Friday Finds for Your Dream Kitchen - Enjoy Your Weekend


1. anthro dotty match pot holder
2. cafe retro espresso machine
3. cool beans coffee bean ice tray
4. crate & barrel corn stripper
5. shoofly lunch bag
6. spoon sisters match & munch sandwich cutters
7. fishs eddy heroes of the torah glasses
8. fishs eddy tea towel
10. dream kitchen

Thank you to the amazing Kella MacPhee (wedding photog and stacker of all things stackable) for this week's picks!

Have a nice weekend everyone. Let's pray BP's containment cap holds, even thought this is a temporary and partial fix, and they get this leaked stopped very, very soon. It is just too horrible for words right now.


Sherry said...

Today, I'll take one of each, great picks. And that reminds me, I have an "orange slices" ice cube tray somewhere....


Ivy said...

I love your Friday Finds! I could put all those things in my kitchen :)