may the force be with you ....

Star Wars Yoda by Anthony Foti

The Moon is void in Pisces today - if you can start your weekend early, so much the better!

If you must work, like me, stick to routine tasks and be prepared to go with the flow. We are at the First Quarter Moon now so whatever we started at the New Moon last week may require some adjustments or face some challenges. It's OK - we've got this thing!

This weekend the Moon moves into warrior Aries. Everything will speed up - so make an effort to slow down and be patient. People will be easy to anger and anyone channeling this energy could be itching for a fight. We'll keep our cool.

Mercury joins Pluto and squares Uranus (yes, the weekly explosive energy we have been dealing with the last few weekends) - take care driving, with fire, working with metals, in crowds - you know the drill. Once Pluto gets past the degree of Capricorn from March 16th's square to Uranus and Uranus turns direct on Christmas - we will be generally past this (there are a couple dates next year it kicks up again). This week we are still in the Groundhog Day (repeat) energy of unexpected news, explosive elements, health issues acting up. Mars opposes Eris on Sunday - more explosive energy. Glass half full - it's a passionate weekend people!

Maybe the best use of this weekend's energy is the new Star Wars movie. On Monday we have the Winter Solstice - our new season begins .... ready for a little hibernation? I know. I am, too. xo all

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