the astrology of princess kate (catherine) | an old health crisis, life in a golden fishbowl for the woman carrying the catherine of aragon and princess diana wounds

I have been asked by a couple people to look at Princess Kate's chart, so let's do that. 

I know, she is called Princess Catherine now, but there may be good reasons for her to keep her own name in as many ways as she can, even seemingly insignificant ones, like this, so let's just call her Kate. 

I hope my British readers will give me a pass on this one :)

For anyone who hasn't been living under a rock, and many days I am actually, the news has been reporting that it has been several weeks since Kate has been seen publicly. 

Her last royal duty was at Christmas and it was announced in January (at almost the same time as King Charles' cancer announcement) that Kate was having a 'planned abdominal surgery' and was canceling her public activities until Easter. 

The media - and the public, although the public certainly for less salacious reasons - have been going crazy for the details of Kate's situation, since minimal information about Kate's health, her surgery, etc, have been given out. The press took a picture of her mother driving with someone who looks like Kate (I am not clear that her mother even said it was Kate and Kate has a sister whom it looked a good deal like) - it was grainy, shot at a distance. Who knows.

Then a photo was released for Mother's Day in the UK of Kate and her children wishing people a happy holiday. The media quickly pulled the photo, issued something they called a "kill order" (wth) which sounds ominous (and not language Brits are likely to want used around their royals) and acted like a crime had been committed. 

Basically the news media had a tantrum that the family portrait was photoshopped, although I am certain most, if not all, of the images used in media now are photoshopped. 

Kate, or her press person, issued a hasty apology saying Kate dabbled in photography and photoshop/had made the photo manipulations herself and again was wishing people a happy holiday. 

The media, unsatisfied with this, had ANOTHER TANTRUM about being 'lied to'. So, we have the media pissed off to not be able to dominate the monarchy?! Is this the same media, who would pay the paparazzi obscene amounts of money for photos of Princess Diana who then chased Diana to her death for those pictures. 

If I were Kate, I might be thinking, "who the hell do these media people think they are?". Photos are manipulated everyday. 

It's not like she photoshopped the Pope into the photo with her and her children ... or God forbid, Prince Harry. 

Now, obviously I realize some people are actually concerned for her and want to see that she is ok and that is a whole other thing.

So, let's take a look at her chart. 

She has multiple health transits. 

She has a natal retrograde Chiron in the 10th in Taurus - indicating a public vulnerability (health crisis possibility as it squares her Ascendant) with a connection to past life/ancestral karma (karma simply being the consequences of cause and effect/imbalanced energy) that is being hit HARD right now, by Uranus and Jupiter. And her Chiron sextiles her Moon and squares her Ascendant very tightly. This looks like a pretty big deal. 

Pluto has just moved into her 6th house of health/daily work and habits and so has her progressed Moon. These are big deals and made more important by that public house retrograde Chiron. 

She has just had a pile-up of planets through her Aquarius 6th house of health and a New Moon opposing her Ascendant (her physical self) exactly. Mars is currently squaring her Chiron and opposing her Ascendant. 

When Jupiter meets Uranus next month they will be within just 3 degrees of Kate's natal Chiron. Chiron often speaks of health problems. Situations that are very old and very deep. Sometimes these are health situations we must learn to manage because they cannot be totally cured. 

Kate was born on a Cancer Lunar Eclipse Full Moon with her Sun at 19 degrees Capricorn and her South Node at 22 degrees Capricorn. Her Moon is at 18 degrees Cancer (conjunct her North Node). She has a 19 degree Leo rising. All these degrees have royal connections, and you might recognize the tiny space between her Sun and South Node as the space where Pluto met Saturn (and the Sun and Ceres and Mercury) back in January 2020 - power is cemented, reality is destroyed, time runs out. 

With a 22 degree Capricorn South Node - she is a literal manifestation of the highest energy (22 is a master number/beauty) of the old Capricorn hierarchical world. The power that was cemented. The reality that was destroyed. The time that ran out - that was all Kate. Talk about a pressure cooker!

Kate was born with a Pluto/Saturn conjunction in lovely/diplomatic Libra which is probably the reason she had appeared to sail through all of this, although I would doubt there was any actual sailing going on. Her natal Saturn is also the apex of a cardinal T-Square involving her lights - the Sun and Moon. Saturn rules her 6th house of health and answers to that 6th house retrograde Venus. This T-Square will also provide a great amount of stamina - it could be hard to see/tell when she isn't well, until she is pretty much clobbered. 

(note the Aries Eclipse with transiting Chiron on April 8th forms a Grand Cardinal Square with Kate's Sun, Moon and Saturn - this is a big deal/can speak of challenges and an Eclipse would be more important for Kate anyway since she was born on one)

I have talked about Kate's chart before and, what I see, as her connection to Catherine of Aragon. I believe Kate had a past life as Catherine of Aragon - King Henry VIII's first wife. I wouldn't be comfortable saying she is the reincarnation of the former queen because how would we really know exactly how this works. Maybe multiple people have had a past life as Catherine of Aragon. Maybe when we are born the energies inherent in the degrees we are born with pull in different stories. Or maybe it is just Kate. 

(I will write some of the astrology connected to this below the closing for the astro buffs)

Queen Catherine of Aragon was a central figure during the last time "time ran out" as Saturn met Pluto in Capricorn back in the 1500's. Her refusal to just accept Henry's annulment was instrumental (among other things) in the fall of the power of the Catholic Church (Henry started his own church rather than accept the Pope's refusal to nullify his marriage to Catherine) and rise of the power of monarchies and governments. We all know some of this story - lust, his desire for a son - and after twenty five years of marriage, King Henry VIII tosses Catherine aside for Anne Boleyn (ironically Anne, who is beheaded by Henry after a very short marriage, does produce the monarch who will rule England for decades, but it will be a powerful daughter and not a son anyway). The "one son/sun" is a big part of the Age of Pisces story and the story of our galaxy that we won't get into here. 

If you are unfamiliar with Catherine of Aragon's powerful story you might want to read up on her. It was an amazing and heroic life. After the divorce, which I'm not sure was called a 'divorce', loss of her daughter and banishment, Catherine lived out her last few years alone, spending most of the time in one room, fasting/starving herself, wearing a hair shirt as a form of repentance and we might assume seeking God's forgiveness (it is hard to say for what exactly she thought needed forgiving). 

Kate's retrograde Chiron in Taurus could speak of old health issues involving food/self-nourishment. Kate's beloved mother-in-law/grandmother of her children, was of course, the former Diana Spencer. The Princess of Wales (note both Catherine and Kate also held this title) admitted life in the castle/pressures of public life gave her an eating disorder. Anorexia. Bulimia. I am not saying this is what Kate is dealing with, but it certainly could be. 

Crohn's disease, for example, can be triggered by eating disorders. It can require surgery and would need to be managed/cannot be totally cured. And yes, with that RETROGRADE Chiron we could be talking about a PAST LIFE eating disorder stirring up Crohn's in this lifetime - especially when we factor in Catherine and Diana's history and the power of words - their names and titles. 

The main treatment for Crohn's (which even sounds like Chiron) is steroids which causes facial puffiness and that may be what some of the hibernation on Kate's part is all about. Waiting for the steroids to be cut back and her face to go back to normal. 

Maybe. We don't know and she isn't required to tell us.

And, of course, the connection between a woman with a possible food issue and needing photographs to be 'perfect' is kind of obvious. 

Also obvious is the fact that we have no way of actually knowing what is wrong until Kate tells us. 

There are many, many POSSIBILITIES.

Let's give this woman a break. 

We are all lucky to have her here at this time. 

The crazy pressure Kate has been under - the Saturn/Pluto 2020 transit to her Sun/South Node, the past year's Uranus conjunction to her Chiron in Taurus (the sign that rules food) that squared her Ascendant (her physical self) and sextiled her Moon in Cancer (another sign about food, nourishment, the stomach) and then in the middle of January as the Sun and Pluto push into Aquarius and Kate's 6th house of health - we have this 'abdominal' surgery announcement. 

If you look at her chart, all her outer planets are direct which is very unusual. She only has a retrograde Chiron in that 10th house of the public and a retrograde Venus in her 6th house of health. Retrograde planets are old stuff and certainly the stuff she will be most reserved about/reticent to talk about. 

With Chiron in that public 10th house, whatever this is all about will come out eventually. 

I am American and although my predominate nationality is English, I have no idea of the dynamics of being British. I can appreciate the 'stiff upper lip' thing and the 'keep calm and carry on' thing, but can also easily see how living up to all this stuff can create HUGE CHALLENGES.

As we move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius - an age of hierarchy to an age of equality - there are about a million things that can go right or wrong. The monarchy exists in this tricky space between worlds. No one knows where this is going. Maybe least of all the leading characters here.

There is some mystique and majesty necessary to make this world work. 

We need experts and institutions, yes, but we also need hero stories and sometimes we even need adult level fictionalized versions of the truth. 

Lies? Half-truths? Yeah, maybe sometimes. 

We don't need to know or even deserve to know everything that is going on. 

So, let's see what Kate's Easter duties bring in the way of public life and let her and her family bring us the information as she sees fit. 

Because another thing we need is Princesses. 

Let's not forget, we need them, too. 

xo all

I was going to write all the Catherine/Kate astro down here, but let's save that for another post and we'll do William and Harry and Megan, too. 


Helen said...

Thanks Catherine :), you I mean, very interesting and well-written and I agree, the photo thing is much ado about nothing but please don't call our princess Kate :D - Helen

Helen said...

Catherine of aragon died of cancer

Catherine Ivins said...

Yes, I know. Let's not go there. - Cat

Helen said...

Princess Catherine just announced she has cancer...