Friday Finds - happy first weekend of March everyone!

1. Kim Kyung Soon's gorgeous photography for Korean Vogue.

2. The stunning metalwork of Tinahdee.

3. Hanging test tube ceramic vases

4. Lauren Moffatt's beautiful spring (YAY) collection.

5. The awesome BookBOOK leather case for MAC.

6. Kendra's amazing plantable and recycled tags at GreenPost.

7.Phydeaux's gorgeous new polymer buttons.

8. Illustration By Goscia's magical little gnomes.

9. The adorable illustrations of French artist Anne Cresci of Matilou.

10. And yes, Matilou has a locket!


Jingle said...

Oh, just look at all of the lovelies! My husband is going to be ordering the BookBook soon. We both LOVE it, but my iMac won't fit in it! HA! Those gnomes are amazing!

M.M.E. said...

I think I actually started to jump up and down over the laptop case. Those Vogue photographs are gorgeous! You always have such a good it.

Brenda said...

I loove all of your finds and was tickled pink delighted that you included my buttons! xo The photos from Korean Vogue are amazingly lovely (and I absolutely love the one with the little kitties :)!