Recycled Christmas Countdown or if we are going to eat this sugary stuff let's recycle the boxes

My plan is for a weekly post on some recycled and repurposed Christmas gift ideas- things that are easy enough to make fairly quickly, but still look like you put the proper time and thought into them.

Now I know we shouldn't be eating this stuff, but some of us do have a collection of these cereal boxes from overnight guests


and I especially love the little mini assortment packs.

1. Glue the top flaps open. For stability you want to leave them on rather than rip them off- a glue stick would probably work just fine for this.

2. Using a razor knife or scissors cut a larger package (carnation instant breakfast packaging show here) open and glue the flaps back

3/4. Add little scrapbook doodads to the sides of your boxes- there are tons of variations here, so just use things that you have when possible.

These cereal boxes could also be made into little books and albums in this same way. Large cereal boxes also fit nicely into those plastic crates in your kids' rooms.

Mini Cereal Box Storage Unit (especially great gift when paired with one of the amazing Etsy finds below)

1. Hawaiian Coconut Bowl by Glazed Over
2. Favorite Plaid Shirt Print by LittleBranches
3. Coffee in Color Notecards by ThingsThatAreMade
4. Rice Cereal Upcycled Journal by IvyLaneDesigns.
5. Vintage Recycled Quilt Coasters by RikRak
6. ID Bracelet by Spoonerz
7. Fork Shirt by Xenotees


Unknown said...

Love the boxes!! A great idea I'll have to try.

Maiden Jane said...

Thanks for the inspiration!

The Little Miss said...

love this amazing idea!
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Unique2wh0 said...

Great idea..I like it!

Me said...

Wonderful!! Thanks! We also like to take the boxes and recycle them into post cards, my kids think it is so fun to cut them out of any box when we are done and write messages to family and friends and mail them or give them to their friends at school. Recycling is AWESOME!!

Xenotees said...

Cool project! I'd like to try it out sometime.

Thanks so much for featuring my Fork tee Cat, with that awfully cute guy wearing it! PLUS Miz Spoonerz is an awesome lady & customer of mine--- love being there with her and all your awesome choices!

I like Chrystina's idea of postcards too!

Anonymous said...

Oh I sooooo love this!

Candy Bello said...

what a great idea! I'm totally inpired!


Mason said...

I love this! Most repurposing projects of this sort involve covering up the beautiful box art. This project embraces that!

Now I know what to do with my Monster Cereal boxes this year.

Thank you!