Upcycled DIY Tutorial - A Log Table & Chalkboard Sign or what to do when you need to cut down those trees

A couple weeks ago, we had to cut down 5 trees - it was a hard day for us me.

George was very certain these trees were going to crash down on our heads and we have had enough trees fall over the years, including one that hit our neighbor's garage, to take our tree problem seriously.

You can see from the holes in these poor trees that they had seen better days, but it was very hard for me to make the decision to cut them down.

This decision was not so hard for hubby who longs for any reason to use his mostly idle chainsaw.

(for a man who likes to makes things, he really likes to "unmake" them, too)

I have a few projects planned for some of this wood and the rest is being picked up by some friends with fireplaces. I saw these log stools in a magazine and knew I would be making one for us and a couple for other people.

You will need:

1. a log that has been cut to be level
2. your handy drill
3. 4 swivel casters

(if you are going to sit on this log you may want bigger casters than these and longer screws)

4. screws, screwdriver and marking pen

1. Lay out your swivel casters fairly close to the edge of your log
2. Mark your drill holes

(I actually skipped this step and just drilled through the caster holes, but this could be a good step if you are a litle less lazy than I am)

3. Drill your screw holes
4. Screw on your casters
5. Flip your table
6. Voila- and this is a heck of alot easier to move around than the heavy log is!

Using a round template paint a chalkboard onto a slice of wood- add a little welcome message!

And for some amazing Etsy creations you can buy now- check out:

1. Log #20 original water color painting by Gollybard
2. Personalized carved initials necklace by Lisa Hopkins
3. Tiny wee hoot owl by Buttercupbloom
4. Tagua nuts eco-friendly earrings from Decorate the Diva
5. Custom tree heart pillow by Cozyblue
6. Pileated woodpecker by StudioLyon


Sherry said...

For a moment I thought George had been at our house, then I remembered Bob is "saw" crazy too.

This is a smashing idea and I already have the chalkboard paint. And, you know I have the tree stumps!

I might just fit this in today!

Unknown said...

Cute ideas Cat.

I love that you admitted you were too lazy to mark where to drill. I was hanging artwork for my show and eyeballed the whole thing. A level, a pencil, a plan, what? No time for that!

l'actrice said...

That's a great project. I have to admit, this idea isn't new to me. Did that in Vienna 30 years ago, when a tree fell. It just calls for it:-)

wzgirl said...

I love that you have a piece of that beautiful tree in your home even though it had to come down. Those sorts of days make me very sad, too. The lovely woman who bought my plush hoot owl pointed me to your blog where she found it! Thanks, you! xoxo - WendyZ, your new follower!