A Knightrider Knightmare ....

So, first of all when I get stressed two things happen to me (well, maybe 3 or maybe 47 odd things happen to me, but two that I will own up to here)- One - I have something called night terrors where I "wake up" a couple hours after falling asleep except I am not really awake.

But, I definitely feel like I am awake and I see spiders and shadowy figures and sometimes strangely specific things in the room with me.

Like the other night I saw David Hasselhoff and he was the David Hasselhoff in that video his kids took when he was loaded and eating that hamburger- so you can only imagine how scary that would be at 2 a.m. on a Thursday...

The other thing that happens is that Olive gets stressed, too and mostly from me screaming at David Hasselhoff not to drop his pickles on my new(ish) Anthropologie bedspread (I'm talking dill slices here ladies not the whole pickle)

Olive climbs under our bed to sleep and ... stays there .... and cannot be coaxed out... and makes some strange digging noises that we try to ignore and hope the carpet will survive.

Anyhoo, she has been sleeping under there for the last few nights and this morning when grabbing some laundry and noticing quite a few things missing I decided to move the bed and see what she has been up to

and sure enough she has been slowly building some strange dog bed or nest (or some sort of sacrificial altar where she will eventually drag me to my demise for buying the store brand dog biscuits) out of socks and underpants. And truthfully, it looks kind of cozy, in a gross sort of laundry basket dumped on the floor kind of way.

So tonight I went for a long walk/run because physical exhaustion definitely helps me sleep through the night and we'll see what happens. I decided to leave Olive's little lovenest alone, if David Hasselhoff shows up again, at least I will know where to hide.


Beth Howard said...

Now THAT is a new one... I hope you at least have a more attractive hallucination next time if you have to have 'em ;)

myan said...

my hubby suffers from night terrors, he has even thought an alien was on me & tried to remove it! pretty scary! but i think david hasselhoff would be much more terrifying!!! ;p

maybe olive is building you a protective wall to keep the hoff-man away from you! lol!

hope you get a moment of zen soon!

M.M.E. said...

I have those same night terrors! Not David Hasselhoff, but certainly I've yelled at leaf monsters, at my boyfriend who wasn't there, and I've definitely seen the spiders. It's the weirdest thing ever! Oh, I feel much better now to know I'm not the only one. When I was little, I saw old people in the bed beside me where my stuffed kitty was supposed to be. Couldn't sleep for weeks.

Rachael (Roscata on Etsy) said...

I will NEVER tire of reading your blog! That's the first story of night terrors where I was giggling uncontrollably. Pickles....

One night I had a dream my bf Jay was cheating and I caught him - he's the most amazing guy and we have the best relationship and there's no possible chance he'd EVER do that. Anyway, I was half asleep and in my dream I was so mad that I hit him right in the face. I then immediately woke up and realized that I was about to smack him - he's still passed out asleep at this pointnI might add! It took me a few seconds to wake up and realize he was innocentNAND this was just a vivid dream, but I have to say, I was in the worst mood the rest of the day!

BTW give Olive and her puppy den my best!

Anonymous said...

A friend has night terrors. She spent the night with me a couple years ago and I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to the sounds of her shrill screams. It was terrifying to say the least. I hurriedly snapped on the lamp and it took me several minutes to help her truly wake from it even though her eyes were open. The freaky part is that she has been nightmaring (yes I made that word up) about the same guy for years. He's a man she's never met, but he sometimes shows up in these terror episodes. The night she stayed with me she said he was choking her! Good lord! I get scared just recalling it.

If David Hasselhoff and pickles are the extent of yours, I'd say consider yourself lucky.

On a lighter note, the dog nest cracked me up! That is so cute. You know we want pictures, right?

Sherry said...

I haven't ben sleeping well either, and although Mr. Hasselhoff has not yet come to visit, it's been a very strange week.
And, the pickles are missing from our fridge.

Artsnark said...

This might sound like a stupid suggestion but it helped me with my night terrors.

Put on small nightlight. If you wander when your having 1, it'll help avoid acidents. But I've also found that waking up in total darkness tends to make things last longer.

Xenotees said...

Oh, night terrors are no good- especially involving DH & pickles!

Maybe you should wear your "Don't Hassle the Hoff" shirt to bed!

Yay for resourceful Olive!

Off to look for that creepy video!