Friday, April 12, 2013

always believe ... keeping our ears (and heart) open

by tina blue shoes

It feels right to put some words of wisdom and magic out there before I get on the plane tomorrow. I am a nervous flyer and have to get up at 3am for the 6am flight out of Atlantic City (I am so not complaining) - the acupuncturist has a cure for nervous flyers that involved some chinese herbs that look like bb's (yes, the "you'll shoot your eye out" kind) being taped into my ears. I decided the idea of that made me a little more nervous than the actual flight so will be flying ears (and heart) wide open -
have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Unni Strand said...

Good luck and have a wonderful trip!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Have a wonderful amazing time, and bring back some beach sand!! aqua jars are great for that. :)

I hate flying too, so I try to take a benadryl or some other otc drug that I know will make me sleepy and jsut try to nap through most of the flight.