Take 10 Tuesday - some stuff we would be talking about around the watercooler - if we had a watercooler

1. The BP oil spill updates on the Daily Green also some great info here

2. Top 10 Biz Lady Mistakes by the Biz Ladies at Design Sponge

3. Making returns and exchanges easier for your customers over at Smallerbox

4. Ecoetsy's post by Lisa of Lil Fish Studios on Flickr- Moving Beyond the Basics

5. Duct Tape Marketing or Social Media Remorse over at Open Small Business

6. The Spring Inspiration girls take on the Law of Attraction in these podcasts

7. Sister Diane of Craftypod's Craft Blog Tune Up Course starts on the 28th

8. Some of the Summit of Awesome speakers will be broadcast live in the Etsy labs! Check out the schedule here.

9. Seth's post The Wrapper Matters - all his posts are must-reads!

10. John T. Unger's interview over at The Launch Coast.


Unknown said...

Very useful tips and blogs, thanks for pointing these out. I probably should post the social media one for my friends, ouch, some of the things I've read on facebook, lol. I've marked the flickr advice, I really need to go back and do something there.
Thanks a bunch.

Sherry said...

Excellent choices, Cat. I have always loved John T. Unger's work and I'm bookmarking his interview tonight. He's my copyright infringement hero.


Diane Gilleland said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my online class!