today's astrology forecast | Monday, March 18th, 2024 - words matter so pay attention, there's a green arrow here somewhere, moving forward or on from whatever we have been picking apart and losing sleep over

This day has gotten away from me. Here is a daily for Monday and then I will get to the weekly on Monday night!

The Moon is home in Cancer since Sunday. 

So maybe our attention has turned to home matters, mothering, real estate, renovation, home or family business. With a Cancer Moon we are nurtured/nourished by home and family, by what keeps us safe, by mom and apple pie.

By 9:24AM EDT on Monday, Luna will have already trined Saturn and sextiled Jupiter. 

At 10:28AM EDT she will square Mercury - which might trigger difficult conversations, abrupt words or challenging news. 

Luna will trine Uranus tonight, so as that brakes-off energy to future-focused/hive-mind Uranus percolates, it might be best to detach a bit/see the bigger picture and not take things too personally. Of course, try telling that to a Cancer Moon!

Mercury, at 15 degrees Aries catches up with the North Node - our best path forward. 

would say PAY ATTENTION, but Mercury in Aries is hard to miss. Here is a conversation or information or idea that points us in the RIGHT DIRECTION or puts us on a new path. Our words are very powerful as is our thinking. They are in an open portal with our best future, so let's use them wisely. 

Mercury in Aries is a fast thinker. Follow your instincts. Reach out. Make the call. 

This is also the day Mars in Aquarius moves into his trine (brakes off) with Vesta in Gemini who is answering to that future-focused Mercury. 

Vesta has been in Gemini for a LONG time due to her retrograde, but now she is nearing the end of her stay in this busy/dualistic sign. The choice/decision/conversation/news has been pretty thoroughly picked over by now. Mars is also closing out his days in Aquarius, set to drift into Pisces later this week.

So now, as our intellectual/not-overly sentimental actions - what we do to get what we want - form a very powerful energetic with whatever we have been 'picking over' we are having this idea or conversation or information that is designed to help us decide/to pull us INTO THE FUTURE. 

We move as a newbie. On instinct. Fast.

Maybe the Moon in Cancer's square to Mercury is designed - via challenging words or a conversation - to push us a little bit away from what feels comfortable and safe and toward something more new that asks us to be brave and independent. 

For today - pay attention. 

There is a flashing green arrow somewhere. 

A message with your name on it.

xo all

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