being a better spokesperson of our own views ....

conversation by aegis illustration

With the Moon joining Mercury in Capricorn and going void after a trine to Jupiter (in Virgo) this would be a good weekend to think about the future, our choices and what/how we are communicating

Saturn is in Sagittarius presenting us with practical realities. 

We might find we have to pull in the reins a bit on our ideological stances. We can take a breath. We can count to ten. We can listen to the other person. It is probably best now to be moderate in sharing our principles with others. This is more respectful of them.

Instead of unloading against their view - it's important to be a better spokesperson for our own view. 

Then we take full responsibility for the success or failure of our communications. We don't put it on other people to understand us. This is the important part. That's not our job. The essential word for Saturn in Sagittarius is "truth". The better we can articulate our own"truth", the more our clarity will make us understandable. Others do not have to agree with us. If we need "agreement" to win maybe we have already lost .... xo all

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