Having a Breakdown ....

Things I have broken this week:

1. A fingernail (but this is a good thing because it was my last "long" one, so now they all match again- actually that sounds kind of creepy like I just let them grow all wild- which I might if I didn't break them all the time- but I don't, so it isn't)

2. A really cute little juice glass from a set in the sale section of Anthropologie that I will never find again, so now when hubby has his Sunday morning OJ - I will be drinking straight from the carton (also not a bad thing now that I think about it)

3. A test tube (that was bubble wrapped and fell just 2 feet from my shipping table when I was on the other side of the room - spooky ... and it didn't just break ... it shattered ... which was totally impossible, but happened anyway)

4. A Sephora bronzing powder compact

5. A replacement Sephora bronzing powder compact

6. My heart (sort of, but more on this another time)

Things I have NOT broken this week:

1. Anybody else's heart, I think

2. A promise to anyone (unless I crossed my fingers when I made it, of course)

3. The law (we'll just exclude traffic situations with this one)

4. Any land speed records (again we will exclude any traffic situations)

5. Out of my rut


2ndComing is an Illustrator said...

so the good out numbers the bad, you're in the clear!

frenchie said...

oh man...! you broke the bronzing powder and then the replacement one! that sucks!

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

EVERYTHING tastes better from the carton! you are a hoot!

Mia Rosina said...

The bronzing powder... ouch!!

myan said...

oh no! your heart! :(
big hugs to you!

Bluebird said...

i love your blog, which i found through your most fabulous Polarity store on Etsy!

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, sorry to hear about the broken heart, and the (twice) broken Sephora Bronzing Powder... I know how you feel as I am going through some breaking's of my own... Cheer up, glue is on it's way!!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I had a weird breaking streak once. I broke a full-length mirror, an old plate, and 2 watches within a couple weeks. It worried me a little to be honest--I have a bit of superstition from time to time. Just ya know the run of the mill avoiding walking under ladders, keeping mirrors intact, not opening umbrellas inside.

Your heart??? Really? :(

Kate8085 said...

A broken heart? Who do I need to punch? I'm on it.

Broken fingernails give me the willies..I always keep mine super short because the feeling of that makes my skin crawl.

Poor thing. Next week will be better.

Anonymous said...