Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 28th - eyes wide open

wide eyed by worlds of smoke

Multiple fresh energy patterns as Venus, Mercury and Mars (the three inner planets) all change signs this week!

Our energy around communicating what we want and need, how we attract it and how we go after it shifts. All the planets are moving forward this week, so we will be, too.

On Monday the Moon is in passionate and generous Leo. Leo rules our 5th house of self expression, play, children, creativity, romance. Leo Moons are often great hookey days and falling right in the middle of two holidays - it will be hard to resist!

On the other hand Mars (action) and Mercury (in responsible Capricorn) are square today and the Sun (also in Capricorn) is sextiling Neptune (strong in Pisces) - doing the responsible thing to move our dream forward is supported by this energy.

I guess if we work - make some time for play, too. If we play - make some time to work.

People will want to be appreciated and will require our attention. We'd like a little of that limelight, too. That's OK. There's room on center stage for all of us. If no one is patting us on the back now - we'll take the time to do it ourselves!

(another good reason to incorporate yoga into our lives - so we don't throw our back out showing ourselves a little love!)

On Tuesday, the Moon is void until 2 pm, so best for routine work and production. Expect stuff could get wonky.

Communicative Mercury (in serious Capricorn) squares action-Jackson Mars (in sociable Libra). Squares show tension, frustration - something happens that requires us to act. With Capricorn - rules, official information, tradition, authority - will be challenged or challenging.

Discussions can turn argumentative, on the other hand whatever is communicated could just involve or usher in a lot of activity.

With Libra this could involve women, art, money, social mores, love. In the late afternoon the Moon moves into Virgo and we start to focus on the details that need to be attended to with whatever is happening. Our actions becomes more practical now.

EXAMPLE for Aries (rising and sun in whole house astrology) this square is between your career and relationship spaces. Business plans or ambition could create clashes with partners or something communicated in too authoritarian a manner could set you at odds with another or others in a social setting. 

On Wednesday, the first energy shift - Venus moves into Sagittarius where she'll be cruising through until January 23rd making Sagittarius Sun people more attractive and everyone more able to "attract what we want" through optimism, BIG thinking and pushing past boundaries.

A focus on ninth house matters (Sagittarius rules the 9th house) - travel, media, marketing, legal, religion, politics, wedding - can connect us with what we need/want involving Venus themes - women, money, love, values, art. This energy feels celebratory so any chance we get to celebrate anything - we'll grab it!

Also since Venus is exiting Scorpio, if something has become an obsessive focus (involving those Venus themes or our Scorpio natal house) - this can lighten up as new opportunities show up for us or we just gain a fresh perspective through a Sagittarius glass half-full approach. Note - Mercury is about to go retrograde and is in his shadow now so just factor the time and resources for a few glitches into your planning. Also note - our Virgo Moon is challenged by Saturn (authority, endings, responsibilities, commitment) so something serious may need to be dealt with today. Take it seriously.

EXAMPLE for Scorpio (rising and sun in whole house astrology) Venus transits your 2nd house of values (the stuff money can buy and the stuff it can't) making the period through January 23rd a time when you can attract love and money. It can also bring in a woman to help. On January 3rd, Mars will move into your sign upping your confidence and energy level!

Thursday, New Year's Eve, Jupiter kisses up to the Moon and along with Venus in Sagittarius feels like a party to me - make your plans!

On Friday, the second energy shift - Mercury moves into Aquarius - the sign of the genius, rebel, criminal - plus we've got Aquarius ruling planet Uranus direct now!

Mercury loves Aquarius where he exalted - Aquarius is a sister sign to Mercury ruled Gemini (and fellow air sign Libra). We will be crackling with new ideas - electricity will be in the air for Uranian types. Our natal Aquarius house is where we find that genius/rebel/criminal energy - the space we are here to reinvent!

When Uranus stationed direct on Christmas he brought us a breakthrough, an aha moment as Oprah would call it, or maybe he is moving forward our story from last spring/summer when he went retrograde.

EXAMPLE for Virgo (rising and sun in whole house astrology), Mercury will enter your 6th house of work and health (and pets). This is the area you will connect with that genius/rebel/criminal energy. Innovation, communication and your attention, shifts to these areas. Mars moves into your 3rd house  of communication (siblings, local community, transportation) a couple days later - this is where you will take action - just keep an eye on your 'bluntness' (and yes, your temper, too) when communicating with others now. Of course with Venus in your 4th house of home and family - you may be stepping away from work and sprucing up your home or just finding enjoyment and attracting what you need there. Working from home works, too.

Since Mercury is in his shadow preparing to go retrograde pay attention to what comes up again this week - since we will be working with this story through his retrograde.

Also Jupiter is preparing to go retrograde and will station on the North Node next week - STAY OPEN for opportunities that will put us on the right path - especially involving 6th house (ruled by Virgo where Jupiter is hanging out) themes of work and health (where's your natal Virgo house - check that, too). Now, an opportunity or meeting or person who comes along now may not be exactly the right thing since Jupiter is going retrograde BUT it can lead us to something right when he moves direct in late spring. Let's keep our eyes open!

Jupiter stationing on the North Node (our collective north star future) will be asking us if we are doing our right work in service (Virgo) to the world. More on that later this week, plus on Mars' move into his lengthy journey through Scorpio and some big picture winter forecasting.

In the meantime BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER.

xo all


DancingMooney said...

Hope your holidays were lovely Cat! Easing into the New Year slowly tonight... movies and mimosas. ;)


Catherine Ivins said...

same here - watching Netflix serial called making a murderer ... :)
mimosas sounds good, too- I have hot cocoa! xo and Happy New Year Janell!!