Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 21st - winter solstice, capricorn season, christmas, full moon ... what did I miss?

winter by with accusing eyes
We start this busy-busy week with a practical, earthy and luxury loving Taurus Moon - something tells me the shoppers will keep the local stores hopping these next few days. This is a good day to get some quality purchases. Snuggling up by a warm fire sounds even better.

(if a problem or some clarifying information bolted into your life over the last couple days maybe the same energy will bring a last minute solution or understanding connection- the Pluto Uranus square is reactivated now, so truly whatever is happening wouldn't be 'out of the blue', we probably could have seen it coming, but maybe we were distracted with Christmas bells and shopping and cooking and carolers and things like that .... let this stuff shake itself out a bit)

The Sun moves into Capricorn marking the Winter Solstice and kicking off Capricorn season - the steady, serious, all-business sign that just doesn't feel quite as Christmasy as fun loving Sagittarius. Truly, I feel the new month at the New Moon myself which would start Capricorn on January 9th - far enough after the festivities to give Capricorn his due (structure, ambition, restraint).

Capricorn is a cardinal signs and cardinal signs initiate things and "take action", and me, I'm ready for a nap.

Maybe that's why I like working with the Moons better. After our Christmas Full Moon we will be winding down a bit. See what feels right to you. If you feel ambitious now you can definitely use this Capricorn energy to your advantage (he's ruled by Saturn so advantage comes with work now - there aren't any shortcuts here).

The Capricorn house in our natal chart is where we are restrained - where growth comes from working with rules, process and tradition. For much of the world, the sign rules winter - it's the time we have either worked to prepare for or it's the time we freeze - for our ancestors this was a literal thing and our lives can crawl to a standstill, too, if we allow it (often in our natal charts it's the space we freeze, too!).

Mercury goes retrograde on January 5th. We are in his shadow period now - this is the stuff we will be tracing back over next month, so pay attention to what is happening, especially in your Aquarius and Capricorn houses. And prepare for all the usual Mercury retrograde "re's". This year the retrogrades are in air signs, making communication wonkiness extra wonky.

Tuesday's energy is all over the place. I'll get back here to post the rest of the week tomorrow - it's a humdinger - yes, I say things like humdinger now - maybe I am feeling the Capricorn energy! Of course, I have Saturn sitting on my Aquarius Sun, so have always felt like an out-of-step Capricorn anyway. :)

My last customer orders are shipping out today! I hope all the makers are caught up and ready for some eggnog and candy canes. xo all


DancingMooney said...

I'm feeling ambitious but also enjoying the calm for the moment. Oh boy, do I always fall into the Re's!

I pulled my vision board back out this morning and took a good long look at it again. Still striving for the same goals, the same lifestyle... trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together.

You were right Cat, a while back you said something about growth and change happening for me in 2017... it could be then before we are really ready to make that big next step.

2016 sounds like a good year to get it all in line - and hopefully - get stuff done.


Catherine Ivins said...

Me, too- I like the "re's", maybe too much since I am kind of a safety freak. Some astrologers use today as the first day of the new year- I much prefer spring equinox, sun in aries though. It's so important to stop and mark new beginnings but I always seem to rush right past the solstice. The chart for today represents the season ahead and I want to find time to look at it more, too.

So glad you had your best Etsy year YAY! That's excellent. I had my best year but had to sell in 5 places online plus a local bazaar. So, I'm worn out and thinking there has to be a better way. And of course there is or I wouldn't be thinking there is.

I'm going to do people's charts in Jan/Feb again - not sure exactly what we'll look at this time. 2016 would be good for getting stuff in line - we have a lengthy Mars retrograde - we'll probably start things in the spring and then have to redo them in the summer. Nothing will be settled .. should be better than 2015 for most people though


KJ said...

Happy solstice to you Cat.

I hope the longer days bring you more ideas- referencing your comment above re selling in 5 places plus 1 local bazaar.

Catherine Ivins said...

Happy solstice Kathy - hope all is well in NC! Yes, ideas along the lins of "work smarter not harder" - an expression that has always irked me for some reason, now that's a limiting belief I am ready to eliminate .... xo

stregata said...

Happy Solistice, Cat! Hope you can find some time to relax. xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Happy Solstice Renate!! xo