Sweetness Jewelry Is Named Just Right

One of my favorite Etsy sellers is Kelly of Sweetness Jewelry. I met Kelly through our mutual love of making treasuries on Etsy and knew Kelly for a while before I discovered her secret- Kelly is 12 years old! She makes her jewelry, takes her own pictures and runs her own online jewelry business and she does it all with an amazing 'sweetness' that makes her one of Etsy's favorites! I bought one of her amazing pieces and it always gets me lots of compliments.

When asked our OliveBites question of the week about her earliest crafty memory- Kelly answered, "My earliest crafty memory must be drawing animals on the dining room walls with black and purple crayons. I was like 3 years old." I am sure she is the only Etsy seller who can remember being 3 years old! Go Kelly!


sweetnessjewelry said...

Cat thank you so much for posting me on your blog. I appreciate it :)
Your the best Cat! Happy New Year.

-Kelly ♥

Kendra Zvonik said...

Yes, Kelly is truly amazing! I also own some of her jewelry and have had the honor of meeting her in person! She is a wonderful friend and a wonderful business person! She is really fortunate to have such a wonderful family backing her up. She even has support at school to work on Etsy. She is very easy to support because she is talented, kind and very generous with her energy and spirit.
Thanks Cat for a wonderful feature!