mars in Pisces our past catches up with us. We might be working on and taking action with old things.

Keep in mind we are NOT going to be able to just push things through - because Mars in Pisces can't push. It will be like pushing jello up a hill - nice for the guy behind us who isn't pushing and gets a delicious strawberry dessert tossed at him that he didn't have to work for - but not so nice for us, the ones doing all that fruitless PUSHING. 

Mars is kind of drifty in Pisces so we need to watch for self-sabotaging actions - drifting off purpose, losing our boundaries, escaping with another glass of wine or another Netflix marathon, taking action based on what we are seeing through our rose-colored glasses. 

I know we will muster whatever reserves we have to stay on top of things AND we are going to prioritize rest and escape somehow, too. Mars in Pisces is a good time to put energy into old things/what we have previously overlooked/not seen. It's a great time to create, mediate, pray, heal. 

Mars will be in Pisces until April 30th.

On SUNDAY - Venus in Pisces sextiles Jupiter in Taurus. This is our two most benefic planets in a smooth flow! Here is what we want meeting up with the opportunity to get it. Luck. Freedom. Expansion. Happiness. Remember a sextile requires some kind of effort on our part to get the benefit, so go out and have some fun

This is is your Pisces house, and Mars is here now powering this area up for the first time in two years, and your Taurus house, and Uranus is here, too, pulling the future into the present. A wonderful way to end the week and set up next week's Lunar Eclipse in Libra - answering to Venus!

Yes, Eclipse season starts on Monday folks! Into the spin cycle we go ....

That post is next!

xo all

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