weekly astrology forecast | february 5th to february 11th, 2024 - intense information and conversations, opportunities through putting ourselves out there in uncomfortable ways, disruptive surprises, new moon in aquarius pulls us into the future ready or not, big week ahead

This week is all about Aquarius!

Aquarius is the space in your chart where it's never going to work to follow the crowd just for the sake of fitting in. You will always have to do things differently. Your rough, uncomfortable rebel edges are there for a reason.

February is the month ALL THREE inner planets will meet up with Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius. 

Pluto's change of position (in to Aquarius since January 20th) gets more personal.  

It will look like this:

FEBRUARY 5th - Mercury enters Aquarius and meets Pluto - our thinking and conversations are INTENSE, powerful, secrets/what is hidden can come out, words are S-P-E-L-L-S and we are casting them, watch for manipulations and compulsions, contracts that are signed now involve permanent endings and transformations. NOTE this is Mercury's first meeting with Pluto in Aquarius in over 200 years, here is where we get the GUIDEBOOK. 

FEBRUARY 13th-14th - Mars enters Aquarius and meets Pluto, actions are INTENSE, powerful, breakthroughs and destruction that leads to transformation - this is an ALL OR NOTHING combination and is pretty much guaranteed to get results, but you really need to check your motivations because success can come with a great cost. Don't be afraid to do what you need to do, but know there is always a price to be paid for Plutonian progress. Aqua is our smartest air sign. Exercise caution. 

FEBRUARY 16th-17th - Venus enters Aquarius and meets Pluto, attractions are INTENSE, powerful, seductive, watch for manipulations and manipulating situations because we can get what we want and then not want it or the cost we pay (what we lose) is high, secret attractions and purchases, air tight commitments are made, connections can be empowering or destructive. 

Notice what Mercury in Aquarius is doing THIS WEEK - changing signs (the conversation changes, new ideas, new information), meeting Pluto (intensity, merging with power) and squaring Jupiter (words could be exaggerated and overblown or good news will have some strings attached). 

Also note this is the week the Sun squares Uranus - SURPRISE - and we have a BIG New Moon in  Aquarius. 

February is a BIG month, so let's take February one week at a time. Bite sized chunks are probably best. I tossed up the rest of the month's aspects at the end of this post. 

Notice the month ends with a sober Sun/Saturn/Mercury followed by multiple benevolent sextiles. So, we can see by March, we will know where we stand and there will be places to go from there ....

For now, let's unpack the week!

MONDAYMercury enters Aquarius and meets Pluto, Sun sextiles Chiron, Venus squares Chiron

Mercury enters Aquarius and runs - smack - into Pluto. This will be their first meeting in Aquarius since the 1700's. So, they have alot to catch up on. Words are intense. Powerful. Repressed fears could come up. 

Situations can feel like 'life and death' and mostly they will not be, but for some people they will.

At its best, Mercury in Aquarius is about clear-headed, dispassionate thinking focused on the future. Its clarity comes from the space that is generated from detachment. We can mentally step back a little bit and the pictures in our head get a little clearer, our words a little more sharp. We connect to hive-mind, the future, know more than we SHOULD. Can fake it 'til we make it, if we need to. 

Multiple things happen every time Mercury changes signs. 

Mercury changes (the conversation changes, our thinking changes, in Aquarius we are more innovative because Mercury is now 'answering to' and 'connecting to' hive-mind Uranus, we can detach emotionally from our thoughts and conversations, there is more air in the room somehow, so maybe we can breathe easier). The house Mercury exits changes (Cappy house slows/relaxes a bit). The house Mercury enters changes (Aquarius house - roused by the Sun and Pluto just a few days ago - gets busier and more communicative).

Mercury in Aquarius isn't loud or flamboyant - but Mercury in Aquarius will quietly stir things up. Words can be rebellious. Forward leaning. We are thinking about the future and with Pluto here, our thoughts will be more INTENSE, maybe dark. With Mercury in the sign ruled by his/her higher octave energy "Uranus", sometimes we find ourselves in situations that involve something like 'imposter syndrome' where we don't feel ready/have to fake it 'til we make it.

Last year when Pluto popped into Aquarius for our preview, the collective conversation was all about how AI (certainly an Aqua ruled subject), and by AI, I mean both artificial intelligence and alien intelligence - was 'going to kill us' (Pluto), both literally and figuratively (kill jobs, etc). This year we have big tech executives, from Facebook to TikTok, appearing at a televised senate hearing to defend social media's impact/risks imposed on young people. Family members of teens who suffered or died as a result of social media are making their voices heard and hopefully having an impact. 

Aquarius is fixed air and thinks it 'knows everything', so don't expect people to be flexible. "I'm not arguing. I'm just explaining why I'm right", said the Mercury in Aquarius person I am married to just the other day. I am a Mercury in Capricorn with Saturn/Sun in Aquarius, so you can imagine how this went over :) Mercury will be in Aquarius until February 23rd. It's time to smarten up. 

MONDAY is also the day Venus is squaring Chiron while the Sun is sextiling. So there are opportunities for HEALING here, that might be pushed by relationship or financial tension. The sextile - opportunity - comes through Aquarius, so this means trying something new, maybe something a bit more intellectual and detached, maybe there is power in numbers/groups. The wound is Aries, so collectively, this is about our masculine energy - how we take action, how we take care of ourselves and stand up for ourselves, our actual physical bodies. 

The opportunity will come by showing up/putting ourselves out there (the Sun) in ways that are not always comfortable (Chiron). Our wounds/vulnerabilities are what is making us shiny here. There is an opportunity to connect with others through our shared humanity. Aquarius is detached, so this isn't about sentimentality or overly-emotional reactions. Maybe embracing our inner pioneer/geek gives us confidence. Our quirks are attractive. 

TUESDAY - Pallas enters Sagittarius, Venus squares North Node, Jupiter sextiles Chiron (almost), Sun sextile North Node

Pallas enters Sagittarius just in time, bringing us some much needed fire. New, more optimistic strategies can be employed. Factoring in the bigger picture makes us wiser and more effective. Venus in Capricorn moves into a tense square with the North and South Nodes as the Sun sextiles the North and trines the South. This is likely a career, relationship or financial pivot point or choice brought to us through some kind of problem or what isn't working. The Sun is trining the South Node, so doing nothing/letting something slide, following the path of least resistance may be the most comfortable option BUT doing something new/being more assertive, taking some kind of action - the sextile - is where we get the creative OPPORTUNITY. The new action doesn't have to be uncomfortable, but it may require some initiative or courage. 

WEDNESDAY - Ceres enters Capricorn, Venus trine Uranus, Mars sextile Uranus

I was thinking when Venus gets into Aquarius on February 16th we will have no planets in Capricorn for the first time since 2008, but then I realized Ceres enters Capricorn on February 7th. Ceres will station retrograde in Cappy (May 15th at 21 degrees - of course - remember she was part of the Saturn/Pluto in 2020 here), so will be here until December when other planets start entering Capricorn during our 'regular' Capricorn season. Interesting, right? Mama bear charged with holding everything together until the troops arrive. With Ceres in Capricorn, nurturing is not unconditional. Boundaries are applied. Rules. This is the serious mama bear - the winter bear - who tells her cubs what to do because otherwise they will wander off and die. Change of life situations and situations outside our control will be taken seriously, too. Ceres is also known for working out a complicated compromise and in the sign (Capricorn) of authority and government, can hopefully be helpful here. 

This is also the day Venus trines Uranus - smooth changes with love and money that are future leaning, new money and new ways to make money - and Mars sextiles Uranus - new actions create opportunities. With both Venus and Mars still in Capricorn this will be about career/goals and reputation for many people. With Uranus in Taurus, this will be good/stabilizing for our bottom line and self esteem. 

THURSDAY - Vesta stations direct, Sun squares Uranus

HERE'S THE MONKEY WRENCH IF THERE IS GOING TO BE ONE. We could also be the one making a sudden decision. 

Things are plugging along and we are moving toward tomorrow's New Moon in, you guessed it, AQUARIUS. 

When, SUDDENLY - and Uranus is still walking old degrees he has retrograded over, so this won't be something we couldn't have seen coming - SURPRISE. Something changes. We were going over here and now we are going over there. CHANGE. I would say expect the unexpected, except I hate that expression, although it is true here, so let's just go ahead and say it anyway EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Mercury squares Uranus on the 16th, so that will likely connect to this. 

This is also the day Vesta stations direct at 21 degrees Gemini. 

This one snuck up on me and Gemini being all about choices and change may be connecting some Sun/Uranus DOTS. Venus stationed retrograde at 21 Gemini in May 2020 and Mars retrograded here from the end of 2022 through spring 2023, so this Gemini story could have a much LONGER arc. With Vesta - our sacred focus/fire that must stay lit - in Gemini since last June, we might have found a good deal of our focus on our Gemini house theme (for Virgo rising, this will be career for example), facts/information, commerce, transportation, tech systems, dualistic situations, siblings, teaching, children's education, our local community. With her station now, something we have been back and forth over will get its final pass/share of our attention until she exits Gemini for Cancer on March 31st. 

FRIDAY - NEW MOON AT 20 DEGREES AQUARIUS - another 20 degree New Moon, this one our annual New Moon in eccentric Aquarius. 

And, yes, this is happening in a square to Uranus, so that UNEXPECTED THING WE WERE #EXPECTING #NOTEXPECTING is pulled into this New Moon cycle. 

Of course, Uranus is the co-ruler and modern ruler of Aquarius, so that certainly helps. Maybe alot. Expect a BIG post. 

SATURDAY - Mercury squares Jupiter. As all the planets begin to move through Aquarius, they will move through squares with Jupiter in Taurus. Mercury/Jupiter in Aquarius/Taurus looks like a BIG conversation, news or announcement. This is a square, so even if the news is good it will produce tension. Watch for exaggeration and if you are the one speaking, choose exacting language. 

xo all - back with that New Moon post next. 

We will talk about the rest of February over the next few weeks:

FEBRUARY 13th - Mars enters Aquarius and meets Pluto, Venus sextiles Neptune

FEBRUARY 14th - Mars meets Pluto

FEBRUARY 15th - Mercury sextiles Chiron, Mercury sextiles North Node

FEBRUARY 16th - Mercury squares Uranus, Venus enters Aquarius, 1st Quarter Moon

FEBRUARY 17th - Venus meets Pluto

FEBRUARY 18th - Sun enters Pisces

FEBRUARY 19th - North Node conjuncts Chiron

FEBRUARY 22nd - Venus conjuncts Mars 

FEBRUARY 23rd - Mercury enters Pisces

FEBRUARY 24th - Full Moon in Virgo, Venus squares Jupiter

FEBRUARY 27th - Mars squares Jupiter

FEBRUARY 28th - Sun conjuncts Mercury, Mercury conjuncts Saturn, Sun conjuncts Saturn

FEBRUARY 29th - Venus sextiles North Node, Sun sextiles Jupiter

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