the astrology of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra | March 25th, 2024 - the woman-partner-mother stands alone, a chapter ends, changing our relationship rulebook, RESOLVING VERY OLD BATTLES WITH OURSELVES THROUGH OTHER PEOPLE

On Monday, March 25th, 2024 at 3:00AM EDT, the Libra Moon opposes the Aries Sun giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in the sign of Libra. This one, happening conjunct the South Node of the Moon (the Nodes are the points where the Moon crosses the path of the Sun), is a Lunar Eclipse.

Eclipses come in pairs and this Lunar Eclipse in Libra will be followed, two weeks from now, by a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries. 

Full Moons are always a time of PEAK energy. 

There is a culmination, a completion. Something comes TO LIGHT. In general during a Libra Moon we might notice the ways our life/relationships have moved out of balance, who or what we are attracted to now, who or what we are withdrawing from or is withdrawing from us.

Being a Lunar Eclipse - events and stories and situations will be BIGGER. The Moon's trine to Pluto will connect us to wider events in more intense ways. 

Libra rules women, beauty, our relationships, how we fit in with others and the roles we project onto them - the emphasis with the Sun in Aries (me) and the Moon in Libra (we) will be on our RELATIONSHIPS.

Things peak/end/come to light. 

And the Eclipse tosses in a curveball.

The balance shifts. The worm turns. 

We can see from the chart this is a "Moon stands alone" lunation. I just don't like to see these. The woman/the mama-bear outmanned by that pile-up in Aries and Pisces, being nice/polite, doing Libra - will only be so effective. 

The Sun/North Node/Chiron/Mercury is requiring us to deal with very old wounds and triggers.

Nice isn't enough here. We have to be brave, too. 

(it is not a coincidence, that on Friday afternoon, Princess Catherine AKA Kate, born on a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, makes a stunning health announcement, looking both beautiful and brave while seated all alone on a park bench...)

The Moon (as us) is outmanned by circumstances she/we cannot control. 

Things come to a head. Chapters end. Ties are cut. Someone (often a woman) leaves. 

Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon, conjunct the South Node, opposes the Sun from 5 degrees Libra. The Moon trines Pluto in Aquarius and sextiles Pallas in Sagittarius. The Sun sits between Neptune and the North Node, Chiron and Mercury - all oppose the Moon. Venus, the ruler of Libra and so the ruler of this lunation, is exalted in Pisces, conjunct Saturn and sextiles Jupiter and Uranus. We have a YOD, Finger Of God, with Jupiter, Venus and the South Node which forms a Kite with the North Node.

The "woman alone" theme speaks of being vulnerable. 

Unsupported somehow (although we may actually be supported). Being scapegoated. Standing up to the mob/crowd. This is kind of repeated with the Venus/Saturn aspect. Feeling lonely/alone. This 'alone' thing is the root of the lunation, and, this will mean different things to different people. 

Saturn's involvement with Venus (ruler of this Eclipse) at a time when the Moon is conjunct her own South Node doubles down on the energy of a KARMIC CHECKING-IN POINT.

The Sun's sextile to Pluto adds drive and determination/adds purpose and magnetism. If we are up against something challenging or need to complete a troublesome or ambitious task, this energy will help. 

(something I should add here about Sun/Pluto sextiles which are creative opportunities, is that it is important to use our powers for good now or things can turn against us later - remember this is an opening sextile of the Sun/Pluto conjunction from January 20th, so we are moving forward with whatever has transpired and transformed since then)

The Moon's trine to Pluto adds intensity. Intense emotions. Moon magic. We are more psychic. Deeply moved by whatever this Moon is showing us. This is excellent energy for transforming something that is "dead", maybe especially in terms of a relationship. The Libra Moon, often content to stay on the surface where things are more comfortable, is GOING DEEP.  This can also speak of a 'life and death' situation or situation that feels like life and death. 

(and something I should also add here is Moon/Pluto, which can provide psychic protection, is that this aspect can hide some of the Sun/Pluto's tendency toward control/manipulation and any 'deadening of the self' if mis-used, so be thoughtful/think through your words and deeds now, we might not be able to see clearly the ways our actions are controlling or manipulating and this can come back to bite us later)

The Libra Full Moon's applying sextile to Pallas indicates wisdom/maybe faith, maybe a foreign situation or person, a legal/media/publishing situation, some type of Sag theme - will motivate the way we respond to this Lunar Eclipse. 

Pallas, our strategic warrior energy/father's daughter - is in an exact square to a retrograde Juno - the partnership energy (also our connection to power) that has been working on/re-working a relationship problem over there in Virgo. The focus on the problem/fix at odds somehow with the big-picture themes Pallas is working with. 

The Eclipsed Moon steps into the space between their tension/frustration maybe to break stalemates/allow us to SEE things in a new light. 

Venus is sextiling both Jupiter and Uranus - set to meet each other in almost exactly a month - so maybe something now is connected to whatever unexpected luck/expansion we are going to be seeing then. 

This Eclipse, fated to bring about big bang style endings, can be softened by Venus's position in Pisces. Endings are slower, quieter, more drifting, less dramatic. They come with their own right timing. With Venus in the last sign - things end at the end.  

Venus in Pisces also pulls in the things behind us/done before or behind our back - things we can't see. Unconscious decision-making/non-making. Her conjunction to Saturn as the Moon opposes the Sun from her own South Node speaks of very old karmic un-ravellings. Here is soul feedback about how well we have been loving ourselves and how well we have lovingly acted toward ourselves.

Let's look at that Yod. 

Also called a Finger of God, a  Yod involves a sextile - Jupiter/Venus - with each planet making a quincunx/inconjunct to the South Node in Libra. And then the North Node turns the Yod into a Kite.

The sextile/opportunity is that Venus/Jupiter - our two most benevolent planets having a snuggle. BIG love. GOOD fortune. LUCK with money and love. EXPANSIVE beauty, FAITH in women/beauty/love, etc.

The challenge is that the good stuff above is in an incompatible energy flow with that South Node in Libra. The South Node in Libra is about Libran qualities we have overdone, so they are now opposing our forward movement or a partnership/alliance or way of being in a partnership/alliance that was, maybe, once useful, and may be still comfortable, but is now holding us back.

We talked about the challenges of the South Node in Libra HERE and they include 1. being too nice, 2. being too superficial 3. being too self-less, too giving, 4. seeing ourselves as a projection/through other people's eyes and not our own 5. being too attached to things being fair/to keeping score 6. co-dependency, 7. trying too hard to keep the peace, 8. blaming other people for what we are lacking 9. passive-aggressive bullsh*t. 10. putting another person at the center of our lives where we need to put ourselves.

The Venus/Jupiter sextile perfects on Sunday - the day before the Eclipse - and then they meet up at the very end of Taurus on May 23rd with the RESULT. They will also both be in a sextile to Neptune at that time and the Sun will be trining Pluto (what the Moon is doing now). 

And the reaction to the mission (the mission what the Finger of God is pointing us to) - the base of the Kite/the boomerang/what we get BACK - is the North Node in Aries (which is sitting with Chiron/the wound/the need for healing). With Yods, which are fated missions, we don't always get something back personally. But when the Yod is a Kite, there is something here, when we work the Yod's mission, that BOUNCES BACK TO US. 

In this case, the 'bounce-back' is the North Node in Aries - a more independent, self-sustaining future. Old knots untangled. Independent doesn't need to mean alone. Not always or for all time, but with the North Node - our best collective way forward - in Aries until next year, there will be things we need to do alone - ie take care of ourselves, be ourselves, stand up for ourselves, be brave, etc. There are also themes of our wounded masculine energy/fear of taking action, the self-destructiveness that is part of the individuation process in play, too. 

No one is going to love us any better than we love ourselves with the North Node in Aries.

This stuff is all designed to happen naturally (that doesn't mean it won't require effort) through the situations and events that will arise now and over the next couple weeks and six months until the next Eclipse cycle. 

Keep in mind Eclipses activate the Nodal energies YOU CARRY. They activate the themes of the houses involved in YOUR CHART. They activate the planetary energies that are involved.

Princess Catherine (Kate) IS an embodiment of this Lunar Eclipse energy. 

The Sun is on her natal Heracles (hero) right now. 

Married to a future king. Mother of a future king. Who is Catherine/Kate in all of this? Scapegoated over the ridiculous nothing-ness of some photoshopped images. How perfect do we need this woman to be for pete's sake? The Libra (partnership, beautiful woman) Moon (mother) all alone on that park bench (the Eclipse). This Eclipse taking us to the BIG Solar Eclipse in two weeks conjunct Chiron (the wound). Jupiter/Uranus approaching her natal Chiron. The Catherine of Aragon wounding we talked about. Princess Catherine with her 22 degree Capricorn South Node conjunct her Sun (home of King Henry VIII's natal chaotic/traumatic Uranus and the space where Pluto met Saturn met Mercury met Ceres met the Sun in January 2020) obviously an integral part of our collective storyline as we navigate the myriad ways "time runs out". Her need to put herself first. We need to do right by her. No more pedestals. No more cameras. It's not about us looking at her. Let's not let her down again.

Let's not let ourselves down. 

The lost Goddess energies needing/demanding to be reclaimed. 

Astrology and mythology and archetypes help us to appreciate how we got here in a way history books never can. They also give us clues about our way forward - what is required of us in order to be redeemed and find real meaning and relatedness ...

I hope something here is helpful. 

The Libra Moon's final aspect will be an opposition to Mercury. Sharp news. A disagreement within a partnership/alliance. Fighting words. 

Mercury will go retrograde in Aries during this Full Moon cycle and will be retrograde during the next Eclipse, the BIG Solar Eclipse in Aries two weeks from now. 

We are walking part one of his three part journey now, so things will not be settled here. And, of course we are now in the Eclipse spin cycle the time between Eclipses. 

Words and conversations and information will be re-worked, re-vised and re-visited in the days and weeks ahead.

xo all

(you-tuber/child abuser/religious fanatic Ruby Franke, also in the news today as Salt Lake City police release videos of the day she was arrested and her children saved from her 'house of horrors' was born just a few days after Princess Catherine/Kate. She also has a South Node 22 degrees Capricorn, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and now has Jupiter/Uranus approaching her Chiron. She is another woman/partner/mother standing alone, but for a very different reason ... maybe we will look at her chart and story .... when I am up to that one ...)

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