weekly astrology forecast | March 25th - March 31st, 2024 -lunar eclipse in libra and then into the eclipse spin cycle we go, unexpected opportunities this week

MONDAY - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra 

THURSDAY - Venus sextiles Uranus 

FRIDAY - Pallas stations retrograde 

SUNDAY - Vesta enters Cancer

We are in the energies of the powerful Eclipse we talked about HERE

Happening in the sign of Libra we can expect fated developments within our relationships and partnerships. A karmic cycle is completing, so endings are possible. With Venus, the ruler of the Libra Eclipse exalted in Pisces and sextiling both Jupiter and Uranus and conjunct Saturn there are solid opportunities for growth and greater freedom when we release old ways of relating/comfort zones we have outgrown and embrace new and more authentic (and true to ourselves) ways of working and partnering with other people. 

(keep in mind Eclipse events are hard to time, occurring within a window of one month before or after the actual Eclipse date often to the exact day)

With Venus's good aspects now - other than that lonely Venus/Saturn, which does bring sobriety and reality, so isn't all bad - and with this Eclipse being the follow-up to last October's first Libra Eclipse, that spoke of imbalanced relationships and was the cycle that started the Israel/Hamas conflict - we could see something unexpected there/hopefully positive. The last Libra Eclipse was conjunct Israel's ascendant and this Eclipse is conjunct Israel's secretive and ancestrally-focused/12th house Mercury, so news is likely although it's hard to predict which way the wind will blow. Hurt people hurt people is a big theme and the next Eclipse in Aries conjunct wounded healer Chiron, on the U.S. Chiron and opposing Palestine's natal Venus will almost certainly bring something full-circle. 

Here in the United States - this Eclipse is EXACT on Trump's fuzzy money and values/sky's-the-limit 2nd house Neptune and conjunct Biden's dissolving/compassionate career and reputation 10th house Neptune. RFK, Jr is set to announce his running-mate this week. He currently has a 12th house pile-up via transits - with his family's history I am not sure if this is a good thing for him .. or not. 

Expect lots of collective news and twists and turns! The next few weeks will be some of the most important of 2024.

With Libran ruler Venus exalted in Pisces and sextiling first Jupiter (just prior to the Eclipse) and then Uranus this week - as Jupiter and Uranus move toward their own BIG meet-up in April - 

this week's aspects speak of unexpected OPPORTUNITIES. 

The catch - Mars is drifting through Pisces, so straight lines from A-B are unlikely and we still have his HUGE Eclipse ahead of us. Also Mercury is about to station retrograde/start backtracking and he is answering to our drifting Mars. We could be a little less than sure-footed. 

Libra Full Moons speak of results/consequences that are fair and balanced, so if things are not looking that way from your viewpoint, try widening your scope. 

With Venus in Pisces the results/consequences have ancestral and, maybe past-life storylines we can't even REMEMBER. Sacrifice. Compassion. Surrender. 

Books are being balanced whose chapters we have forgotten. 

Trust this. 

Let unwind the things that are unwinding. The good thing about Pisces is the ANESTHESIA it can provide us. 

Let's not try to force the stuff that is floating into view to arrive on OUR timetable. 

We are in the Eclipse spin cycle. 

(yes, that was your favorite sock, lost sometime in the spring of 2012, that just floated by and twisted itself briefly around your leg)

The time between Eclipses is a time outside of time. Strange doesn't even begin to define it. And with the ruler of the Eclipse in a smooth portal to lightning-bearer Uranus, pretty much anything can happen. 

Venus's sextile to Uranus this week speaks of UNEXPECTED OPPORTUNITIES. And coming in an Eclipse spin cycle, with Venus exalted in Pisces, with Venus ruling the Eclipse, with Venus in a beneficial sextile to Jupiter, and with Uranus in a Venus ruled sign - something here could be VERY GOOD. 

Notice and appreciate it when it shows up. 

April is going to be a HUGE month. One of the biggest months of 2024. Some of the BIG April energies that begin next week will be:

APRIL 1st - Mercury stations retrograde
APRIL 3rd - Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces
APRIL 5th - Venus enters Aries
APRIL 8th - BIG total Solar Eclipse in Aries
APRIL 9-11th - Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces
APRIL 11-12th - Mercury conjunct Sun in Pisces
APRIL 15-26th - Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus
ARIL 19th - Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries, Sun enters Taurus
APRIL 21-23rd - Sun in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius
APRIL 23rd - Full Moon in Scorpio
APRIL 25th - Mercury stations direct
APRIL 28-30th - Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces
APRIL 29th- Venus enters Taurus
APRIL 30th - Venus in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius, Mars enters Aries

Going to get a preview of April up next!

xo all

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