your creative business and the astrological generations | feeding your customer's Pluto - Part II

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Part I about the Leo and Cancer generations is here

Next we have the Pluto in Virgo generation (born 1958-1971).

This is the generation charged with transforming work (computers), health, and habits. These dates roughly correspond to what the media calls Generation X (the slackers?!, NOT).

This is a very self-critical, detail oriented group; a large part of this generation born into the energy of the tumultuous 60's have both Pluto and Uranus (sudden change, genius, rebellion) in the same sign and house since they were traveling together in those days. This makes some area of their lives especially volatile and challenging. Many were also born with Neptune (spirituality, escape, drugs) in Scorpio (potential self-destruction) and a smaller number (1964-1967) with Saturn (road blocks, control) in Pisces (see Neptune above) tossing an extra dragon or two at them to be tamed, befriended or succumbed to.

There was an article in the Guardian recently about the high death rates from suicide, alcoholism, depression and drug use (findings knocked the Princeton researchers 'off their chairs') in this age group. Astrologically, some of the reasons are glaringly obvious. Pluto and Uranus conjunct in Virgo is very likely to bring digestive problems, allergies or immune system issues - we are learning more everyday about gut health and the gut/brain connection with researchers finding there are very real connections between depression and the bacteria we have and don't have in our stomachs. Neptune in Scorpio could be escape leading to self-destruction and Saturn in Pisces a very real need to escape! Toss in the fact they live in the U.S. where Virgo themes are way out of whack - too much work, poor diets, healthcare driven by the drug industry and we have a recipe for some very real, and yes painful, transformations.

Virgo is the sign of the worker, the servant, the craftsman, precision, idealism, the perfectionist. Virgos gain dignity and self-respect from being good at something that is of use to other people. Virgo searches for the tiny torn thread, the inconsistency, the stuff that is glossed over by others - always seeing the flaw, the space for improvement. This generation can "see" reality (maybe a little too well, too much reality can be a rather despairing space to carry!), but has a harder time "accepting" it. They can fall into an idealistic trap - wanting things to be just so and things never living up - that they can appear the opposite of idealistic!

If your creative business services this group - think about some of these Virgo buzzwords. What do they need/want now?

If you have a product based business this is the generation who will appreciate your product's value, it's attention to detail and the skill needed to produce it. Think quality. This generation is tasked to roll up their sleeves and create the future in an increasingly eco-focused, multicultural and technology addicted world. Things involving these buzzwords in some way will likely appeal to them.

Anything that helps them relax, enjoy, appreciate, forgive (especially themselves) will appeal, too.

Pluto and Virgo are health focused; the first generation to embrace gyms and turn activewear into everyday wear. This isn't about staying young forever like Pluto in Leo - this is more about staying healthy and functionable. So anything that helps them keep on working will appeal to them.

They are middle-aged now and having been tasked with a lifetime of noticing everything that is "wrong" and with a second lifetime of work still ahead of them (no retirement for these folks like their parents had - sorry Virgos) many are tired, so anything that feels like a "reboot" or "reprieve" or "relaxation" will appeal, too.

(I am using alot of Mercury retrograde buzzwords but this makes perfect sense since Mercury rules Virgo!)

The Pluto in Libra (1971-1984) generation is here to transform the Libra themes of relationship, balance and partnership. The first generation to grow up with mostly divorced parents and mostly working mothers, they coupled up early and embraced Facebook friendships and texting. They carry the lessons of fairness, cooperation and compromise; the ability to walk in the other person's shoes. Justice. Beauty.

Libra is the sign of the arts and Pluto in Libra's ability to be in 'relationship' with everything gives them a strong connection with art and music. As youngsters they often found connection with others through these areas and probably still label themselves and others by musical and artistic styles and tastes.

Libra rules balance. Unlike the previous generation they will most often prioritize relationships and partners over their work. They will seek out balance and fairness. They might attract the opposite so it/and they/and us (universal energy) can be transformed.

If your creative business services this group - think about some of these Libra buzzwords. What do they need/want now?

Many in this generation are raising young children now. People raising young children often spend more money on their children than themselves and you could focus your business on the kids, of course with Libra's ability to see both sides of an issue and flipflop with the best of them - they will soon be asking themselves, "hey what about me?" and need to splurge on themselves once in a while, too - so your business could be about the 'splurge'.

What would someone who prioritizes relationships, art, music and balance need when raising young children or splurging on themselves? Where does your work/business come in? What can you offer here? Remember these people are hands on creative and often have limited budgets - maybe think DIY kits and budget friendly anytime classes.

This generation wants things to be beautiful. They love Pinterest and Instagram. They connect with others through beauty and art and music. This is where they will be looking. With so much clamoring for their attention, you will need to stand out. This generation likes balanced relationships between equals something to keep in mind if you are a coach or teacher.

Up next post the Pluto in Scorpio and Pluto in Sagittarius generations and your creative business.

NOTE - this series is about generations and generalities. The house placement of Pluto for each individual person has an important influence, too and isn't covered here. And we are all connected so the energy each individual carries impacts all of us.

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