Chiron on the South Node | Jupiter on the North Node - fate and free will

future tv by a7md3mad

I believe our birth charts are our contracts. They are the imprint of that moment we took our first breath - we literally are the universe at exactly that second (and we carry that energy for all of us our entire lives).

So, maybe there are some things we have set up already and just have to live out, maybe some things we are going to encounter and deal with this go round are just not up to us anymore.

That's the "fate" part - it may be out of our hands now.

(although I believe we set that part up, too, or at least our past actions did)

Then the "free will" part comes in. This part is much more important. It is always up to us how we react and process things, the actions we take, what we do with the situations we face, the way we release things, etc.

Some birth charts have a couple major themes, in other charts there is more going on as if we wanted to get a lot covered while we are here; to burn through a lot of old stuff.

When people suddenly appear to "lose it all" or life takes a total turn, often you can find in that person's chart a kind of integrated life - it's as if they decided OK when I am done with this (ie learned or experienced what I came into that experience to learn) move me right on to that.

Of course, the person living through this may think their life has just fallen apart. And it has actually. But it doesn't mean they don't get a new life.

I was in banking for 10 years. I started as a bank teller and left a decade later as a vice president. I had been a head teller, assistant manager, branch manager and managed both a lending department and a retail telephone banking department. It seems about as far from my life now as I could possibly imagine.

I have lots of stuff in my birth chart to make this early life possible. Scorpio rising means my chart is co-ruled by Mars (action) and Pluto (banking). My Moon (nurturing) is in my 8th house (other people's money). Saturn sits within 1 degree of my 3rd house Sun making me quite serious quite early on and able to present myself (communicate) as older and "in charge". My South Node (past life energy/comfort zone) is in Capricorn (business).

Then along came my Saturn return and life took a hard left. My North Node (future) in Cancer (mother, nurturing) was activated. I lost my job. My 'mother' became very ill and moved in with us. My daughter was kind of running amok (she denies she ever gave us any trouble) and needed me to mother her in a new way. Almost overnight my entire life seemed to revolve around the word "mother".

Fate has a way of pulling, pushing and drop kicking us exactly where we need to be. What we do once we get there is up to us. It isn't always a hard left, sometimes it's just a tiny little shift right that makes all the difference.

For the rest of this month we have Chiron (healer) connecting with our collective South Node (past, comfort zone) and Jupiter (expansion) connecting with our North Node (future).

Life asks us to stop repeating by tempting us to repeat.

Check your natal chart for anything within 5 degrees of 14 degrees Capricorn (or Aries, Cancer, Libra) - that's where this current transit is offering up the fate .... what are we going to do this time?

Jupiter is in Virgo so we practically, helpfully, patiently collect the information and ideas and details we had overlooked before. We use those missed opportunities to craft something else.


lynn bowes said...

'. . . craft something else.' Perfect.

Time for a change. Stop repeating. Expansion into the future. You do understand how difficult this is for a Virgo who is change-resistant, right? Not so much change-resistant, rather she just wants to not have to do the work YET AGAIN. A repeat of 8-10 years ago. Can I just take a nap and you call me when this part is over?

Catherine Ivins said...

I know. You have to make this time around a grand adventure, too. What will you be able to do after this change that you can't do now? What will your days look like? How will it feel? Look for the differences. You didn't know what you were doing last time - now you do. Even though the situation/work may feel similar - you are changed. This whole Mercury/Pluto thing has been about boundaries and definitions. It won’t be until February 3rd or so that we get some clearance. But by now, it’s possible that we know our own mind. If not now, very soon, because Pluto doesn’t really make mistakes. He invites US to make them. ha! :)

lynn bowes said...

That's certainly a great way of looking at it because there ARE things we will be able to do that we've passed on in the last 8-10 years and our load will be so much lighter. I have to keep that in mind as I do the work to get to that space. Very good way to see it all. Still, I'll be whiny once in a while as I get dragged into the mess of it. Why change that? I am consistent, if anything


Catherine Ivins said...

whining is always allowed here Lynn xo