Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lather, Rinse, Repeat | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 17th

We start the week with a New Moon in Taurus and Mercury going retrograde in Gemini.

(see more about that HERE)

The New Moon is the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28 day cycle - all possibilities are on the table now.

(This Moon is in Taurus Decan 3 and falls on the fixed star Algol - which is Arabic for "demon's head" and is said to depict the terrifying snake- for-hair head of the Medusa monster chick who could turn people to stone with just one glance. Not the nicest space for our Moon but if we are looking to cut something, or someone, off at the head or making something rock solid this is the time. We just don't want to go overboard with anything right now or we could lose our own head!)

The first two weeks after the New Moon are the best time to launch something new although with Mercury going retrograde at the same time in order to move forward, we’ll also have to slow down, re-view, re-do, re-pair, re-connect, you get the idea. If your launch is scheduled for late June all the better, but if it can't or you just don't want to wait - never override your heart with this stuff - just know there will be revisions ahead for you and some headaches maybe - that's OK - it will just make whatever you are brewing up even better!

With Gemini - there will be choices, choices, choices. There’s a feeling of (and need for) extreme focus. We need to make a careful selection of available options and then develop one thing fully. It will be easy to be splintered all over the place and get nowhere fast. Opportunities to practice discernment will come now.

Sometimes we focus on too many things, because we are really afraid to try (and maybe fail) at the one big important thing.

With Mercury in Gemini (the twins) during this retrograde we will need to do some things twice. Just roll with it. So measure twice, cut once will be our theme song. Double check everything. And if we try something once and it doesn't work, maybe try it again.

People and things from our past will pop back up.

There is a Yod (finger of God) aspect between Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto that means choices are fated. Mercury is fast moving and wants to change whatever we agree to now. Stuff is in flux.

With the Sun opposing Saturn and Venus opposing Pluto this week there are some stressful aspects. We might not get what we want now. But we might realize later we didn't really want it or something better is coming along later. There are some great aspects for attention and recognition here.

Remember the whole first half of this year is about figuring out our vision for the next 29 years. Saturn in Sagittarius must have a vision! Between now and June 15th when Saturn moves direct in Sagittarius and out of Scorpio we have some time to DECIDE. We need to honor the energy of change now! More about this next post!

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DancingMooney said...

Glad to have you back Cat! :)

Hubby and I both got jury duty notices in the mail last week... we both deffered to later dates... I chose January.

I'm definitely feeling, and being reminded lately about being all over the place, and how I really need to practice focus. I don't know why that's so hard for me, my curiosities get in my way all the time.

We found a new little river town that I fell in love with yesterday, and realized it wouldn't be so terribly out of our price range to live there. Always exploring the possibilities - and definitely looking at our playbook for the next 29 years, it's going to be an interesting journey! :)