Ceres into Pisces | the mother bear losing her grip

mother bear by alexis photo art

Ceres (nurturing, loss, mother/child, food) moves into Pisces today. As she moves through Pisces thru mid April and as she aspects planets and angles in our natal chart her themes will be triggered for us.

I don't talk about Ceres much (this being a business blog and all - wink). Ceres is the dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter. You are probably familiar with her story.

Ceres (known to the Greeks as Demeter) is the mother - the provider, the nurturer - the goddess archetype of spring. Ceres represents the part of our nature that longs to give birth and then nourish and sustain new life. She represents the essential bonding or lack of that occurs between mother and child. She is the impulse to nurture and also to be nurtured by others.

Ceres's daughter, Persephone, was abducted by Pluto, lord of the underworld. The grieving mother, Ceres wandered the earth in search of her missing child.

In her grief, depression and anger, she caused a famine, withholding nourishment from the world until her daughter was returned. Persephone meanwhile had eaten pomegranate seeds, a symbol of sexual awareness, which gave Pluto a claim over her so she could not be returned permanently to her mother.

A deal was reached so Persephone would spend part of each year in the underworld with Pluto caring for the souls of the dead, but each spring would be reunited with her mother in the upper world as she initiated the dead into the rites of rebirth (spring).

Ceres in our chart alerts us to any challenges with nurturing and directs us to the 
kinds of experience we need to feel unconditionally loved and accepted.

In Pisces, happenings around nurturing and loss will be emotional now. 

Hanging on to things in Pisces is like trying to hold water - it slips through our fingers. Children are meant to grow up and leave us. Our creative children are meant to leave us, too. 

If you are the type of mama bear who likes to be in control, things ruled by Ceres may feel a bit "slippery" over the next few weeks.

This is a wonderful time though, to dream the BIG and magical dream for the things and people we 'mother', yes, including ourselves.

Check your natal Pisces house - is there something there that is dissolving? something you need to gently release? or maybe something that needs more nurturing? xo all

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lynn bowes said...

'Losing her grip'?. You said a mouthful, sister.

True, things are slippery and I am completely unable to control anything right now.

And this has to last until April you say? Give me strength.