noticing the energy we are channeling ....

my intuitive fragments by SeaFairy
Today's Pisces Moon trining Venus in Scorpio and sextiling Mercury is a good space to really "get" why we are doing/feeling/being what we're doing/feeling/being. Time spent meditating today will be worth the effort. Get extra sleep. Take a long walk. Pay attention to your dreams.

Our intuition can guide us now. We probably won't get different things to do, we'll just get to do the same things differently. 

Our mission, should we choose to accept it (cue the mission impossible music here) is to be aware of the energy/archetype we are working with without pushing for anything to happen with it.

Mercury is still out of bounds and not playing by the rules, so be prepared for Mercury things (communications, siblings, transportation, thoughts) to come out of nowhere. Choose your words carefully now, they have consequences.

Finished my busiest shipping day of the year yesterday - hope everyone is "getting in the spirit". xo all

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DancingMooney said...

Just had my busiest Christmas ever on Etsy, woohoo! A few packages left to get out today and any last minute's...

It's so funny, I was thinking about this very concept this morning... Maybe it's not what I'm doing but how I'm doing it. That thought has crossed my mind before.

And definitely trying to stay in tune with what I want.

Wishing you a few days of relaxation before it's all over! :)