deep iN THE ECLIPSE SPIN CYCLE now .... mercury stations retrograde - slow down, venus catches up with neptune and then moves into aries, the sun meets the north node shining a light on a new, more authentic path forward

Here we are, in the energies between two powerful Eclipses, with the waters churning around us. 

Are we up? Are we down? Are things going well? How can we tell? If you are feeling ungrounded/unmoored I can assure you, it is not your fault. Between Eclipses we can FEEL the ebb and flow of the Moon/tides stronger than other times. 

I have always liked in-between times, but not so much the time in-between Eclipses. It is a time of adjustment and tension. There is no resting place here. Something wants to move. Something needs to resist. We are closer to the next New Moon than we are to the last New Moon, but not by much, so we can't see clearly where things are headed. 

With the North Node conjunct Chiron and the Sun moving toward Chiron - the Sun and the Moon will get there just in time for the next Eclipse in about two weeks - we might be focused on our wounds. Our weaknesses. Our DEFICITS. 

If there is a shoe that needs to drop - the Eclipses and Eclipse spin cycle is often the time IT WILL. 

Vesta in that square to Neptune says our focus/values are not clear. Our commitments are not solid just yet. This is surely a good thing with our current position spinning among the fabric softener sheets. We need to stay flexible/loose. Too firm a stand now feels like a challenge to the upcoming Aries Eclipse that could upend us. Of course, upending could be a good thing if we are upside down, but it's so HARD TO KNOW with everything now ultimately landing in foggy/dreamy Pisces. Are we actually upside down? 

Let's take a look at the first week of April!

MONDAY - Mercury stations retrograde, Third Quarter Square Moon

WEDNESDAY - Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces

THURSDAY - Sun conjunct North Node

FRIDAY - Venus enters Aries

APRIL 1st - Mercury stations retrograde - time to slow down and REVIEW

April doesn't even get started when Mercury stations retrograde at 27 degrees Aries. 

Something in our Aries house - or the collective theme around what is STARTING/new/fiery - needs a re-think. This is a good indicator that if you feel you need to make some kind of crazy impulsive move you probably can catch your breath for a minute.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra may have brought in some tough decisions/choices and one thing Mercury, retrograde in Aries, shows us is our right/obligation (to ourselves) to sometimes change our mind. With Earth Day tossed into this Mercury retrograde cycle - think about ways to re-fine/re-purpose yourself!

Like all Mercury retrogrades, and this may be especially important with Mercury in fiery Aries and Mars in drifting Pisces, anything started with "re" becomes the most effective use of our time. Re-thinking, re-evaluating, re-flecting, re-peating, re-unions, re-novations, etc. Mercury retrogrades are re-curring opportunities to shift out of old mental patterns. People and situations from the past can show up again. We might find ourselves doing things/saying things we have done/said BEFORE.

Mercury will retrograde from 27 degrees Aries back to 15 degrees Aries on April 25th (Mercury first crossed this degree back on March 18th) when he/she will station direct and start walking these same degrees for the third and final time. 

So, events from March 18th - April 1st will get the back and forth treatment - keep this in mind. Things are not certain/not set in stone. 

After April 25th - we will be moving forward again from this re-vised position. We can be glad and benefit from the chance to re-vise things, even if the actual process is somewhat wonky and disruptive. Double check all communications. Back up files, etc. 

Understand that with Mercury retrograde in fast-moving, fiery Aries and Mars (Aries ruler) drifting through Pisces - it might be easy to say things we could regret. It might be easy to get mad/fired up or passionate and not even really know what we are getting so worked up about.  

With two of the biggest astrological events of the year happening DURING this retrograde, we are going to need to be smart about this. We can't sit this one out AND we don't want to rush into a burning building either (unless there are kids in there, of course... or a dog).

Because the Moon in Cappy is squaring the Sun at the same time and this is the Moon's third quarter square during Eclipse season, let's look at this.

The Sun in youthful Aries want to GO, the Moon in sober/mature Capricorn wants to be responsible/careful/sure, so this is something about impulsive action vs rules/boundaries/authority. There is tension and frustration and we can't just plow ahead here. This is actually a good thing and echoing Mercury's retrograde station in Aries. Mars, Aries ruler, is opposing Juno from Pisces. This is a relationship/contractual issue. We have talked about this before - with Juno retrograde in Virgo it is likely one partner/side of the contract is focused on fixing a problem or making something more healthy while the other partner/side of the contract is more drifting/dreamy/not totally dialed in. Sometimes oppositions - which are like Full Moons - bring endings, but this might NOT be a one-and-done style ending with Mercury's backward station happening at the same time. 

This looks like a BIG day, likely challenging with squares, oppositions and turn-arounds/delays. The Moon in Cappy is coming in to help. Big girl/boy pants on. The Moon is sextiling Mars in Pisces - so going with the flow should be helpful. 

APRIL 3rd - Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces

On her way out of Pisces, the sign where she is EXALTED, Venus meets up with Pisces ruler Neptune. The Moon, sobered up and steely in Capricorn, is sextiling them both. This will help. Venus/Neptune in Pisces has no boundaries/what we want is .,. well, maybe everything. All of it. This isn't so much about being a greedy assh*le as it is about Venus just getting TOTALLY CARRIED AWAY. One drink leads to three, one kiss leads to ... well, you get the idea. Much will be IDEALIZED. Things will almost certainly not be as good as they look, but that sober Moon will help keep us grounded. At its best this is wonderful energy to dream (ooh, make that vision board!), offer compassion, love, gratitude, FORGIVENESS. Just keep in mind the whole lack of boundaries thing - and take care with who and what you invite in. Watch your wallet. This conjunction is about both what is gently drifting away from us or a fading dream AND the fragile beginnings of something new. 

APRIL 4th - Sun conjunct North Node

The Sun catches up with the North Node at 15 degrees Aries. 

Remember this is where Mercury is going to station direct on April 25th (and he/she was already here on March 18th), so this is surely connected and surely matters. 

Here is a LIGHT on our next right step/path forward. 

The Sun's next big aspect is in only four days when he catches up with Chiron at the same time the Moon does. This is the Solar Eclipse on April 8th. So, this energy now - this illumination/beginning - is going to flow right into THAT. 

There is nothing less than a new/more self-sufficient and authentic sense of self emerging for all of us.

 As we build toward next week's Eclipse we may be feeling all the ways our Moon (our need to feel safe and secure) will not be satisfied until any obsolete/dead/borrowed identities we are carrying are BURNED AWAY.

APRIL 5th - Venus enters Aries

Venus heads into Mars' sign and now we have the Sun, Mercury and Venus all answering to Mars - who we said, is drifting through Pisces. Venus in Aries is considered in her detriment as she is the ruler of Aries polarity sign of Libra- she's about as far from home as she can get. 

In some way/ways we are too now - we ain't in Kansas anymore, people. 

Aries Suns and ascendants (first house Aries) become more attractive - both able to attract what they want and easier on the eye. Everyone's Aries house becomes more attractive, too.

We Venus - our power of attraction and attractiveness - in Aries, we attract through action, courage, single focus, initiative. Something to keep in mind as we give ourselves permission to go after what we want is the impulsive nature of Aries. If Venus was always in Aries our relationships would last 15 minutes and the things we bought/valued would very quickly fall out of favor and we'd be on to the next thing, so attractions now MAY NOT LAST, and Mercury retrograde here is probably doubling down on this. Keep this in mind.

Bottom line right now. We are in the Eclipse spin cycle now - in between two powerful Eclipses. Personal and collective timelines are SHIFTING. Old karmas are being burned away. 

Life is determined - between last week's Lunar Eclipse in Libra and next week's BIG Solar Eclipse in Aries - to spit us out in quite a different state than when we went in. 


Old issues have a way of coming back around during Eclipse cycles to be sorted out/put to bed. New situations arrive with big ramifications. Some of these old issues are childhood/familial DNA/past lives, so we may or may not be totally aware of the importance of what is happening now. There are connections back to the last Eclipse cycle in October. Old debts are coming due to be marked paid in full, so we can MOVE ON. 

People are often telling me about the things that are falling apart, but the truth is whether something is falling apart or coming together almost always DEPENDS WHERE WE ARE LOOKING. If we are looking at the old structures/what used to support us/maybe even who we used to be - we are going to see what is falling apart. 

But isn't there some place else we can be looking? 

Jupiter is about to meet up with Uranus and their conjunction is applying right now - we will need to have FAITH IN THE FUTURE to get the best out of April's big energies.

The fate train continues to roll, people ...... back with a Chiron post and the BIG Solar Eclipse in Aries post next.

xo all

Ahead of us in April we have:

APRIL 8th - BIG total Solar Eclipse in Aries 
APRIL 9-11th - Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces
APRIL 11-12th - Mercury conjunct Sun in Pisces
APRIL 15-26th - Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus - arguably the biggest astro of 2024
ARIL 19th - Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries, Sun enters Taurus
APRIL 21-23rd - Sun in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius
APRIL 23rd - Full Moon in Scorpio
APRIL 25th - Mercury stations direct
APRIL 28-30th - Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces
APRIL 29th- Venus enters Taurus
APRIL 30th - Venus in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius, Mars comes home to Aries

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