todays astrology forecast | friday, march 15th, 2024 - communication issues within relationships, apply a little give and take, don't expect real solutions right now

If anyone else's yesterday was a total (well, maybe not total) clusterf*ck 

we can blame the Moon's square to Mars as we approach the Libra Eclipse - is it me or are people dropping commitments, and balls, left and right? And Venus applying to her conjunction to Neptune really isn't helping, and, of course, the flipping time change coupled with a Pisces New Moon! 

WE NEED MORE SLEEP. Or any sleep. 

Today, the Moon moves into Gemini. We will likely be busy, with lots of communication. 

Her aspects are all smooth until Sunday, although she is ruled by Mercury who is in Aries now and in a pesky inconjunct with Juno, who, remember, is retrograde in fussy, detail-oriented Virgo. 

Juno is focused in on something that needs fixing/correcting - note, this will NOT be a new something - and Mercury comes in with some fired up words that can, at their best, get things moving, and at their worst, blow things up.

These signs are naturally at odds. Aries want to GO whether ready or not and Virgo wants to be prepared although that preparation can lead to procrastination from perfectionism. A give and take is needed.

There is no real resolution to an Aries/Virgo problem. 


We have to work both sides and just know things won't be perfect with whatever this is. 

That will be true of most things now. 

Because, Juno (who is about relationships/marriage and our connection to what empowers us) has been in Virgo for awhile, just picking at this SCAB our best bet might be to recognize that our relationships will NOT be perfect. Some problems are fixable and some are more of the "can you live with it or not" variety. Pisces season is actually perfect for releasing fixations as well as things that aren't working and the approaching Libra Lunar Eclipse is apt to push relationships teetering on the brink completely over the edge. Some people you used to count on, will be GONE. 

Mercury in Aries might speak of the impulsive communications/information that brings the relationship - and this doesn't have to be a romantic relationship, but will most likely be an imbalanced one - to a parting of the ways/beginning of the end, OR, if, the problem is more of the "fix it or forget it" style and the relationship/situation is of greater worth to us than our discomfort with dealing with this PROBLEM, maybe results in something like a knot being tied in a fraying cord.

Either way, it is unlikely something final/decisive will be determined now. 

Watch your language/avoid impulsive words tossed at someone like a weapon. Also, don't be so quick to let words tossed at you equally recklessly or information that comes to light now rule your judgement or be slipped too quickly under the carpet. 

Deals signed today will likely not be satisfying for either party. 

xo all

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