Merry Christimas - Full Moon in Cancer, Uranus Moves Direct

will we ever get home for christmas by frank and cary

We have a Full Moon at 3 degrees Cancer today - this will probably make our holiday more emotional and sentimental. Full Moons illuminate what is hidden. They also offer up endings and conclusions - we won't be able to just flip it over and blow it off this time. A story from June 2014 culminates now.

In Cancer - this will be about mother issues, self nurturing, family stuff, home, patriotism, the past. The Moon trines (brakes off) Neptune, sitting strong in Pisces. We will be feeling compassionate and empathetic.

This is a very imaginative, dreamy and creative trine, but can make us kind of blend with our surroundings. With the boundaries this thin we will feel any harshness in our current reality very strongly. Let's be tender with ourselves and others, especially any little ones melting down. We might want to watch our alcohol intake.

Mercury (communications, conversations) in Capricorn (seriousness, rules, structure) sextiles Venus in Scorpio and trines (more brakes off) Jupiter at 22 degrees Virgo. People will be really talking, listening, making plans, discussing their dreams and their ideas. There could be some self righteous rants and drunken dialogues but it still feels like wonderful energy for Christmas get-togethers - the stuff will be emotional and there will be some surprises, but it will be real!

Uranus (the unexpected, rebellion, revolution) has been retrograde in Aries since the end of July and he begins his forward movement today (check your natal and progressed houses for 16 degrees Aries - this space will start to get movement now) so expect some surprises. The Cancer Moon's love of tradition could clash with Uranus's need to buck it.

Our North Node approaches Jupiter in tidy Virgo - what mess are we being asked to clean up? or maybe I should say which messes? If we have been letting some situation play out until we know what to do, we are about to know what to do.

Merry Christmas everyone! Let's allow this Full Moon energy (get out and walk in it!) to carry our hearts home - this is water energy so tears, sweat and long baths are all good things ... xo


lynn bowes said...

Emotional? Sentimental? Mother issues? My sister gave me my mother's aluminum frame prescription sunglasses from 1960 to day for Christmas. I wish I could post a picture here of me wearing them but suffice to say that I was speechless and it's softening some old feelings. More later but you could not be more on point, my friend :: lynn

stregata said...

Merry Christmas, Cat! Hoping you are having days full of happiness and peace. Thank you many times over for sharing your wisdom and insights with us here. Much love, Renate

Catherine Ivins said...

Merry Christmas Renate and much love and happiness to you, too! Interesting Lynn - I had something similar here and a similar 'softening' response ..... xo