Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 25th - we're moving forward

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Mercury (in Capricorn) stations direct on Monday evening and we can finally begin to move forward with whatever has been holding us back since January 5th.

(Do I hear a Hallelujah?!)

People who have been awol will suddenly reappear. Calls and emails get returned. Situations that have been dead in the water (including New Year's resolutions) will suddenly begin to show signs of life. Maybe the delays of this past month start to make some sense. Maybe not. Either way we start to get unstuck.

There might still be some glitches early in the week as the energy shifts forward, but for the most part the Mercury retrograde delays are behind us (Mercury doesn't truly get to new territory until Valentine's Day when he gets back to Aquarius) and the stuff Capricorn rules - authority figures, business, goals, career - and our Capricorn natal house aided by attractive Venus will be "all - or most - systems full steam ahead".

The other big aspects this week are (1) Mercury squaring Uranus and conjuncting Pluto at the end of the week (Friday and Saturday) - this is the 3rd time we've had this aspect since December 19th and 20th, so something set into motion then winds up. Maybe 3rd time is the charm. It could be a communication, some information or a decision made now ends something or removes some obstacle that allows us to move on.

EXAMPLE for Aries - (Sun in whole house astrology or rising) - Mercury in your 10th house of career joins Pluto and squares Uranus (in Aries) - this is about big changes in a professional or public situation. There could be a final decision regarding a career matter or maybe an out of the blue announcement. Any delays with career and authority figures will end now.

(2) Jupiter retrograde (in Virgo) makes his second exact conjunction with the North Node of our collective destiny. This entire week we have the opportunity for fated connections to our future. This is also big energy for endings - hopefully we don't lose another rock star!

EXAMPLE for Taurus (Sun in whole house astrology or rising) a retrograde Jupiter connects with the North Node in your 5th house of creativity, children and romantic love. This is a push to develop something in one of these areas (just like last week!). This is about what you want - just work with Virgo - details, organization, small steps, careful adjustments. Combine this with Mercury lighting up your 11th house of hopes and dreams (and friends) and it’s looking good!

MONDAY - void Moon in Leo - good day to play in the snow, good day for creative work & production TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY - Moon moves into Virgo - organization feels good. If Monday was a snow day this is a perfect Moon to get back to work. It's good energy to get our acts together with Virgo stuff - health, paperwork, employees, co-workers, pets, habits. THURSDAY & FRIDAY - Moon moves into Libra - emotional stability comes through partnerships, relating to someone as an equal, seeking balance or justice. Aspects with Pluto could have us focused on Pluto themes - other people's money, debts, taxes, sex, death, birth. Endings could make the end of the week a bit stressy.

xo all - back Tuesday or Wednesday with some big picture 2016 stuff!


Hopemore Studio said...

It has been a wild ride! Car accident ( no injuries just car repair), unexpected oral surgery, my PC died ( and of course I had not backed it up) and work upheavals. And it seemed like everyone I know was plagued with mishaps.
Here's to moving forward!!!

Catherine Ivins said...

Ugh! This was the most challenging Mercury retrograde I can remember. We have 4 this year, but none like this one. It isn't totally over until Valentine's Day when Mercury gets back to the degree he stationed retrograde, but it will definitely feel better tonight when he moves forward even if he is still covering old ground. We have alot of retrograde energy in 2016, so any chance we have to move forward we should definitely take!

Sorry to hear about all your issues - I had 2 car accidents - both my fault. The first one I backed my car into hub's truck - the next one I pulled forward from a stop sign, looking left, and hit the guy in front of me who I thought was gone, but who had pulled up and stopped. It turned out to be 2 kids testing out a car from a dealer down the street. The dealer - a crew of guys right out of the Sopranos - told me if I gave them $300 we didn't need to call the police, etc. I paid them. And even though I know it was my fault and there was $300 in damage, I have felt like I was 'shaken down' ever since! I am glad to hear your accident didn't have any injuries Angie! Here's to moving forward ... safely :)xo

DancingMooney said...

Oh my gosh Cat! We just watched a movie called 'The Drop' over the weekend, and it was about a family who ran a bar, (where drops were made) and it made me think of you for some reason. Not that I assume you live like that, but just to be exposed to such a culture. We don't have that here, but we know it does exist, it's just one of those things! Anyways, you paid them $300 and they sent you on your way, that's so... oh my gosh! :) Now you have a mob story to tell. :)

I feel motivated today. I've been taking those B12's since Wednesday and I think maybe I need a lower dose because I do feel a little weird like my body is still adjusting, but I haven't been dizzy since last week, hooray!! I ordered the 5000mcg, but I've been cutting them in half and will probably go down to the 1000mcg once I run out of these. Hope they help you too, if you try them. Even hubby feels a little better in ways. It hasn't corrected his stomach, yet, but he did say his symptoms have changed, so I dunno! :)

All I know is I feel like I've come out of my fog, it's so nice, I don't know how I managed to get through the holidays like this. I guess I just kept telling myself it was okay to be tired, with being so busy. oy! I suppose it helped me cope.

Love to you Cat. So grateful we are friends.


Catherine Ivins said...

I know, it was nuts. I didn't tell George for a few days because I had just plowed into his truck ... and I know it sounds like I should slow down and pay more attention, but believe me I have not been rushing around. I have been the opposite of rushing around. When I finally tell him, he just says I should have tried to talk them down!

Hmm, well I'll cut them, too, then. I'm so glad you haven't been dizzy in a week - it's the worst feeling! Grateful to you, too my friend xo :)

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