It's Whining Wednesday

So ... before I abandon another 'series' of posts after just one post

(and because this series is just so easy to write)

I think I should whine another Wednesday.

1st whine- Hubby got sick and blew off both our Halloween invites. He made an amazing recovery the very next day and I think his "24 hour (ie collapse on the bed and shiver) flu"

had more to do with his total lack of pop culture references and insistence that he has never heard of Kanye West or Taylor Swift and that I could be making the whole thing up so I would get to wobble around in heels and carry a soccer trophy

(well, that did sound like fun)

2nd whine - I hate this whole daylight savings time thing. I do like getting up in the morning when it is light out, although it has been pretty much cloudy here for a month so the only light is the compact fluorescents in the bathrooms

(btw- if you have one of those bathroom mirrors surrounded by light bulbs and you only screw in every other bulb you will have yourself some very flattering lighting and in fact will never need any anti-aging cream because you will have an anti-aging mirror, at least in my opinion- every couple years you can just unscrew another bulb)

I hate that it is dark out so early at night now ... and cold ... I hate that it is dark and cold so early. Because to me dark and cold means the day is over - grab a blanket, hunker down.

(and yes, I have been known to take down the phone number for the Snuggie ... every time it is on)

I don't get much done at night now and I really just want to drink hot liquids and read my library books. So, because my day ends earlier it needs to start earlier so I can squeeze everything in which means I have to get up at 5 and that means I am getting up in the dark ... again.

Final whine- I love Williams Sonoma - I don't always buy anything there, but I like to make some pre-holiday visits and see what kind of goodies they are cooking up with their mixes and sauces and dips and such.

But this little guy has made me question their product designers.

I mean, they were considerate enough not to add a face that you would have to smash down on a hot casserole dish, but I'm wondering if they actually put one of these to use before the big roll out-

(or is my mind the only one going to these places)

to actually use Mr. Gingerbread Man (and I am assuming a male here because the alternative would be even more upsetting to me) you need to seriously violate his no-no place.

The bad news is that I burnt the cookies. The good news is that his prostate is just fine.


sheila at shecological said...

Oh Cat! This has really cheered me up in a sick, low level of consciousness way! I mean, why does it make me smile to know others are whining about things that I can relate to? I don't know why, but it does. Maybe it's just nice to know that there are cool people out there who aren't afraid to admit they are imperfect. I too have been having a hard time motivating myself. I actually decided to take up coffee drinking again after 9 years in the hopes that I will start running frantically around my workroom sewing up a storm! So hang in there and remember that dark and rain are good for your skin! :0) BTW, I agree that the oven mitt is a sad choice.

Unni Strand said...

Thank you for making me smile and nod! Personally, I feel most effective when it's sunny and warm outside. -Bad news for the coming four months, I guess...

3 squares said...

Cat, goosing gingerbread men AGAIN? control yourself, girl!

itsfromarizona said...

"his no-no place," she says...

ahhh, it's classic! and i love it!


Kendra Zvonik said...

You first attracted me with that wonderful photo! That really says it all!
I'm finally remembering why I moved to Florida- this time of year is perfect here. Sorry you are cold and in the dark!
Like Sheila said, it really is comforting to know super cool people aren't always perfect all the time. It's hard to really be myself in a blog and your fearlessness is inspiring.
The gingerbread man- oh good grief. HAHA!!
xoxo kendra

holly aka golly said...

Oh Cat! You make me giggle.

Unknown said...

Please, please, please keep Whining Wednesday a weekly feature. If you run out of something to whine about, holler. I'm sure I'll have something.

I, too, hate that it is now dark at 4pm and cold enough to have to wear socks in the house.

I find it hard to believe someone could not know who Kanye West is, but I'm impressed.

Lastly, poor gingerbread man. He reminded me that I have a gyni appointment tomorrow...urgh!

Xenotees said...

OMG, his "no no place". Cat you are so hilarious! I might have to Tweet Williams Sonoma about this predicament. hehe

Love 'Whining Wednesday' & I know you had more to whine about than usual today- so happy you were able to keep your sense of humor! You never cease to amaze me!

Ngan {eNVe Designs} said...

hahha.. well the one thing that mr. gingerbread man has going for him is that he now has a good home. I think instead of no face, they should've given him a wincing face. ;P

Lickety Split said...

Thank God! I thought I was the only one secretly wanting a Snuggie!

I find your complaining to be very funny!