Thursday, June 14, 2012

repurposing vintage finds - we really don't need those colorful whoseewhatsees from Target

Just a quick post today while I finish up some orders and family stuff this week

(is family stuff ever finished ...)

before I get back on track next week with a SUPER cool giveaway and a new marketing series for makers.

I took some pics around my house of some easy-peasy repurposed vintage goodies. The key to being able to flea market is to use the stuff you can't live without.

1. Vintage sifters make great silverware caddies - I have these out all the time, although it may not be practical for everyone - they would be great for parties.

2. Gumball machine turned dog treat holder - Olive comes running from anywhere within a 2 mile radius when she hears the handle turn - it is also a great way to get her to do some work around the house since we charge her in nickels

3. Grater turned magnet board - perfect for recipes - if you would like one of these adorable magnets just pop me an email - I have a few left over from a party I would be happy to send one your way for free

4. Birdbath turned bathroom/dressing room caddy - perfect for appliances, towels, soaps, etc

My other tip is my stop at 3 rule - which means my collecting must stop when I get to 3 pieces - so I do not end up on Hoarders until I am really ready to be there

(ie glassy eyed expression, chin hair, knee stockings, pissed off children)

I am about 75% there this week .... still need those knee stockings.


Jamie Gregory said...

Wow, these are great ideas! I especially love the bird bath!

- Jamie

Orion Designs said...

I always love your repurposing projects. This particular set doesn't even require altering anything -- perfect for lazy me!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

I love finding new ways to use old things, thanks for the ideas! Hope your family's vacation is over soon so you can get some R & R at home!!! :D

doforanimals said...

I love vintage items and especially repurposing them. The indoor birdbath is cute except my cats would use it for either a bed or litter box :/.

Does anyone have any ideas for storing/displaying/organizing a ridiculous accumulation, I mean, amazing collection, of baseball caps that my husband just HAS to have within easy reach? Having them scattered on the counter tops is not terribly appealing, so I'd like to repurpose a vintage item and find a clever way to store them. (I'd rather send them to the garage, but we're attempting that compromise thing...) Thanks.