weekly astrology forecast | February 12th to 18th, 2024 - energy and drive in new directions pushes situations forward fast, unexpected words or news, intense emotions-actions-and attractions, the heart of february's radical energy is now

TUESDAY - Mars enters Aquarius

WEDNESDAY - Mars meets Pluto

THURSDAY - Mercury trines South Node

FRIDAY - Venus enters Aquarius, Mercury squares Uranus

SATURDAY - Venus meets Pluto

SUNDAY - Sun enters Pisces


It's February's big show. The curtain is rising. 

Mars, the planet of our energy, action, drive, passion and anger moves into forward-facing and unconventional Aquarius where he quickly meets up with powerful Pluto, the planet of TRANSFORMATION. 

When these guys merge - mountains can be moved! 

This is the ancient and modern rulers of Scorpio coming together to launch a new cycle. The planet of war and the planet of death. Yes, that sounds scary, but it DOESN'T HAVE TO BE. This is also the planet of action and initiative and courage meeting the planet that holds the power to make big things HAPPEN in the sign of the new and innovative. 

What we want and the way we go about getting what we want is being SEEDED in the new Aquarius soil. 

If we can work the best of the Mars in Aquarius energies over the next few weeks - innovative action, movement that creates greater freedom, idealistic courage, starting something that sticks, then Pluto's position, right now, will add the kick-off depth and intensity for this to go the distance. We can transform fear to power through courage, action and initiative.

Remember the old VCRs with the fast forward buttons. You could just forward while the VCR was playing the tape or you could stop playing the tape and hit FAST FORWARD. Things/situations set into motion now will have that FAST FORWARD built right into them. 


There is a 'Danger Will Robinson' energy here, too - I am not going to sugar coat that, but what we really lose if we hide under our bedcovers this week and ignore our URGES is the opportunity for real breakthroughs that can lead to AUTHENTIC POWER and transformation

We will see and feel our power and our lack of power/the power we have projected onto other people and how this is and isn't working for us. 

World events will likely be BIG. No one will want to be controlled. Again, with our current North and South Nodes - imbalanced relationships are highlighted. 

We are in the Waxing Moon phase - something in our life is growing and this week there are multiple portals we can use to blast through inertia/the status quo and make REAL PROGRESS. Things we begin now will have strong energy embedded within them and be hard to stop. 

Venus is going to meet up with Pluto, too, creating INTENSE ATTRACTIONS. We want that. We must have this. This shouldn't be ignored either, although it shouldn't always be acted on. Why do we want that? Why must we have this? Is there a hole in our power/chink in our armor we are trying to fill or do we really NEED this? We could pay quite a high price for getting what we want here. Just know this going in. 

Happiness studies show happiness comes from wanting what we have and not from having what we want. 

New people we meet now/who and WHAT we 'fall in love with' can very quickly accelerate (Aquarius) into something deep and intense and intimate (Pluto). Venus/Pluto in Aquarius can attract us to very complicated and CHAOTIC things, people and situations. Compulsion, manipulation and obsession can be a Plutonian love language, so keep that in mind. Money can be made and money can be lost. Even fortunes. Take care with online purchases and passwords. Venus can also be the clean-up crew coming in after the Mars/Pluto massacre. Make-up sex comes to mind here. 

World events can be scary, might show us what we are afraid of. If a bleak future is presented, keep in mind, this is only one of myriad possibilities. Life seeks life. Mars meets Pluto every couple years and Venus meets Pluto every year - this is different because it is in Aquarius, but the energies themselves will be familiar. 

Mercury is in a tricky space this week, so we need to think a minute about what we are saying, thinking and learning. And this won't be an easy thing to do. We will want to slide back - his/her trine to that South Node in Libra - into old styles of conversation and old ideas. This can be a good thing if cooperation/civility is needed, but might also, if our fears are running the show, make it easy to make some half-assed passive-aggressive statements that don't serve us. 

Allow yourself to sit with any uncomfortable energy until the right/best (not perfect) words are stirred up. 

Mercury's sextile to the North Node in independent/brave Aries takes a little more work to access, but that portal is open, too. 

Mercury's square to Uranus speaks of surprises with our money and resources. This could also be about us or someone else blurting out something that we (or they) may or may not regret. Jarring statements and information are par for the course this week and might be how our relationship with POWER - for better or worse - is illuminated for us. 

Remember Plutonian power is the power of the underworld and we have to get down into the mud to get it. There is always a price to be paid - a shadow side to Plutonian power. The stuff that is underneath the brass ring's shiny glow is going to come up/back around. 

(Saturnian power - what we have earned, or our ancestors have via sweat equity and responsibility - or Jupiterian power - what we have earned or our ancestors have via courage and confidence and generosity - have their underbellies, too, but Plutonian underbellies have quite a unique BITE)

I'll do some lunar-focused dailies, so we can check out the Moon and take our, and everyone else's, emotional temperature. There is no point in doing a day by day forecast today. This week will probably take on a life of its own. 

We will wake on MONDAY morning (EST) to a void Moon which will quickly move into Aries and an opportunistic sextile with Pluto at 9:35AM EST - our energy increases, WE ARE FEELING THAT WE CAN DO IT - and this sets the tone for the week ahead.

As I write this on Sunday morning, the Moon is floating though dreamy Pisces sextiling Mars at the end of Capricorn - the end of the world that Saturn built - just enough EARTH to ground us in ourselves, in our old familiar goals and responsibilities, in the land of our fathers - before this week's energy from the FUTURE, which we are READY FOR, or not :)  barrels in.

The Moon is waxing. Something is growing. 

Take care of your nervous system. Unplug. Social media would be the drug to avoid now. We are moving from earth to air and from air to water. Take your vitamins. Move your body. Get enough rest. 

This IS NOT the time to avoid action. Not the time to hide. Follow your motivations.

Just don't be an assh*le. Pluto/Mars, and even Venus/Pluto, can be dangerous. Depending on your natal chart and current relationship to power and love and money - you could hurt someone or be hurt. 

This isn't a race. Trust the process of Aquarius. It is just getting started. Life is about the process not the arrival, the journey and not the destination. Pay attention. We are letting go of alot of old drama and we don't want to just pull ourselves into a whole new drama because drama/chaos is just so damn comfortable to us if we are in any kind of traumatized state. And we could be probably are after the last few years. 

If something this week stirs your passions, wakes up your motivations and even pushes your buttons - it has done its job. It's a brand new landscape folks. Remember that lead goose ....

xo all - back with some dailies

Note - if the Mercury/Pluto last week brought some blow-up or power struggle to a head, this week's Mars/Pluto could reactivate that energy/stir your passions and temper around that, so keep that in mind. 

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