Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 17th - here comes the sun .... in wintry Aquarius - uncertainty, second thoughts, expect the unexpected through the rest of January

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Another intense week. Mercury is still retrograde until the 25th, when he stations direct and begins to move forward once again. The route a retrograde Mercury journeys this week, a direct Mercury will travel next week! So whatever happens now might un-happen or switch on us next week. Take things slow. Expect the unexpected.

With Jupiter also retrograde and hanging out with the North Node of our collective fate this is a big transition period - new jobs, relationships, people and spaces moving on, death and birth.  

Opportunities to connect and re-connect with people and situations continue.

On MONDAY we have a cozy Taurus Moon trining (brakes off) Mercury (retrograde in Capricorn) and sextiling Chiron - let's be patient with ourselves and others and give people the benefit of the doubt. This would also be good energy for healing rifts by making amends and accepting others' apologies.

Venus in Sagittarius squares the North Node and Jupiter in Virgo. There is some kind of tension that requires us to change something about a financial, love or values situation. Maybe something we have outgrown needs to be released. Maybe something we haven't yet grown into comes up close and personal a little earlier than we expected. Virgo asks if maybe we already have enough on our plate right now. Follow what is unfolding here. One step at a time. Even good things can get overdone with this energy.

The best use of Venus square Jupiter energy might be to socialize and have fun (if you can play hookey or if you have the day off for Martin Luther King Day maybe just do that). Don't go shopping and overspend though or eat the entire box of Krispy Kremes.

If we are determined to work, Mars in Scorpio (trine Neptune) could see our most productive actions focused on Scorpio (other people's money, sex, death, birth) and/or Neptune (creativity, healing, stuff that is hidden, research, spirituality) themes.

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TUESDAY'S Gemini Moon is great for communication, talks, and the flow of ideas - there is an aspect to Neptune that could make things a little fuzzy or sad maybe - stay focused on the present moment. Neptune is quelled with meditation (or try coloring or long quiet walks in a familiar space) although Gemini's buzz will make quiet-time a little more difficult than usual. Another good day for research.

On WEDNESDAY the Sun moves into Aquarius and we all start burning the fuel of the genius/rebel/criminal. Here we take those Capricorn rules and see them not as they are, but as they could be.

Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian. It rules the time of year our ancestors ventured out into the cold to check on their neighbors. It can also be the space in our chart where we over-give and wear ourselves out. As we move from the grounded energy of Capricorn into Aquarius air it is also a good time to get sick - and especially come down with a head cold. Do whatever it is you do to bolster your immune system.

(at the recommendation of a friend I started putting 3-4 drops of garlic oil in each ear at the first signs of a cold - hubs says it's like sleeping with a pizza, poor fella - in addition to taking vitamin C every couple hours that day and 4 drops of oil of oregano in a tall glass of water - it seems to work very well)

Aquarius sun season is a good time to say yes to social obligations and activities - just stay hydrated and wash your hands :)

Stuff gets complicated beginning Wednesday when Mercury begins a two week long conversation with Uranus (change, rebellion, revolution) and Pluto (transformation).

First he squares Uranus in Aries pulling us back to the Uranus/Pluto square (freedom vs control, stability vs revolution). On Friday, Mercury joins Pluto. Direct confrontations can create permanent endings. Or maybe something just ends. If we commit to something now, it can also be pretty solidly fixed and we might want to adjust it next week when Mercury is direct, so if big decisions, purchases, deals, etc can be pushed out a couple weeks when we have our bearings and can tell where the chips have fallen, that might be better.

Remember the way through is still Virgo - small, measured steps will get us where we need to be. Whatever happens - matters of security and freedom will likely be overwhelming.

(if you are like me you might have started to work with some of these aspects last week, and of course, we will revisit them next week when Mercury goes direct and makes his way through these degrees ... again!)

Venus enters Capricorn on Saturday - love, money, our values - we get serious. We have a Full Moon in Leo on Saturday - this one culminates the New Moon from August 2014 so something from that time finishes up or with all this retrograde energy is back in play somehow - the Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown/ state of emergency declared there, Robin Williams suicide, stock market decline, ISIL airstrikes, the shooting of Cecil the lion - whatever was happening in our own personal lives the summer before last .....

I'll do a Full Moon post later in the week. xo all


DancingMooney said...

I've been reading but I haven't had much to say lately... yes I started last week with new ideas, so we are on the same mark with that. Still feeling dizzy though. It comes and goes, and has been getting in my way. Haven't seen a doctor yet because I switched insurances January 1, and just have been hoping to figure this thing out on my own. Read too many stories online from people who had thousands of dollars worth of tests run, and couldn't come up with any answers... however I think I might have finally narrowed it down to something that is really consistent with how I've been feeling lately... B12 deficiency. Actually going TODAY to the store to get some super doses of B12 and see how I feel in the next several days. I started taking a multi-vitamin and a B complex as of January 1st, and have noticed general improvements in my body, but the dizzy's keep coming and going. It's crazy I've always taken for granted that I try to eat fairly well, but I'm getting to an age that I'm realizing maybe I better start taking better care of myself, and maybe it's time to start taking vitamins. Hello?! Anyways yeah, you could say I've been a bit distracted lately.

Lots of love to you and blessings for the new year also. :)


Catherine Ivins said...

So sorry to hear that Janell - was hoping it was the ear thing. I hope the B12 helps, I know B12 deficiencies can create alot of problems. Are you vegan/vegetarian? I just started drinking bone broth, I think B12 is one of the pluses with it - making it from chicken bones the day after we have chicken and then having it with lunch each day until I'm out and make more - still working on my thyroid/gut health/shoulder thing. We've just switched insurance again this year, too, back to a huge deductible, such a pain in the neck.

Dizziness is really an awful feeling. I hope the B12 fixes things!


lynn bowes said...

How did you know that Krispy Kreme opened a store in Lincoln yesterday?????

Catherine Ivins said...

Ooh, I'm jealous. I've never actually eaten a Krispy Kreme - NJ is Dunkin Donuts territory ... and they are always hard and the cashiers a bit cranky