a cosmic check-in before the Eclipse ....

Before I get to that interesting Libra Lunar Eclipse post - this one is another 'Moon stands alone' chart and 'Moon stands alone' charts, always make me a little nervous - let's back up and put a wider lens on our camera. With Pluto in Aquarius this is good advice for most things anyway.

Where are we?

The Sun has just moved into Aries pulling our attention to OURSELVES, assertion, anger, what is starting, the need to ACT. 

Mercury has just crossed over the North Node in Aries. 

This can literally be read as a MESSAGE FROM THE FUTURE. 

It is, as if, our future self is reaching back to us and because for many people this is more like one of those paper cup telephone lines, than a 5G phone connection, we really need to pay attention and  understand the IMPLICATIONS of what we are saying, hearing and thinking. 

And, because this is happening in Aries, this news/conversation, whatever this is, is more likely to be brought to us abruptly or even angrily (or make us angry) than other Mercury/North Node contacts. Ideas that get you fired up now are the ones you want to be paying attention to. North Node contacts are not usually comfortable anyway, because it is our human nature to stay safe and secure (and grow old and stiff) in the South Node energy we are used to. 

Jupiter is inconjunct the South Node at the same time, probably enlarging the past/maybe coloring it with more of a rosy lens (or a darker lens) than it deserves. 

Keep this in mind, too.

After crossing the North Node, Mercury meets up with Chiron - a very old/very deep wounding that we are NOT going to totally heal in this lifetime. We might be able to help other people with this. We will certainly be able to learn to live with it, manage it and grow through it. Healing, depending on how we define this word, will be tricky. 

This wound will be both historical (and you can see this as ancestral or past life or both) AND current. It will likely have cords to many other things. 

What contacts is your natal Chiron making?

At the same time, this week, we need to look at what Venus is doing. She, as we, is quite active/making important alignments AND is ruler of that North Node - as well as next Monday's BIG, and lonely looking, Lunar Eclipse in Libra. 

Venus, exalted in Pisces, has opposed Juno, squared Pallas and finally meets up with Saturn just before that Eclipse.

With Venus in Pisces we are attractive to almost everything, so, we need to set boundaries and know our value/values and know what is real and what isn't real and we need to avoid setting expectations that limit us. And this is exactly what the aspects of Venus this week, that look so gnarly at a glance - an opposition, square and conjunction  - are HELPING US TO DO. 

This help might look like challenges/show up as challenges, connections cooling, reality checks - because without this kind of stuff, Venus will just float right on through her days in Pisces. 

Friction is needed. 

There is more to magic than saying ABRACADABRA and tapping a stick to a hat. 

The other big aspect this week is the Sun's sextile to Pluto. You might remember the Sun met Pluto last January at 29 degrees Capricorn, and then, they, sort-of, moved into Aquarius together. So back on January 20th, we had the Sun/Pluto conjunction. This week we get the opening sextile of that conjunction. The CREATIVE OPPORTUNITY. Growth, through effort, with whatever was seeded back then. We are now READY to move forward based on what has transformed and transpired over the last two months. The Sun has traveled very far since that January meeting. Pluto only 1 degree. The sextile is Aquarius/Aries. Waxing sextiles are times to ACCELERATE. We put our foot on the gas pedal. 

And then, here comes the MOON IN LIBRA to oppose that Sun with his foot on that accelerator.

Now, all these aspects, and more, bring us to Sunday/Monday's LUNAR ECLIPSE FULL MOON IN LIBRA. 

I will write about that next, but, can tell you it's another "Moon stands alone" chart, that will likely leave many people feeling unsupported, whether this is true or not. There will probably be alot of back and forth. Venus, the ruler of the North Node of the Moon is strong in Pisces. Mars the ruler of the South Node of the Moon is evasive in Pisces. 

Sounds tricky. 

And, being an Eclipse, which is a COSMIC RESET/fated changes that can't really be timed and may have already happened - with things coming out of nowhere and everywhere, and with longer lasting implications than a regular Full Moon, this looks even trickier to navigate. 

But we will.

We'll talk about that in the next post.

xo all

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