UPCYCLED Christimas Ornaments | Wine Corks and Wire Hangers = Yoga Love | Tutorial

Here's an easy-peasy wine cork tutorial you will love.

You will need two wine corks

(yes, this will require you to drink the wine - you can thank me later .. or just fall asleep, that's what I do)

2 large eyehooks

(I used 1-15/16" - you can also use the wire hanger wire for the heads if you are feeling particularly strong - maybe do this before you drink the wine) and 1 wire hanger.

You'll need some tin snips or pliers to cut the wire, something to bend the wire around (I used a nail in a board clamped to a table), a hand drill and glue.

1. gather your supplies

2. mark a center hole and screw in your eyehooks - you will see when you do this why I love to work with this nice, soft wood (of course, my arms and shoulders are still a mess, so go figure)

3. cut corners of wire hangers for arms - the sizing isn't as important as consistency, so just make them both the same size - bend as needed around your nail using two sets of pliers, bend hands - work carefully the wire will be sharp

drill arm holes and glue in arms

4. cut straight wire for legs, bend as needed for knee and both feet, drill holes, glue in legs

My lotus pose (sitting) wine cork ornament's legs were a little wonky, but here is a closer look. I used the top folds of the wire hanger. Just make yours more consistent than mine! But you can see perfection is not needed with these little guys - have fun with it. ---->

NOW drop and give me ZEN :)

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