Friday Finds - Inspiration is Everywhere!

With their cute new umbrella, Microworks transforms the boring umbrella strap into a little creature's tail.

How can we incorporate something fun and unexpected into our own work?

Konstantin Datz has created a Rubik cube for the blind. The colors are in Braille, so that the visually impaired can be driven crazy by this game, too!

How can we reach out to a new niche market with our product?

How can we make our product accessible to an overlooked audience?

PIG swine flu masks designed by Zijns Design Office. The mask is printed with a pig's nose graphic.

How fun are these for a pandemic?

How can we incorporate something totally timely into our work to generate some amazing buzz?

Mouse Graphics Design is a Greek studio providing package design. Their design for olive oil producer Agrovim is spectacular!

How is our product packaging helping to create our brand?

How can we make our packaging more interesting and memorable?

Onesies designed by Steve Denekas with letters and designs that face the baby!

How cool and genius are these!

How can we make our own designs better and more exciting for the end-user?

Maybe it would help if we start looking at things upside down!

Have a wonderful weekend and remember that inspiration for your work is everywhere!


Felicity said...

Hey Catherine,
Thanks for introducing me to the work on Konstantin Datz. My godson is blind so the rubiks cube is a real winner!
Have a brilliant weekend & thanks for the inspiration,


Sherry said...

Excellent choices, Cat. I too love that Rubik's Cube. I used to make a small line of braille jewelry.

Enjoy the sun,

M.M.E. said...

When I was learning my alphabet my dad taught me braille as well. I would have loved this Rubik's Cube when I was little!

TesoriTrovati said...

When I saw the title of this post, you had me at hello.
That is the byline for my blog Treasures Found::Inspiration Is Everywhere. I love these quirky examples and the questions you posed. I will be thinking of them and how they apply to me.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Enjoy the day.

Catherine Ivins said...

You are welcome Felicity- I wonder if you can buy Braille stickers and place the words for colors and textures and all kinds of things we take for granted all over the place for your godson!

Erin- I think it's been in my head since your flexibility post- loved that one!

xo- Cat :)