Upcycled Shovel and Pitchfork Planters DIY Tutorial plus those flea market bargains find a new usefulness

First a quick update on the new lives of some of my recent flea market finds, although the bicycle wheels are just taking a little pitstop ...

1. more little golden books for our book wall - pants hangers from Ikea
2. this horseshoe has a nice new home bringing us some good luck
3. vintage doorknob plus cork = cool new bottle stoppers
4. bicycle wheels make a great temporary seed holder
5. vintage mallet makes a perfect little bookend
6. old baseballs + stampings = a total homerun

Now, this tutorial is almost too easy peasy to call itself a tutorial,

but since everyone who sees mine goes home and makes one, I won't let that stop me!

Your rusty old shovels and pitchforks can be easily turned into great planters that will add some whimsy and old-time farm magic to your garden!

what you need:

1. empty coffee cans
2. screws, washers, screwdriver
3. metal straps from hardware store
4. some rusty old farm tools
5. your drill

1. the cans can be double strapped (top and bottom) or double screwed into your shovel or pitchfork handle very easily
2. pick a great spot in your garden that needs a little height and gets enough sun for your plantings
3. add your plants and a garden gnome to keep watch and you are all set!

And check out some amazing gardener goodies on Etsy:

1. Succulent seeds by PlaidPigeon
2. I dig dirt toddler tee from RoundBottomBaby
3. Green thumb locket in my Polarity shop
4. Rusted handmade ceramic herb markers from Glazed Over
5. Woodland Waldorf Gnome from MariaAsenova
6. Work With What You've Got collage by TinyArtbyJMullin


Viktoria said...

love your crazy ideas and tutorials!
The bicycle wheels seed holder is my favorite!...maybe I should take a shifting wrench with me on my next walk down the street?.....

Catherine Ivins said...

Hmmm, I don't want to start you on a life of crime Viktoria- but if you're going to do it- maybe just grab the whole bike so you can ride for a bit first! I am going to make some hanging something or other with those wheels, but in the meantime I had seen one holding some seed packs in a magazine and thought mine would do the same for awhile!


Unknown said...

I love what you are doing!! I am a big DIY myself on my blog as well.
Yeah for DIYs

all the best