Take 10 Tuesday - The Goods From the Last Week or so ...

1. Great post by Sister Diane on Crafty Pod - Creative Tithing, What Do You Think? includes some good links like this one on Scoutie Girl by Kristen Walker.

I am taking this topic up again tomorrow with a 2 part series!

2. Using Facebook as a promotional tool by GreenEarthGoodies on TeamEcoEtsy's blog!

I am sort of on Facebook now, but feel like I either need to commit or split!

3. Photography Tips by heidiadnum on Etsy's blog.

Some good lighting information

4. Notcot looks inside one of my favorite NYC shops Fishs Eddy!

5. Pricing Your Artwork over at All Things Littleput (the designer and maker of the orginal scrabble tile necklace)

6. Creating a Culture of Profit post at CraftMBA.

Reminding us again that handmade cannot compete on price - nobody wins.

7. Adorable and free printable teacher's thank you notes over at Giver's Log.

8. Carmen's interview with Tara Joyce of Elasticmind at Carmen Torbus.

9. How to Get Your Family Talking at Kim and Jason's Escape Adulthood

10. Some great packaging products and ideas over at Think Garnish!


Garnish said...

Hi Catherine...swinging on by to say thanks for the Garnish shout out! Oh my, your post about the license plate and girl scout cookies, brilliant :-)

Garnish + Enjoy,

- Suzanne

Sherry said...

Excellent Tuesday lunch time reads, as always, Cat.


Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Suzanne and Sherry!


red or gray said...

cat .. i love flying over here when I can...what a marvelous list ...
back soon ~ elk